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Best Editing Apps For Youtube Videos

Best Editing Apps For Youtube Videos – If you create videos for YouTube, you know that if you want to grow on the platform, you need to create content that viewers follow all the way through. In addition to choosing the right topic and writing a compelling script, you also need to edit the video in such a way that it does not grab the viewer’s attention. And for that, you need a robust video editing tool that allows you to create high-quality videos and present the story the way you want.

The good news is that with the advent of amazing editing apps for both iPhone and Android, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on it. You can create beautiful cinematic videos right from the palm of your hand.

Best Editing Apps For Youtube Videos

And to help you choose which app is best for you, we’ve analyzed all the video apps available on the market and compiled this list of the best video editing apps for YouTube – from the simplest and most intuitive to the most complex.

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Here are the best video editing apps we’ll cover (all of these apps are available on both Android and iOS):

Filmr is a powerful and intuitive video editing app and one of the best video editing apps available for both iOS and Android. If you’re just starting out with your YouTube channel or have already posted a few videos, this app will make the editing process much more convenient and fun.

The interface is simple and will appeal to creators of all levels. From high-quality effects to detailed video and audio editing, Filmr lets you make the most of both worlds on the go. It has over 150 filters and effects along with a music library that is linked to iTunes and Amplitude. For this, you have access to Filmr’s own music library, which is constantly updated with all the latest scores.

150+ filters and effects to edit professional looking videos – Access 20 million+ free music libraries or add your own files – Unique transitions that can be added between each video clip – Share and export your videos directly to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and any other social media. – Create GIFs, stop motions, slideshows and tutorials in the app. – Simple drag-and-drop functions for transitions, splits, cuts, flips, rotates and flips for high-quality videos – Switch between horizontal (16:9 and 4:5), vertical (4:3), stories (9:16) and square ( 1:1) formats easily. – Record a voice recording directly in the application

Online Video Editor — Edit Video For Free — Kapwing

It is not necessary to upgrade to remove the Filmr watermark; just watch the ad at the time of export. – You can choose between dark and light mode right on your phone. – Can create fun reaction videos with video-in-video PRO. – The variety of transitions really helps to choose a specific style for a YouTube series, for example: zoom transition to expand videos. – Equally suitable for beginners and serious filmmakers as it has basic features like merging two video clips together with advanced features like adding voiceovers to the app and creating a short movie based on a scene. – It has a vertical editing timeline that makes editing on mobile very convenient. You have everything on the screen in its specific format, which makes repetition extremely low.

Shooting directly on Filmr is not a user-friendly experience, especially for YouTube projects. However, you can capture your mobile camera footage and edit it. – Effects are very limited in the free version. – It doesn’t work so smoothly on Android.

Splice is a powerful mobile video editing app available on both iOS and Android devices. It is highly rated by influencers who use it to create daily content on Youtube such as morning cleansing routines, fitness series, etc. When it comes to video editing, it allows you to create fully customized, professional looking videos with features like crop, slomo, overlay and many more another one. You can also adjust video speed from fast to slow and add popular music from over 400 strong music library.

Upload finished videos directly from the app. – Crop, cut and merge your videos and photos with a simple drag and drop. – Add music from over 400 songs from your library. – Add headings and text overlays. – Format your video with the correct YouTube aspect ratio with one click – Create the best montages, slideshows or give your videos stop motion effects. – Timelapse and hyper-lapse functions.

Best Free Video Editing Software: Top 10 For 2023

It is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to get used to. – You can access your Splice music library and also browse songs directly in iTunes. – Editing can be done on both photos and video. – The music collection on Splice consists of various genres such as reggae, hip hop, dance & electronic, pop. It helps creators explore different tracks within specific genres and tunes. – You can apply effects to individual clips instead of applying one theme to the entire project. This gives one more flexibility and control over the video.

There are fewer transitions and effects that can hinder the diversity of your YouTube videos – Trimming and trimming is less precise than other apps. – There is a possibility of copyright issues in the app’s audio as well, which may cause problems after the video is uploaded. – It doesn’t have pro level features like Chroma keying, green screen etc.

Vita is a fun and easy-to-use video editing app available for both iOS and Android. It’s underrated, but in our opinion, one of the best editing apps for YouTube. Like Filmr, it allows you to export videos without a watermark and is quite a hit among creators just starting out. It has tons of features, designs, and templates that can be accessed for free without having to upgrade to a pro plan. In addition to basic editing features such as trimming clips, adding music and transitions, Vita is one of the best video editing apps out there as it allows you to create full-fledged vlogs using easy-to-edit templates.

Wide range of filters like Retro, Mood, Vlog, Travel, Portrait – Built-in templates for quick effects, styles and backgrounds – Easily speed up or slow down videos – Export videos in HD quality. – Color videos, edit videos with pre-made fonts and animated texts. – Collage and overlay videos using PIP to create cloned videos. – Choose songs from a diverse music library.

Powerful Apps For Editing Youtube Videos [iphone & Android]

With its easy-to-use features and effects, Vita is ideal for beginners and intermediate content creators. – Pre-made fonts in the app can be used and customized with strokes, shadows and colors. – The subsequent processing of the VITA application is excellent and of high quality. – Developers keep mod library up to date. This gives new and trendy effects. – No watermark removal fees

This can be problematic at times, especially when exporting long files. – You can only have 1 video layer at a time. – The timeline of the app is pretty basic. – You can’t comment in this app – which is a huge scam if you make VO based YouTube videos.

This powerful video editing app is available for both Android and iOS. Apart from being a professional video editor, it also allows you to edit images and create collages. Many creators use InShot to create fun content on social media, but it’s also used by YouTube creators to create longer videos – thanks to its long list of features. This video editing app may seem like a lot for a novice user and it takes a while to get used to it, but once you do, it will help you create high-quality videos with ease.

Trim, trim, trim, split multiple or merge videos easily. – Adjust your video in any aspect ratio to suit your platform. – Add music directly to InShot or add your own. – Extract music from external videos. – Access to more than 60 transition effects like fade/fade, glitch, light, cut. – Add animated emoticons and stickers from a collection of over 1000. – Freeze special moments in a video. – Speed ​​variations range from 0.2x to 100x. – High quality export resolution, 1080p or 4k.

How To Edit Videos On Android

While advanced features are available on PRO, the price is pocket-friendly – Easy to understand even with its extensive feature set and options – One can also create a lyric video with their MV status maker. – All tools are easily accessible above the editing timeline – although it takes some time to get used to it – You can choose from a wide range of filters that are constantly updated – Stickers and text in the video can be easily synchronized.

Compared to other paid video editing apps, it doesn’t stack up when it comes to effects, stickers, and transitions. – Edited photos cannot be saved as drafts. You will have to complete your task in one session. However, videos can be saved as drafts. – He won’t come

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