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Barracuda Backup Models

Barracuda Backup Models – 2 Challenges with existing backup solutions Removable media easily stolen, lost or damaged Time-consuming and expensive to maintain Unsuitable for the growing demands of data storage Lack of appropriate controls exposes the organization to legal risks

3 The dangers of not having off-site backups Most businesses that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within two years. Significant financial damage can result from the loss of customer records, account information and other types of critical business data. Risk of litigation for failure to maintain adequate controls when data loss occurs.

Barracuda Backup Models

Barracuda Backup Models

4 Better backup with Barracuda automation leads to easier and safer backups Local disk backup provides fast restores Offsite storage enables disaster recovery Better ROI from tape solutions means more value Simple management reduces operating costs

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5 Introduction to Barracuda Backup Automatic and efficient data backup – Data backup from all operating systems – Agents for Exchange, MS-SQL and system status – Alerts on warnings and backup events Local and off-site data backup – Secure replication of off-site backups for disaster recovery – Data recovery from storage On-site or off-site – AES 256-bit encryption for data protection Powerful management capabilities – Centralized management of backups in locations – Flexible policy management for data retention

6 Supports multiple data sources NAS backup from all operating systems Native agent system mode for backup applications

7 Data Deduplication Traditional Backup 12 Monthly 8 Weekly 10 Daily Backup 7 Yearly Powerful Block Level Embedded Data Deduplication Dedicated Hardware Enables Aggressive Compression Protection 1 TB Typical Primary Storage Volume Barracuda Backup Service 1-2 TBs37 TBs

9 Backup Subscription Pricing There is no tiered pricing model – Gigabyte rate is $0.50 per month on all tiers! $50 per month per 100 GB of storage

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10 Barracuda Backup Service vs. Tape 400 GB Barracuda Backup 3 Years Barracuda Backup Server $2,499 Offsite Storage Subscription $7,200 Total $9,699 400 GB Tape Backup 3 Years Tape Drive (LTO 920) and Controllers and Tapler About $41, Cleaning Cart. $1,840 Small Business Backup Software (Includes Multiple Devices, Exchange Server and MS-SQL Server Agents) $6,886 Backup Software Maintenance (Additional 2 Years After Year 1 Included) $1,510 Total $12,190 Estimated $2,491 Savings 3 Years

12 Barracuda Backup Summary Barracuda Backup Server – no software or operating system problems – full local backup for fast data recovery – automatic / no need to change backup agents Media Server – Exchange, State System, MS-SQL Offsite Service Backup Service – automatic and secure backup for offsite storage To a site for disaster recovery – optimized for storage and transfer efficiency with prevention of duplication of data Central management – easy scale and provides immediate responsibility for backups – simple centralized management of backups in several locations

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Barracuda Backup Models

Barracuda Backup 490 Review: A Complete Data Protection Solution in a Box This dedicated appliance is quick to deploy and easy to manage, with integrated local and cloud backup services

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Managing a comprehensive business backup strategy can seem like a daunting responsibility. Barracuda backup appliances can be the perfect answer: they provide an all-in-one solution, with on-site backup, cloud backup, site-to-site replication and full data recovery services, all managed from a single browser-based portal.

The Backup 490 device we tested comes with four 4TB WD Enterprise SATA hot-swappable drives, preconfigured in a RAID10 array. Barracuda recommends a maximum backup capacity of 6TB; This may seem small, especially for the price, but the device performs deduplication at the block level, so this translates to a much larger amount of backed up data.

Aside from the ability, there are few limitations to think about. The price gives you unlimited protection, without the need to pay extra for client or application licenses; Agent software is free to download for Windows, Linux and macOS, while application protection covers VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix virtualization hosts, plus Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.

The only core feature not included is cloud storage: this is an optional extra, with a year’s subscription costing £2,598 for unlimited capacity. Price includes Barracuda’s Energize Updates service, which provides protection against viruses, spyware and other online threats. You can extend your hardware protection, too, with an instant replacement subscription costing £1,153 a year.

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Installation is easy. To get started we simply had to connect a local monitor and keyboard to the device, then configure its network settings. We were then able to log into the Cloud Control portal and provide the Backup 490 serial number to register it to our account.

Meanwhile, client software can be installed directly from the portal; With this, we were able to configure our test systems as backup sources by hostname or IP address. Cloud backups can be enabled by selecting a single checkbox, and if you have configured a remote device in the portal for replication, you can enable this with an additional checkbox. Securing our Hyper-V systems simply involved installing the agent on the host, while our VMware servers and VMs were added by providing administrator credentials.

There are many backup scheduling options to choose from. You can choose to back up all sources on a global schedule, or set different schedules for groups of systems or individual hosts. Schedules can repeat every 15 minutes on any day you want; To save space, Barracuda uses an “incremental forever” system, which runs one full backup followed by regular incrementals.

Barracuda Backup Models

If you want to make a one-time backup of individual items, that is also possible. You can browse all registered systems from the portal and select specific drives, files, folders, VMs, SQL databases or databases to backup. For message-level backups in Exchange, you’ll need to create a dedicated service account and run a shell command to set impersonation rights – but this process is clearly documented.

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There are also many ways to recover data. You can select a client system in the portal or from the device’s local web terminal, select a backup version, select what you want to restore and decide where to send it. All files stored in the cloud can be downloaded directly to the system from which you access the web portal.

A final feather in the Backup 490’s cap is bare metal restoration. Just download the recovery kit from the portal and you can fully recover a dead system directly from the device. The Live Boot feature allows VMware and Hyper-V VMs to be recovered and moved back to the host, while Barracuda’s Cloud LiveBoot adds quick-access disaster recovery services by booting VMs in the cloud.

In short, the Barracuda Backup 490 is a complete data protection solution in a box, capable of handling both on-premise and cloud backup, plus site-to-site replication if required. It’s easy to manage, and while the purchase price may seem excessive, the inclusion of unlimited client and application support, not to mention a decent chunk of storage, makes it a much better value than it might seem. Backup Server Appliance 390 We know how important it is to have 100% uptime in enterprise environments. We’ve worked hard to build reliable, industrial-strength “carrier-grade” gear. Our systems have an uptime of 99.99%. We are also realistic and understand that sometimes things still go wrong and equipment does fail. That’s why we offer the immediate exchange service. With the instant exchange service, we provide next business day delivery of replacement hardware. If your Networks product fails, we’ll send you a replacement unit within one business day to get you back up and running. We will charge you pending return of the failed unit, but once the unit is received, you will be fully credited. In addition, the instant replacement service includes: – Enhanced support that provides 24×7 phone and email support. – Data transfer service for firewalls and spam. Networks will help transfer data and configuration from the old product to the new product if the old data is accessible. – Hard disk replacement on Networks models that have replaceable raid drives. Networks will ship via standard delivery hard disk replacement. The customer must return the damaged hard disk to the networks. This service is designed for corporate environments that cannot afford downtime.

Click below for an official quote for this Backup Server Appliance 390 or visit our online store to register and purchase now.

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This Barracuda Backup 190 is aided by storage capacity, but scores highly for its simple backup and replication features.

Small businesses looking for hassle-free local and cloud backup should take a closer look at the Barracuda Backup 190 appliance. This tiny desktop box supports an impressive array of client systems, and the icing on the cake is one-click cloud replication.

Barracuda Backup Models

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