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Apps For Tracking Walking

Apps For Tracking Walking – In the last few years that wearable activity trackers have blown up, our understanding of physical fitness has evolved. The old logic used to be that you had to log exactly 10,000 steps or more per day to count as adequate physical activity, but we now know that number is somewhat arbitrary.

What’s more important than any number of steps is that you keep moving throughout the day. In fact, when the

Apps For Tracking Walking

Published its new guidelines for physical activity, the organization noted that any movement—even short bursts of activity throughout your day—that helps you stay physically active is important to your goal of 150 minutes of exercise per week.

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While wearing an activity tracker isn’t for everyone, using a smartphone pedometer app can be a useful way to track your activity throughout the day. And if you’re someone who walks everywhere, then you might be surprised how many miles you cover. So whether you’re a professional dog walker, never drive, or love to take meditative walks, these are the apps you should download next.

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Apps for walking allow you to map your walks, record your steps and share your progress with friends. This means more motivation, better consistency and crushed fitness goals. Bonus: These apps are usually free.

But with seemingly endless options out there, I had no choice but to max out my phone storage and download them all. (Well, at least a bunch of them.) Many, many steps later, I’ve narrowed down the five best walking apps that can help you increase your daily step count.

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Keep safety in mind before you head out on your first program-guided walk. Be careful of traffic – if you wear headphones, keep the volume moderate or leave one ear bud out – watch for pedestrians and keep a water bottle handy.

With a 4.8 star rating in the Apple app store, the consensus on this walking app is pretty clear. After several test runs (or rather walks), I would have to agree. MapMyWalk is easy to use, allows for a lot of customization and makes your data easy to analyze.

Most popular walking apps open to a dashboard, but MapMyWalk opens right to a map and a Start Workout button. It’s ready to go whenever you are.

The run time and distance are prominently displayed on the screen, and it’s easy to switch from page to page using the navigation at the bottom of the screen.

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The variety of data this app offers sets it apart from its competition. While walking, you can check your time, distance, pace, stride length, cadence and calories burned. After you finish your workout, the app lets you take a photo or jot down some notes about how your workout went—my personal favorite element because I just love sharing sweaty selfies with my friends.

After your walk is complete, you can also find your total step count and any elevation changes. You can even compare all your previous walks on an easy-to-read graph.

If you’re a fan of setting goals, MapMyWalk lets you create your own challenges, like walking a mile a day. You can choose the activity, the type of challenge (most steps, most workouts, most distance, most calories burned, etc.) and the duration and dates of the challenge. Plus, you can even invite friends to join if they also use the app!

Another advantage of MapMyWalk is how customizable it is. The app can track 20 different activities that you can fully personalize. For example, if you choose to track a walk, you can specify whether you are stair walking, treadmill walking, dog walking, outdoor walking or power walking.

Walk At Home®

You can also enable voice feedback for audio updates on your distance and pace or customize the stats displayed during your walk.

MapMyWalk can also sync with a variety of fitness trackers and even connect to other apps on your phone.

If you want to track not only your walks, but also general health data, check out Pacer. In addition to its built-in map and GPS features, it has tools to record your food, weight, blood pressure and more.

The Pacer walking app opens to a personalized dashboard, showing how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, how much time you’ve spent being active, and how many miles you’ve completed that day.

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It also offers navigation at the bottom of the screen where you can explore challenges and groups offered on the app.

Pacer gives access to a number of data points in its free version, including your total steps, calories burned, active hours and kilometers logged.

The app also tracks some more general health stats like your weight, blood pressure and steps taken, which you can compare over time in a bar graph. In the paid version, you’ll also be able to track your weight trends and personal record progress, among other metrics.

Pacer’s customization is a bit limited. In the app’s settings, you can adjust your units of measurement and set up push notifications to remind you to get more steps or record your weight or workouts. Pacer also lets you set personal walking goals.

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The majority of Pacer’s app-based workout videos are only available with a paid subscription. And while the app lets you log a variety of activity types, it doesn’t track these workouts. For example, you’ll need to manually enter your time, distance, and calories burned if you’re running, swimming, or cycling.

Much simpler in design than the other best walking apps on this list, the StepsApp is exactly what it sounds like: an app that tracks your steps. Anyone looking for a simple, to the point, pedometer-style app will likely be satisfied with what it offers.

StepsApp gets right to the point and opens to a page that displays your steps taken and your daily walking goal. You will also see how many calories you have burned, the distance you have covered and how many active minutes you have accumulated. The bottom of the page also breaks down your activity into a bar graph by hour of day, showing when you were most active.

You can change that homepage’s settings to browse your activity for the week and month instead of the day.

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Since the app really only consists of one page, it’s easy to use. FYI, the background is a black, which is a change from most apps for hikers.

StepsApp offers the most limited data in its free version, tracking only the three data points on the home page. However, if you decide to upgrade, you can track your calories, sync with your Apple Watch, import your iPhone health app data, analyze your activity trends, and get an hourly overview of your daily steps in widget form.

Since this app is really just for tracking steps, there’s little you can change. But you can adjust your stride length and the units used in the app.

With a unique and interactive design, Argus is ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their working app with meal tracking and other health metrics. It allows you to track not only your steps, but also your calories, water intake and meals.

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While Argus offers probably the most unique home page of the walking apps I’ve tried, it’s also one of the more confusing to navigate since it’s highly interactive.

Argus displays information such as steps, calories, water tracking and the weather in bubbles, which you can customize and rearrange to your liking. As an organizational enthusiast, I would recommend arranging by color to create a rainbow effect – but that’s just me.

As with other apps for hikers, you can scroll between pages – such as your dashboard, friends, meals, challenges and profile settings – at the bottom of the screen.

Argus’ Insights page shows various data points such as your daily active minutes, sleep duration, daily calories, steps and workouts per week. The app too

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