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Best Android Games Apps

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The best Android games have almost unlimited potential for entertainment, regardless of your style preferences. Strategy games, first-person shooters, puzzles, and more, there’s likely a game on the Play Store that you’ll enjoy.

Best Android Games Apps

The challenge is to sort through the Play Store’s many titles to find the most interesting games. And while many of the best Android games are free, you’ll find quite a few titles that require you to pay to download them. You may find out if a particular money game is worth it.

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Don’t worry: we’ve collected the best in one place, covering several different categories. Whether you want to spend hours in an RPG game, play with friends, or test your strategy skills, we’ve got you covered with the best Android games we’ve seen.

However, there’s more to your phone than just its gaming potential, so when you’re done here, why not check out the best Android apps? They help make the best Android phones even better than they already are.

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Social multiplayer games are games you can play with friends or family, some locally and others online. They’re a fun time for get-togethers or just chatting with your buddies on Discord.

Best Android Games

Its insane popularity may be waning, but Among Us is still a fun game that has the potential to ruin friendships. This is a game about deception. From five to 10 players gather and perform their tasks in space. However, there is a cheater among you – sometimes a few of them).

The regular crew must survive a trickster who is trying to kill everyone. A good trickster turns the team against each other and blames himself. It’s usually a good time.

Ticket to Ride is a mobile adaptation of the amazing train-based board game that is loved and enjoyed by many. It can support up to five players with pass and play (or local area if everyone has the game on their device). The power of the technology is brilliant and makes the gameplay fast and easy.

Like Among Us, Triple Agent is about deception. There will be two teams, one of which is tasked to force the other team to force itself. Be careful of cheating or cheating, as it can have consequences for your team.

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The game is played on one device and the rules are explained during the game. This is another great party game that brings people together by pitting them against each other.

Who Can’t Draw is like a modern version of Pictionary, but for your Android phone. The first person receives a word and tries their best to draw it, before passing their device to the next player. That person then has 15 seconds to copy the drawing and post it online.

The last person then tries to guess what the original word was based on the most recent drawing. It’s really a lot of fun for group gatherings looking to play one of the best Android games.

There is a good reason why shooter games are so popular among Android users. They challenge your aim, decision-making skills and tactical abilities.

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Whether it’s first-person or third-person, you can bet that these best Android games will satisfy that shooting itch.

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game, has come to mobile. This is a great first person shooter game that is very similar to the original game. While the touchscreen controls feel a bit cramped, you can (and we recommend) use a controller. At first you have a few legends to choose from, as you level up more are unlocked.

Experience exciting gameplay, a large World’s Edge map and adrenaline-filled races where you compete for supremacy. If you’ve never played a battle royale game, Apex Legends is probably one of the best games to try.

Call of Duty: Mobile was met with some skepticism when it was announced, but once people got their hands on the Android version of the game, that skepticism quickly faded away. It’s an incredibly good shooter for mobile, with lots of weapons to use and lots of things to chase. The controls – touch screen or controller – are very responsive. You can also choose between multiple game modes such as Death Match, Battle Royale and ranked competitive playlists.

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There’s an absolutely stunning amount of customization, depending on which weapons, grenades, secondaries, and perks you prefer. The gunsmith adds more depth and lets you modify your favorite gun to suit your playstyle (and gives you attachments and camos to follow). For a free-to-play game, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best choices on this entire list. Try.

Doom and Doom II are the granddaddies of first-person shooters. Their arrival on Android didn’t get off to a great start, but after Bethesda ironed out some key pain points, the ports went from strength to strength. Both have controller support, wider aspect ratios and faster refresh rates.

If you want to see a sample of gaming history, these two games are worth your time. They either take you back, or help you understand where we are now in the shooter genre.

Download Doom: Doom on the Play Store (opens in a new tab). Doom II on Play Store (opens in new tab)

Best Android Games Logos

PUBG also saw a move to mobile, and like Call of Duty, the Android version did very well. Battle Royale game plays great on mobile, with an intuitive interface and great controls. It’s quite an impressive game with a lot to do and several modes to try.

Despite the presence of Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile stands out as one of the best Android games thanks to its vast pool of players and constant updates.

Puzzle games have thrived on Android in part because of their scalability on mobile. However, much of their popularity is due to their accessibility – almost anyone can pick up a puzzle game and immerse themselves in annoying fun.

The term “puzzle” refers to many different subgenres—everything from physics-based games to logic puzzles—so you may have to play around to find one that works for you.

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There are several Bridge Constructor games, but the portal version is one of the best games for Android. It’s a great mash-up of two great franchises that forces you to fight the laws of physics and some Aperture Labs quirks.

The goal is the same: build a bridge to get the vehicle from point A to point B safely. This is easier said than done, but once you start working, you’ll find out. Not only will gravity fight you, but things like portals and portal-themed goodness will get in your way.

Donut County is a relaxing game that tasks you with creating as much chaos as possible in a small town. You drill a hole in the ground to swallow objects on the surface, and every time something falls into your depths, the hole grows. Finally, you take over and destroy buildings and other structures.

It sounds intense, but between the beautiful and simple graphics and the cool atmosphere, this game is anything but stressful and chaotic. The game also has a bit of a story, and swallowing the whole city has consequences. But the writing is funny and will keep you playing for an hour or two.

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If you loved Myst and Riven from the good old days, The Eyes of Ara might be for you. This is a puzzle adventure game that continues to keep you interested with beautiful environments. Some of the puzzles are pretty crazy, but the treasures you’ll find will keep you going.

It means the feeling of total satisfaction you get when you complete one of the puzzles. The Eyes of Ara is a fantastic game that takes what we all loved about Myst and Riven and puts it on your phone.

You can’t talk about puzzle games on mobile without mentioning Monument Valley (opens in new tab), although in this case, we recommend its sequel. This M.C. Escher-inspired games force you to think outside the box to solve problems and literally change your perspective to achieve your goals. They are really special

Beautiful art design and minimalistic storytelling keep Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 engaging and engaging as you press forward to solve the next puzzle. Both are highly recommended.

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The Room game series is often referred to as the pinnacle of puzzle games on Android. While you’ll have to judge for yourself, rest assured that these games are excellent puzzle games and well worth the time and money.

The best of them is The Room: Old Sins where you solve complex puzzles and solve mysterious missing person cases. It’s absolutely fascinating, with the music and atmosphere coming together to create an eerie vibe.

We have most of the previous puzzle games

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