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Azure Veeam Cloud Connect

Azure Veeam Cloud Connect – This guide is intended to provide best practices for sizing, deploying, and using VBAZ and assumes that you have already read the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure documentation.

To restore from an existing disk, the original VM is unallocated, a temporary resource group is created with the new disk, the new disk is replaced with the original disk, and the original disk is removed. This newly restored disk is then moved to the original resource group and the temporary resource group is removed.

Azure Veeam Cloud Connect

Azure Veeam Cloud Connect

To restore from managed Azure VM snapshots in one region to another region, a temporary storage account is created, data is downloaded to it via a SAS link, a new managed disk is created from it, and the temporary storage account is deleted.

The 3 2 1 Backup Rule With Veeam & Azure

Note that for unmanaged Azure VMs, it is possible to restore snapshots and backup data as unmanaged VMs or convert them to managed VMs during recovery. However, in this case we copy the blob data by URI instead. The cost of a recovered VM disk may increase due to the difference in managed and unmanaged VM disk prices.

Note that VBAZ deploys with a public IP address by default, but you can remove it after deployment. The only function it affects is file-level restore. Veeam Backup for Azure v4 includes logic for managing private networks, including premium service bus support that has a virtual network endpoint and works with private endpoints.

You can connect multiple instances of Veeam Backup for Azure (VBAZ) to Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR). Ideally, one VBAZ per customer is deployed, or more depending on scale. This in turn can be managed using Cloud Connect and the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC).

Workers and resources are placed in the same join and resource group as VBAZ. If you want them to be present in the customer subscription, deploy VBAZ in the customer subscription and everything works as if it were deployed for each customer, then you can connect the VBR and VSPC console to perform the service provider functions.

My Favorite Veeam Backup For Microsoft Azure Features

You can use a single instance of VBAZ to back up more than one subscription in multiple Azure Active Directory tenancies. This can be configured by adding an account with access to multiple subscriptions and tenants, or by adding multiple accounts. While this is useful for resource segmentation, it still makes sense to deploy one VBAZ per client from a management and scaling perspective.

It is also possible to use Azure Lighthouse in Veeam Backup for Azure, but due to the complexity, we find that most use multi-subscription and multi-tenant support without it.

If you have access, you can add a backup storage account to a subscription separate from both customer and service provider subscriptions. When using Azure Lighthouse, the repository cannot be in a Lighthouse tenant subscription. Hello friends, we have already seen in previous posts that Veeam has launched Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Free Edition, a solution that protects Microsoft Azure workloads without the need for agents. Also, as we all like, with a free version of up to 10 copies. In addition, we have seen how to implement it step by step and also how to configure it later. Today we will see how to configure Veeam Backup & Replication to access backups created by Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and stored in Azure Blob. .

Azure Veeam Cloud Connect

Now that we have everything ready, let’s go to Backup Infrastructure – External Repositories – Add External Repository: Let’s introduce a descriptive name to this new external repository, in my case, as you can see, I’ve added a description to help me understand what I’m doing: Let’s introduce some Microsoft Azure credentials , which has access to the Azure Blob object storage where we have sent copies of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure: In addition to selecting the folder where we have sent, we also select the container where this object is stored. backup as I said before (Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure) I don’t want to encrypt the backups so I don’t need to use a password to decrypt them: if everything went well we will see the following progress window: and you will see the external storage with the VMs on it :

Comparison: Cloudbackup (acronis) Vs Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Now with external storage we can go to the home page and under Backups – External we can see the working copies with the Azure VM icon and from there we can restore the files, restore that backup as an instance. Azure VM or AWS EC2:

Now that everything is set up, one of the options I like the most is the option to create a backup of Azure Blob storage to our data center. We create a new backup job: we select an instance or a backup. Job, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure:

We choose where we want to store it locally, with GFS if we need weekly, monthly, etc.: And now we see the work as a copy from S3 to our repository:

Now with our local copies we can see working copies with an Azure VM icon and from there we can restore files, restore that backup as an EC2 instance or an Azure instance or even restore VMware or Hyper-V:

How To Setup Veeam Cloud Connect For The Enterprise Virtual Machine

For example, here I restore the disk as a VMDK to the ESXi host: that’s it, we’ve seen the full circle of workload protection in Azure VM, take snapshots and backups to Azure Blob, and use this Blob Storage for recovery, or copy the backups to our data center, where we can get this instance of VMware’ i or convert to VM via Hyper-V, WOW!

As Veeam Backup for Azure is a very comprehensive new product, I have prepared a series of blogs about the product, I hope you will like them:

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