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Amazon Web Host – Amazon Web Services’ Sydney services were down as a powerful storm rocked the city over the weekend.

Amazon Web Services’ Sydney service experienced connectivity issues over the weekend, with the company working until Monday morning to resolve the issue.

Amazon Web Host

While AWS has not confirmed the cause of the problem and whether it was related to the severe storms that ravaged Sydney, the company said it was experiencing problems over the weekend via its service panel, and on June 4 it issued a “critical” “AP-Southern -Number of EC2 instances and EBS volumes with East-2 region lost capacity.

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“Since then, EC2 API calls in the AP-SOUTH-EAST-2 region have experienced increased error rates and delays, as well as delays in distributing instance status information in the affected availability zone,” it said.

Within an hour of the outage, AWS reported that it had restored power to the facility, noting that it was able to restore most of the affected instances, except that a small number of replicas and volumes took longer to restore.

“We are continuing to investigate connectivity issues for some instances in the Single Availability Zone and are raising the API error rate for the EC2 API in the AP-SOUTH-EAST-2 region,” the company wrote in an update yesterday.

Domino’s Pizza confirmed that its online systems were also down due to the AWS outage, but said it was able to restore its systems “very quickly” and was back up and running within two hours.

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Likewise, Foxtel Play, Foxtel Go and Stan were affected by the outage, but a spokesperson for both companies said they had since recovered.

Westpac has reported that fingerprint login is down on its mobile banking app, urging customers to log in with their numbers and passwords.

Westpac has confirmed that the issue is not due to an AWS outage, although the issue has been re-established.

“While we aim to maintain the continuity of our systems, a strong storm system has caused disruptions across our network, affecting our services,” Westpac said in a statement.

How Does Work Amazon Web Services(aws)||amazon Web Services

Meanwhile, Bank of Queensland took to Twitter to notify customers that the ATM and Eftpos system was down, saying it was created by a third-party provider and was an issue affecting multiple banks.

“On Sunday, BOQ customers were affected by an outage affecting one of our third-party suppliers. The supplier experienced nationwide ATM and POS connectivity due to a power outage at its main site,” the bank clarified. z is not a resource for services. AWS payment system.

Me Bank and IMB Bank also faced the same problem, leaving many customers unable to use their bank card to withdraw cash or make Eftpos payments.

Others, such as the Commonwealth Bank, were luckier and experienced no disruption to its services, including NetBank, the CommBank app or the Eftpos system. However, the bank noted that customers had experienced some issues with another Eftpos provider over the weekend.

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“Some Commonwealth Bank customers experienced outages with another Eftpos provider yesterday, but all Commonwealth Bank Eftpos, NetBank and CommBank app services were unaffected,” a Commonwealth Bank spokesman said. .

Updated 14:38 AEST 6 June 2016: It has been determined that Westpac was not affected by the AWS outage and information from Stan and Bank of Queensland has been added. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

The company shares guides, tutorials, and how-to content, as well as case studies on how they leverage some of its most innovative and successful partners, to enable game developers to build on the industry’s broadest and deepest cloud platform. AWS Cloud to change the games they’re making.

AWS shares stories and sample data from game developers around the world to inspire you on how you can create great gaming experiences through the cloud.

How To Use Amazon Web Services

The Academy launched in January and is our new guides section, offering advice and information on making games, selling games, getting jobs in games, financing games and advancing your video game career.

You can check out the section here, over 150 guides are already live and more are coming every week.

“Amazon Web Services cloud powers the industry’s best-known companies, powering the world’s biggest games,” said Eric Morales, head of the AWS Gaming segment. “But the power of the cloud isn’t limited to the industry’s biggest players. From small, two-person teams building mobile games to indie developers who might be the next big hit, AWS has the tools and services to help any team . , with any project, at any stage of its life cycle.”

Earlier this year, Epic Games, Abstraction, and Lab Cave also joined the Academy as sponsors and contributors. Welcome to RS Web Solutions. We are dedicated to providing the best guides, reviews and recommendations on all technology and open source web topics. Check out our site to expand your knowledge base on the latest web trends.

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