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Best Cloud Document Storage

Best Cloud Document Storage – The Crescendo platform is built to leverage popular cloud storage services: Google Drive, Box.com, OneDrive, Salesforce, or Sharepoint. We have the perspective of regular users of these services, of administrators leading a team with the platforms, of developers with an understanding of the fundamentals of the platform, and also of the perspective of our customers who have to give their opinions about their cloud storage service of choice.

This post is a summary of our thoughts on each of the five best cloud storage services. You will find it useful if you want some insight into cloud storage services to choose from, whether you are a regular user or a developer.

Best Cloud Document Storage

Best Cloud Document Storage

Google Drive was formally launched in 2012 and quickly gained popularity as simple yet effective and considered by many to be the best cloud storage service. According to Google, more than one million organizations subscribe to G Suite, the paid version of Google services, and more than 800 million people use the free version of the service.

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Google Drive is the cloud storage component of Google Suite. If you use Gmail, you also have access to Google Drive, whether you use it or not.

We know personally that several of Crescendo’s clients use Google Drive in their business mostly because they were already familiar with the product through using it with their personal gmail account. It was their first foray into cloud storage, and it’s simple to use. The jump to G Suite was no worse.

Organizations that have invested in G Suite for their email capabilities will automatically migrate to Google Drive as they require no additional configuration or additional costs.

Box was a pioneer in the Cloud Storage services market for the enterprise. Founded by Aaron Levie in 2005, it quickly gained popularity as a simple, highly secure, innovative way to store files. Some called it Dropbox for Enterprise and it quickly became a leader in its space.

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Box acquired and merged many solutions to become the multifaceted platform it is today; and many considered it to be the best cloud storage service. A box came forward. In fact, Box was the first cloud storage platform that Crescendo worked with, and we remain a Box Technology Partner.

What is unique about Box is their tagging mechanism. Users love it and no other platform offers anything like that.

One downside to Box that we have come across is that their user subscription fees are not straightforward and therefore, tend to be unpredictable.

Best Cloud Document Storage

As developers, we notice significant delays on the API end from time to time. This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time now.

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Also the license model with Box is limited. For example you cannot remove access to a subfolder until you remove access to its parent folder. This is a limitation that is not apparent with other cloud storage providers.

Overall, Box is still a very good cloud storage service. And Crescendo enhances the user experience.

Sharepoint was first launched in 2001 and was a leader in on-premise solutions. He was present in countless groups. As the technology evolved into cloud storage, so did Sharepoint when it was reintroduced as a solution in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

Sharepoint is much more than just a cloud storage service. It offers a very flexible and rich environment for creating intranets, wikis, knowledge bases and much more. Each Sharepoint Site has its own document section that can be used as a document repository.

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If you work for a medium to large company, chances are you are already familiar with Sharepoint in one way or another. This Microsoft solution has such leadership. A reported 200 million+ organizations use Sharepoint.

Is Sharepoint the best cloud storage service? Although it is changing, there are still several legacy features that are not easy to use. The user interface can be very slow and clunky and the configuration options are countless.

A common conversation we have with our Sharepoint clients goes like this, “.. our documents need to live in Sharepoint, but our users hate accessing them. Can Crescendo help? “

Best Cloud Document Storage

Yes, Crescendo can help! Fortunately, Sharepoint has a very reliable, fast and well-documented API. So if you’re already using Sharepoint as your document store, just plug in Crescendo. Users and management will have a better experience with Crescendo and Sharepoint!

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The physical version of One Drive is part of Office 365. Although it is similar to Sharepoint, OneDrive’s unique difference and value proposition is that it focuses primarily on cloud data storage, and not the frills that more you get with Sharepoint on the cloud. So it’s simpler and more intuitive.

OneDrive is definitely gaining popularity. We believe its simplicity is a major reason for the increase seen in customer requests we receive for OneDrive. If you want to stick with your Office 365 environment and all you need is file storage, OneDrive was made for you!

On the technical side, the OneDrive API is reliable, fast and well documented; similar to Sharepoint. We face very few challenges when we build a unique feature on this platform.

Salesforce CRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms in the world. He is the leader of the SaaS software sales model. Along with the powerful CRM tool, there is the document store side of Salesforce – Salesforce Content. Salesforce Content allows you to upload and store your files and folders into the Salesforce Cloud.

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Salesforce Classic, the original Salesforce content platform is not the best cloud storage service, as it has a distinct disadvantage; there is no hierarchy in libraries. This means you cannot create folders or have folders inside other folders. Crescendo helps to reduce this problem. Within Crescendo, you can create ‘virtual folders’ and display some folder hierarchy and folder structure with your Salesforce Libraries.

Another disadvantage is that Salesforce forces you to upload content one file at a time. You cannot upload a folder, or even a group of files, in one go. This makes content management very difficult.

In addressing flaws in Salesforce Classic, Salesforce released a new content platform called Salesforce Lightning. It is a huge improvement over Salesforce Classic. Folder hierarchy is available and you can upload more than one file at a time! Salesforce Lightning comes with a snazzy new user interface and several other interesting features as well. The only headache is moving from Classic to Lightning, if you’re a long-time user of Salesforce content.

Best Cloud Document Storage

Salesforce Lightning has really caught up with other major cloud storage providers in terms of features and user interface.

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As developers, we love working with Salesforce because it offers very reliable and fast APIs and excellent support.

There are a number of cloud storage services options available for both enterprise and individual consumer users. We consider these five solutions to be the best cloud storage services available and that’s why we at Crescendo chose and continue to support these platforms.

Often, a client would ask for our opinion on which cloud storage platform they would choose to work with Crescendo. It’s a difficult question to answer without understanding the customer’s use case, budget, growth plan, and many other factors that would help​​​​​​​​​​​​in providing a very informed answer. Hopefully this article will shed some light on how these platforms differ from each other without naming which platform is the best, or worse.

Crescendo is a mobile sales enablement tool, designed to ensure that all documents, materials or web-based tools are available within a single mobile application.

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