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Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

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Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Looking for a safe place to backup and store all your digital data? This post will help you get started. Here, we’ll take a closer look at five of the best online cloud backup services to see where they shine and where they fall short.

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First, let’s go over the basics. Usually, we back up all our data to an external drive or local network. These local backups are great for quick restores. The frustrating thing is that they face the same risks as your computer – malware, hardware failure, accidental erasure, fire, theft and the like.

On the other hand, the best online cloud backup services copy your entire data to remote servers at various locations on the Internet. You can conveniently access this secure off-site backup anytime from anywhere and easily restore it in a click or two.

Of course, there’s no reason not to have both local and cloud backups – and doubly secure. 🔒

The initial backup of your data can be very time-consuming. But after that, all your files are backed up automatically. The best online cloud backup services allow you to send a physical device containing all your data for the initial upload, and this can greatly reduce the upload time. In the same way, they allow you to quickly restore through the physical device you shipped with.

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After researching the topic for some time and experimenting with many services on the market, we have decided to feature the following platforms in the top five. Here is a quick overview of the features offered and the most important parameters of these best online cloud backup services:

Backblaze offers many useful features, including fast and reliable online backups with unlimited cloud storage, all at an attractive price.

Platform and Ease of Use: Backblaze supports backup from Mac as well as PC. Setup is also easy, you just need to enter some details like email id and password.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Storage and backup frequency: There is unlimited storage, but it only covers one computer per account. By default, backups are continuous, though you can also schedule backups.

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What is included in the backup? All your data is automatically backed up except system files, program files, applications, empty folders or temporary web files. If you have data on an external drive, that will also be backed up. You can specify the folders you don’t want to backup. The Business plan also allows data backup from a network (NAS).

Pricing: Personal backup plans as well as business backup plans are available. Individual plans are affordable, starting at just $6 per month.

How secure is your backup? Backblaze includes encryption at rest and in-transit as well as a private key option. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.

Is it easy to restore? Restoring files is only through the Backblaze website. This can be tedious, as files are not restored to their original locations. Instead, files have to be downloaded in a zip file limited to 500 GB. Alternatively, they will send you a physical device if you need it.

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In many ways, Backblaze is the easiest to set up and use among the best online cloud backup services – automatically backing up your files upon installation.

IDrive is faster and gives you more control over your backup process than other cloud backup services.

Platform and ease of use: It supports multiple platforms like Mac, PC, Linux as well as mobile. A centralized console allows you to manage backups. It helps you see the account activity of all your connected computers. Moreover, you will be able to change the settings on all your devices from this dashboard.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Storage and backup frequency: All free account holders get 5 GB in the basic plan. This increases to 2 TB when you upgrade to the Personal plan. Backups are continuous, but you can also schedule online backups.

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What is included in the backup? iDrive backs up the entire drive including OS, settings, apps, files/folders, with content and structure intact. You can skip selected files.

Pricing: In addition to the basic free plan, iDrive offers Personal and Business. Plans start at $52.12/year for 2 TB of cloud storage, but the cool thing is that it can be used by all your web-enabled devices. Plus, older versions of your files don’t count toward storage.

How secure is your backup? iDrive encrypts all your files in transit as well as in storage. Account holders also receive a personal encryption key.

Is it easy to restore? Restoring is done through a desktop app or browser. Although iDrive does not automatically restore files to their original location, it does allow you to manually select a location. Files deleted from Trash can also be recovered within 30 days.

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If your storage requirements are less than 2 TB and long retention periods are important to you, iDrive is a great choice among the best cloud backup services.

Carbonite offers automatic and unlimited cloud backups. Its simple set-up-and-forget approach is probably the easiest of the best online cloud backup services out there.

Platform and Ease of Use: Not only can you view and manage your backups from the desktop application, you can also use any browser to access your files through a well-designed web interface.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Storage and backup frequency: Carbonite offers unlimited storage for one computer in its Basic plan. Backups are continuous, but scheduled backups are also possible.

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What is included in the backup? It automatically backs up all the files you select during the installation process. However, files and videos larger than 4 GB need to be added manually. Individual files or folders can also be selected for backup, while backing up from an external drive is only available with the Plus and Prime plans.

Pricing: There are 3 ‘secure’ plans and pricing is per computer. Safe Basic comes in at $6 per month, billed annually ($71.99). At $9.34 per month, the Safe Plus plan includes an external drive, video backup by default, as well as a full system image backup of your computer locally. For $12.50 per month, you get courier recovery service under the secure Prime plan.

How secure is your backup? All data is encrypted. Additional security is through personal key encryption and two-factor authentication.

Is it easy to restore? Using the desktop app, you can choose to restore all or some files, as well as search based on file names. Files can be restored to a folder or to their original location.

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With Carbonite, you’ll be able to view all your files from a web interface or mobile app. There are several options to restore – individual files, all your data, previous versions or deleted files.

Acronis True Image captures and backs up an image of your entire data. It packs a lot into the range of plans it offers – from cloud backup, mobile and social media backup to ransomware protection.

Platform and ease of use: It backs up Mac, PC and mobile, virtual machines and social media accounts. The excellent desktop interface makes working with Acronis really easy. In addition, you can track backup status, view file sizes, measure backup speed, and view color-coded displays of data.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Storage and backup frequency: Starting at just 250 GB, storage limits vary depending on the plan you choose. Backups only run on a schedule. The default frequency is once a day, although you can change it to a maximum of 5 minutes. Event-based scheduling is also possible.

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What is included in the backup? By default, TrueImage selects the entire drive to back up, including external drives, mapped network drives, Outlook, and OneDrive. However, you can also manually choose what to back up.

Pricing: Prices start at $49.99 / year for the standard package. The Advanced Pack comes in at $99.99/year.

How secure is your backup? Acronis encrypts all your data and offers a personal encryption key. In addition, there is protection against ransomware and cryptomining. To ensure files are intact, the premium plan includes blockchain-based authentication and electronic signatures.

Is it easy to restore? Acronis automatically restores files to their original location through a web-based console. If you wish, you can also back up to an external drive or a mapped network drive. The latest offering is “Survival Kit,” which quickly creates a bootable file-restoration tool.

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Acronis offers a free trial period of the first month, so you can take it for a spin before making the switch. It provides fast and complete backups and is great for migrating your data.

With a simple pricing plan and unlimited cloud storage, CrashPlan ranks among the best online cloud backup services for small business.

Platform and Ease of Use: CrashPlan supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. An intuitive and user-friendly app makes backing up, managing and restoring data easy. You can add and remove computers through the dashboard.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup

Storage and backup frequency: CrashPlan comes with unlimited storage. Backups are automatic and continuous, but you can also set a custom schedule.

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What is included in the backup?

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