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Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider – Did you know that it is not about the speed but also the support that makes a good hosting provider?

I have used all of these providers on different projects over the past few years and know the ins and outs of each of them. I hope my knowledge here will help you determine the actual numbers and experience who is the best. I must point out here that I am not sponsored by anyone and have paid for the services of each of them and used them of my own free will.

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

This post is not affiliated with nor promotes or endorses any of the above in unethical ways. My view is completely unbiased and is based on numbers and facts that I will happily present in this article.

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting

We’ll go point by point to help you understand and decide which hosting provider best suits you based on your budget and needs.

With the ones in place, I was able to do a comprehensive test using common servers and methods along with testing using public servers. All tests were conducted in the region of the United States in which they tested the East and West Coasts. This way I was able to get a complete picture of the performance of the hosting providers in the US. If you’re based in Europe, I’ve had a few other tests done and the results are similar.

At some point, I will write an article on how to install and publish the above apps to your servers for testing, but for now, let’s get into the judgment.

Overall, I was very disappointed with both provider one and ovh once the server was supplied with the advertised 1Gbps speed, both were restricted to 100Mbps. After opening the support tickets, Ovh refused to update the speed and kept it slow which was very disappointing but one of the providers made the correction but it took more than two weeks back and forth. More on their support later though.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers Of 2022

As usual, AWS keeps track of what they advertise, but their costs hold me back, I’ll talk more about that later, the surprise here and the value for money was Vultr. Vultr was by far the fastest for links and connection in the US. When tested with different servers using all the tools that beat their network speed, the advertised speed was 3 to 5 Gbps. To show you a quick example, here’s what you’ll see.

As you can see, speedtest shows very high network speed for uploading and downloading. The results speak for themselves. I have to mention that their network speed does deteriorate quite a bit over time.

Inside their network you will see about 10Gbps and to test this I used iperf3 as shown below.

The next most important factor when it comes to choosing a dedicated hosting provider is the quality and what you get from the hardware. The thing most people look for to make a decision is the following:

Best Uk Dedicated Server Hosting With Utmost Perfo By Ukvpshosting On Deviantart

Let’s dive into it and review my initial impressions of the results I found when testing.

When it comes to tweaks speed, I have to admit that the tip here went to Vultr and Oneprovider. For some reason, even on dedicated AWS CPU instances, the network attached storage they used was below par compared to the others.

Let’s start by saying that the tool we used to test server hosting is hdparm. An example below shows how to run it:

The above test runs it for cached and cached disk reads. The most important off-track part is reading the stored disk. For cached hardware sometimes the OS gets stuck and pulls the results out of memory so I don’t fully trust it.

The Best Cheap Dedicated Web Hosting Of 2022

My point here is that one provider did really well when they announced NVME disks, for Vultr since I had a cheaper instance which was an SSD, I still got similar results on top of that. If you have the money then you should definitely use NVME but if you don’t have that much effort.

The disappointing thing here was AWS with very poor results at different instance sizes I tested. I’ve tried to keep the level of money being spent more than the same, so I’ve been comparing apples to apples when it comes to your spending.

You have now made your decision to go with one of the hosting providers but some issues may occur or you may want to do something as simple as cancel your service. For support, my experience with all of them has not been great except for AWS and to some extent Vultr.

Let me start by saying that I have used all the services for a long time and opened a lot of tickets with each one. The most frustrating part for me is the time you wait until you get an answer to something urgent like your server needs a restart or is inaccessible due to a network issue. The ones that were very slow and sometimes cost me a lot of money (fortunately due to redundancy) I managed to save the day were a pronto server and one provider.

Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Of 2021

I wish my list was smaller but these two numbers even with high tickets didn’t respond in time to my problems. Moreover, although OVH was slow, they also refused to issue a refund at first and I had to open a dispute. The reason for opening the cancellation request was that they did not provide the network speed that they were advertising on their page.

I gave them clues with different tools and explained to them that the network speed is limited and even though they initially said it was against their policy. Once I opened a PayPal dispute they were forced to issue a refund but if I didn’t pay them via PayPal I would have to go through my credit card which is a very long process. In my opinion, stay away from OVH, Oneprovider, and Serverpronto if you want good support.

On the other hand, Vultr and AWS are very quick to answer and usually solve your problems. One thing I don’t like about Vultr is that even though I have a dedicated server, they limited the number of IP addresses I was able to get. This is really bad if you have just pushed yourself for a huge server and want to host multiple services that require different IP addresses. I opened a ticket to raise the limit as it was recommended by their staff and I still got rejected! This for me is bad customer service because there is a misunderstanding between their teams.

AWS shines here with their support although it is a little slower than I would have liked to have my problems resolved in a good and comprehensive way.

The Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For 2022

And now I’m sure most of you have already come to this article for pricing or money for value as I would say. When I talk about pricing, I’m talking about the kind of services you get for the same amount across the board between servers.

Let me start by pointing out the obvious that most of you already know, AWS is very expensive if you want to have a custom instance running in a competitive setup in terms of memory and CPU. Having said that, it is to be expected because they make up in other factors by giving you an environment that is very rich with many features, but if you don’t need those then it is not very good value for money especially for someone who is highly tech and can beat things.

The surprise for me here was Oneprovider. This small hosting service offers really good deals on their infrastructure servers in terms of hardware and decent networking speed. I have to stress that this is where things stop. If you are expecting support and management forget it. You have to be very competitive because their infrastructure is not subject to the server owner. You’ll be primarily responsible for figuring things out and are willing to wait for long periods of times if something goes wrong.

Another noteworthy mention here is OVH. It’s very similar to a single provider that pays for what you get, but if pure pricing is your main concern, you’ll get good deals on the hardware and settings they offer. Although it’s cheap if all goes well and your server is up and running, you’ll be lucky to have a very cheap host for good hardware. Another caveat here is that most of their fast web links are in Europe and not the US, so if you need to use them primarily in America, you should look into another hosting service.

Dedicated Server Hosting The Best 2022

Vultr is kind of somewhere in the middle of pricing, I think they are more expensive on the side but it might be worth it so I would also say they are somewhere in between them all.

Finally, ease of use and accessibility. To get you started if you’re new to hosting and want something simple that doesn’t have to be

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