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Barracuda Backup Server 690

Barracuda Backup Server 690 – Data loss prevention; save money Completely digital. Highly flexible automated data backup and recovery functions made simple and affordable with Barracuda Backup that reduces complexity, cost and time by integrating into a comprehensive solution. Onsite and remote storage to ensure data access. Data mirroring reduces storage needs up to 25 times.

Barracuda Backup removes the tedious complexity of data backup while reducing costs. Using removable media such as tape for data backup and recovery is time consuming and labor intensive. Using tape, even restoring a file or email can take hours. Besides there are the rounds and sending tapes.

Barracuda Backup Server 690

Barracuda Backup Server 690

Barracuda Backup combines plug-and-play equipment for on-site backup with cloud storage ($50 per month for 200 GB) or disk-based private cloud replication for fast and secure storage in multiple off-site locations.

Barracuda Products & Solutions

An integrated solution for global data backup. Multiple vendors are no longer needed to provide a complete data backup solution. Barracuda Backup combines software, deduplication of up to 50x storage capacity and off-site private cloud replication, all with no per-server or per-app license fees.

Physical and Virtual Environments Most businesses today have a mixed environment of physical and virtual servers. Barracuda Backup is a single solution for protecting physical, VMware and Hyper-V servers with image and individual file recovery – all with unified policy management for replication, scheduling and retention.

A cloud that brings benefits Take advantage of the cloud and forget about storage capacity. With unlimited cloud storage plans and extended cloud retention, Barracuda Backup already offers more than any other solution has ever offered. Central management, VMware instant recovery and on-demand user access to files through Copy (www.copy.com) redefine what’s possible.

Barrcuda Backup protects data with 256-bit AES encryption throughout the entire process, from transfer to storage. This system does not use removable media that can be accidentally lost, stolen or damaged.

Barracuda Networks Bbs490a Servidor De Backup Con Unidades De Disco Duro (x3) 4tb

Reasonably priced eliminates the costs of software, tapes, media storage, transportation and countless hours of labor per provider. In addition, there are no licensing fees per server or per application.

Barracuda Backup efficiently backs up and restores at LAN speed. By deduplication and data compression, the overall backup storage footprint is reduced by 20 to 50 times compared to traditional backup methods.

Detailed policy for smarter retention. The Barracuda Backup Suite allows administrators to quickly automate detailed backup and retention policies covering servers and applications to support compliance with regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA, and others.

Barracuda Backup Server 690

Perfect automation. For even greater simplicity, automated notifications and a web dashboard keep administrators informed of backup and system status with minimal effort. Fast and easy file detection and recovery. Viewing backup reports is also easy.

Barracuda Backup Server 490 (bbs490a)

Disaster recovery. Easy as 1-2-3. If disaster strikes, Barracuda Backup restores applications (using unlimited agents) as well as servers and files in record time. With Barracuda Backup, servers will be back up and critical files restored long before the tapes arrive from the warehouse. For organizations with multiple data center locations, Barracuda Backup offers convenient centralized backup management across all locations.

Off-Site Replication For disaster recovery, Barracuda Backup maintains multiple copies of backed-up data within off-site locations in Barracuda’s secure cloud storage centers, or by using multiple Barracuda backup servers to set up private clouds using site-to-site replication. Network.

Version history is easy to return. Barracuda Backup tracks version history allowing administrators to accurately restore files or even entire servers to previously backed up versions.

Advanced data backup technology makes Barracuda Backup the ideal solution for fast and affordable data backup and recovery enhancements. This policy-driven solution combines automated on-premises data backups through the Barracuda Backup Server with cloud and site-to-site options for secure, redundant data storage off-site.

Barracuda Backup Server 290 Bbsi290a Stiasrm.org.mx

Barracuda Backup keeps backup data securely off-site, using highly efficient replication techniques that save bandwidth and storage, thus reducing costs. Here are some important features to know about.

This cloud solution provides several options for redundant off-site storage of backup data. Using the cloud storage option, Barracuda Backup performs a local backup on the backup machine with two backups stored off-site at different Barracuda Networks cloud storage centers.

To another site In contrast, when using the site-to-site replication option, each Barracuda backup server performs local backups by replicating data to other Barracuda backup servers in distributed locations.

Barracuda Backup Server 690

A Private Cloud Or, Barracuda backup servers in satellite locations can replicate your local data to a more central Barracuda backup server. Installation options that combine site-to-site replication and cloud replication are also possible.

Server System 690, Proliant Ml310e Gen8 Barracuda Back Up (no Hard Drive Or Cables)

Full Local Backup Barracuda’s backup server provides ample storage for full on-site backup of your organization’s current and historical data.

Fast Local Recovery Administrators can restore data directly from the Barracuda Backup Server at LAN speed. This is the fastest way to recover lost data or recreate historical data.

Data duplication prevention During each backup cycle the operation focuses only on new or changed data. The backup data is stored using advanced block-level data deduplication according to the backup process, which reduces storage requirements by up to 50 times.

Compatibility Barracuda Backup supports standard protocols for backing up network data, and provides compatibility with all major operating systems. Included backup software natively protects Windows servers and popular Microsoft applications.

Watchguard Firebox M290/390/590/690 Hardware Guide

Litigation Preparation The retention policy used by Barracuda Backup assists with discovery requests by simplifying the retention and replication of electronic data.

Robust policy management Barracuda Backup offers several features to optimize data backup and retention, while optimizing network and storage performance.

Flexible retention policies Barracuda Backup offers advanced policy management features that streamline complex data backup tasks. Administrators can set detailed policies that specify the retention of selected files or broader categories of data at daily, weekly, monthly, and annual intervals.

Barracuda Backup Server 690

Backup Selection and Connections Barracuda Backup identifies selected network volumes and regions within a network volume for backup. Barracuda Backup uses conventional network protocol connections such as CIFs and SSHFS to access data.

Barracuda Backup 690

Network file system support This system supports flexible network file system backup options using industry standard protocols: CIFS (Windows/Novell), SSHFS (Mac and Linux/Unix).

Alerts Automatic email alerts notify administrators when service issues are detected, such as backup warnings or errors.

Hypervisor Support Barracuda Backup’s agentless connection to VMware ESX, ESXi and vCenter provides non-disruptive data backup, data deduplication and image recovery. For Microsoft HyperV on Windows Server 2008 r2, Windows Agent captures images, deduplicates data, and restores.

Backup selection and connections Barracuda Backup allows system administrators to choose exactly what is backed up and when. Backup and replication schedule settings can be controlled at the individual data resource level.

Seagate Backup Plus Usm 1tb 5400rpm 32mb Black Stbu1000410

Speed ​​​​Control Barracuda Backup can control the speed at which data is replicated offsite throughout the day. Speed ​​control saves Internet bandwidth during peak hours, while optimizing off-site backup transfers during peak hours.

Exclusion Rules To maintain data storage, administrators can create rules that exclude certain files from storage based on directories or file extensions. Common exclusions include music files and movies.

Scalable With seven models of Barracuda Backup and massively scalable cloud storage, administrators can configure Barracuda Backup to cost-effectively handle storage needs.

Barracuda Backup Server 690

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