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Barracuda Office 365 Backup

Barracuda Office 365 Backup – Oh! The page or link you wanted to go to is incorrect or no longer works. If your question is urgent, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you. Below, you can read our latest publications and how we can help you with networking, IT security and IoT solutions and services.

Most businesses rely on a good network infrastructure to connect people internally and externally. We supply all our network solutions with appropriate hardware, software and support for your company or customers. Find your ideal solution here.

Barracuda Office 365 Backup

Barracuda Office 365 Backup

Digital attacks can cause operational losses, financial losses and damage to your image, so firewalls, routers and switches must have watertight, professional security. Our network security products are also easy to manage and configure. See an overview here.

Barracuda Email Protection Premium

More and more devices are connected to the Internet, which allows them to share data and communicate with each other without human intervention. It increases the efficiency of all kinds of services. Kappa Data provides IoT solutions and services, from presale support and concepts to follow-up.

Do you want all the benefits of a wireless Wi-Fi network, without any of the hassle or hassle? And do you want a network that scales with your company’s growth and needs? Kappa Data has the in-house expertise to solve your problem.

Want to protect your customers from online threats? Check out our ccFLEX firewall management platform, offered in partnership with Barracuda Networks. Overlooked security.

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Barracuda 推出全新構建的barracuda Cloud To Cloud Backup 兼具快速、擴展和彈性特色的備份平台保護microsoft Office 365數據 Funkykit 中文版

Are you a seller, and would you like help implementing our products or solving problems? Are you interested in following a course? Our technical teams will be happy to assist you.

We use functional and statistical cookies to give you the best experience on our site. These cookies are the minimum required for the website to function properly. They map your usage completely anonymously for analysis and research purposes. We will now offer Barracuda’s new cloud-to-cloud ‘backup and restore’ platform as part of our Microsoft 365 managed services portfolio. With more people working remotely, backing up your Microsoft 365 data is more important than ever. Microsoft only guarantees the availability of its service and does not provide comprehensive backups of Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Microsoft itself recommends using a third-party backup for your Microsoft 365 data. “I think a primary misconception about backing up Office 365 data is that it’s all managed automatically by Microsoft.” There is some backup that Microsoft provides in Office 365, but, right now, it’s only a 30-day backup after a file is deleted or overwritten, which isn’t enough for some companies. “Companies need to evaluate whether the default Microsoft backup policy is sufficient for their needs.” Nills Franssens, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft Barrcuda Protects Microsoft 365 data Barracuda supports all Microsoft 365 business services, including Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers fast backups, highly granular restore capabilities, and unparalleled ease of use. It is a true SaaS backup solution with unlimited storage and retention. Barracuda is a cloud-native platform As the workforce grows, it’s become common to adopt cloud-based apps like Microsoft Teams for productivity and communication. Protecting Microsoft Office 365 data requires a modern cloud-native approach. The new version of Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is built and runs in the cloud, enabling fast setup, simple management and no maintenance. As a cloud-native platform, the backup service can run in multiple locations around the world. The dashboard provides a fast and modern user interface and better visibility into backup and restore jobs. It also includes a simple management tool that the company says will make it easy to find your backup jobs for OneDrive and instantly restore a specific job. The latest version of Barracuda’s cloud-to-cloud backup can add new data sources such as additional SaaS applications, integration with Barracuda’s security services, and new data protection capabilities such as data classification and data loss prevention. Managed Microsoft 365 provides a complete Microsoft 365 managed service. We scope, procure, deploy and manage Microsoft 365 tenancies. Our professional services include: Consultancy and solution scoping Solution architecture Tenancy design and build migration Licensing We also offer an ongoing managed service, which can be charged on your Telstra bill, and provides: Tenancy management end to end User Move, Add and Change (MAC) Licensing. Management Technical Support Service Desk is a Sydney-based communications technology company about security monitoring back-up and restore service reporting packages. We support the enterprise and business by providing managed endpoint and ICT services including mobile device security, mobile device management, expense management and managed connectivity solutions. We are also a Telstra Platinum Partner and partner with all major technology companies, Microsoft, VMWare

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Barracuda Office 365 Backup

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Barracuda Introduces New Backup Platform To Protect Data In Microsoft Office 365

Popular Tags 5G (43) Android (6) Apple (31) Cloud (9) Covid-19 (21) Cradlepoint (33) Data (2) Data Network (10) Digital Experience (5) Emerging Technologies (1) EMM (2) ) ) Government (2) IOT (1) iPhone (26) Managed Desktop (4) MDM (12) Microsoft (3) Microsoft Intune (5) Mobile Devices (74) Mobile Network (42) Mobile Security (19) (40) Managed Services (37) Mobility (42) nbn (4) Network (17) Network Security (1) Remote Working (29) Samsung (6) SD-WAN (2) Security (6) Starlink (1) Stability (1) Telstra ( 56) TEMs (7) UEM (18) Unified Comms (9) VMware (1) Wandera (9) Wireless WAN (3) Barracuda Extends its existing flexible options for businesses to manage their data protection and disaster recovery needs is doing Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Barracuda’s new SaaS backup option, gives customers the ability to copy data from supported cloud environments to Barracuda’s cloud storage. Barracuda Backup now offers customers additional options for long-term data retention and physical-to-virtual portability.

“As IDC’s global unit leader in integrated purpose-built backup appliances, increasing the value we deliver to our customers is always our top priority, including giving them flexible options for protecting their data and in the event of a disaster. including speedy restoration of services,” said. Rod Matthews, GM Storage, Barracuda. “As businesses continue to move their infrastructure to the cloud with the adoption of SaaS applications, it is important to provide the same level of security for physical servers, virtual servers and cloud services. New options for Barracuda Backup, cloud-to-cloud Backup for SaaS applications, including backup, will offer customers additional flexibility for data protection and disaster recovery.”

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Backup Barracuda’s new cloud-to-cloud backup currently supports Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. IT administrators concerned about protecting a Microsoft Office 365 environment will be able to replicate data over a secure connection to be stored in Barracuda cloud storage. Lost data can be found and recovered more easily. Administrators can download or restore data in Microsoft hosted applications directly from Barracuda Cloud Control – a centralized web-based administration console, accessible from anywhere. Benefits include:

Flexible Options for Long-Term Data Retention For businesses seeking to meet extended retention needs, Barracuda Backup customers can take advantage of offsite vaulting to store historical revisions in Barracuda’s cloud storage or an offsite Barracuda Backup appliance. Barracuda Backup is expanding its functionality to include export options for historical revisions to external media such as disk or tape. Benefits include:

Barracuda Brings Email Protection To More Australian Businesses

Physical-to-virtual portability Barracuda Backup’s innovative LiveBoot feature provides a faster recovery option for virtual environments during a disaster and now adds physical-to-virtual (P2V) portability. For physical servers that are not yet at end of life, IT administrators will be able to restore these systems to a virtual server hosted in VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. Benefits include:

“Barracuda Backup has always given us the flexibility to back up our data in the way that makes the most sense for our business,” said Craig Sauvigne, systems administrator at Winthrop University. “It’s easy to buy and set up, highly scalable and continues to improve with each update – Barracuda Backup is great

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