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Best Hosting For WordPress Reddit

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Not sure if you feel the same way, but when I was about to buy my first WordPress hosting plan, I was stumped.

Best Hosting For WordPress Reddit

Surprisingly many people recommend the same web hoster over and over again. Well, today I’m sharing my Reddit opinion on the best web hosting providers in 2022.

Best WordPress Hosting Sites In 2022 (acc To Reddit)

I’ll start with WordPress hosting here, as I’m sure many of you are looking for a WordPress website.

According to Reddit, the best WordPress hosting service in 2022 is DreamHost and for premium WordPress hosting is WPEngine.

All prices are for one month contract. This way you don’t have to pay for the whole year and you can cancel every month. Pretty cool, right?

On the other hand, if you choose the annual payment option, you will earn even more money. The WordPress Starter Plan costs only $2.95/mo.

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Now, speed is the game-changing factor here. If you want to rank a page on Google, you probably already know that page speed is a significant ranking factor.

In the case of WordPress, this is even more important because WordPress works with databases and you probably have many WordPress plugins.

So if you have an extra dollar to spend or if you’re looking for high-end hosting, be sure to check WPEngine out.

Like I said if you are looking for something premium with great services, WPEngine might be the right hoster for you.

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SiteGround is the most frequently recommended hosting service when looking for Hosting. However, that has changed. Right now people are not happy with SiteGround because of the high renewal prices.

For those of you who don’t know, EIG stands for Endurance International Group. The general opinion among Redditors is that this group does not offer the best service.

Plus, because the EIG group contains dozens of hosting companies, you can switch from one provider to another without realizing that you’re not actually doing it.

So I’d say if there’s something you like about Bluehost, give it a try. You can choose a monthly payment and this way you can cancel if you don’t like it.

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I can’t find anything particularly bad or good about A2 hosting. I think if you like their plan it’s a safe address.

So again, if you like their service I think it’s safe to say go for it. Be sure to select monthly payments again.

So Hostgator is one of these perfect EIG examples. This was the top comment when checking Reddit and Hostgator.

Prices are VERY fair and at that price range, the service can’t be beat. It’s not as popular as I’ve seen, that’s why I consider it a hidden gem.

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Most of the hosting companies we talked about earlier are managed hosting plans. This means they take care of software, security updates, or installing WordPress.

So you have to take care of all the “hosting stuff”. You should install updates and maintain your server.

So for those of you who are more experienced, I recommend Digitalocea. It generally has a very good reputation on Reddit.

Just that. If I forgot something, please let me know. By the way, if you’re looking for more information on this topic, feel free to check out my hosting recommendations according to reddit.

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Lukaszadam_com consistently posts content that violates the Community’s code of conduct 👩‍💻👨‍💻 as it is harassing, offensive or spammy. Let’s say you want to create a WordPress website, and you’re looking for the right web hosting service in 2022.

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For situations like these, Reddit can be a great option to see what’s available. Reddit tends to reveal which services are fair and which are not fast.

To save you time, I’ve gathered all the information you need right here. Let’s take a look at the best web hosting providers in 2022, according to Reddit.

The list provided is a small preview of what I found, with the last update in November 2022.

After checking out the latest Reddit posts, and also after looking at the previous posts, Reddit’s favorite web hosting service, as of fall 2022, is without a doubt: DreamHost.

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You can basically open up any recent “best web hosting” posts on Reddit, and here’s what you’ll find:

As you can see, DreamHost has almost everything to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for WordPress hosting, VPS or Cloud hosting.

This is the perfect hosting solution in 2022. If you choose the monthly payment option, you are always free to switch to another hosting provider.

While going through all the hosting posts, I noticed a lot of people looking specifically for WordPress hosting, especially on Reddit.

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The difference is that many hosting companies offer specific support for WordPress installations or plugins, such as caching or security.

The infrastructure is the same. However, in terms of marketing, it is also a good way to reach all those clients who are specifically looking for WordPress hosting.

Since DreamHost offers many WordPress hosting plans, it is still one of the best choices, when it comes to WordPress and hosting. However, if you need more support and a premium hosting provider, go for WPEngine.

WPEngine is not only a great choice for WordPress, but also the perfect hosting provider if you’re doing SEO. But we’ll talk about this later.

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I’ve used StableHost a lot, and from what I can tell the support is great. Page speed is also on top. I’ve never had a problem.

They are currently offering $1.75 for shared web hosting, and you won’t find anything more reasonable than that.

Usually, if you are starting a new website, you don’t want to pay too much for a web hosting provider.

That’s the reason I recommend StableHost for beginners too. Choose a monthly hosting plan, and you can always switch to another hosting company.

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Another large group looking for a decent hosting package are small businesses. Every small business needs a website, meaning every small business also needs a reliable hosting provider. The question is, is hosting for a small business any different from a standard business?

The only difference is that as a small business, you will choose the smallest web hosting plan from your hosting provider. You don’t need to use premium because you can always upgrade.

I’ve checked out the “small business” subreddit (which I didn’t even know existed) and looked up more information there.

So, according to Reddit, if you are starting a small business, choose DreamHost as your hosting provider. You can choose a starter plan and upgrade later.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting For 2022 Compared

If you’re like me and you do SEO, page speed is a game-changing SEO factor. And when it comes to speed, there are several dedicated web hosting service providers to consider.

One hosting company that is quite famous for being fast and fast is also WPEngine. Many times I read that people really like WPEngine, especially when it comes to SEO and services.

People say it’s expensive when comparing it to DreamHost or SiteGround as it starts at $24 per month. It’s not cheap, but if you’re willing to spend a little more on your hosting, your rankings can benefit a lot. So, if you are looking for the fastest hosting option, go with WPEngine.

What about free web hosting in 2022? Is that possible? Can you use a free web hosting provider and still get good service?

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Well, according to Reddit, it is possible. You can get free web hosting, which actually works pretty well. However, you need a static site and there is a learning curve.

Static sites are pages where there is no user generated content. What may surprise you is that most pages are static. For example, my page is static. From my experience, so do most pages.

As I said, there is a small learning curve, especially if you are new to all this. But don’t let this intimidate you. Get started by creating your free GitHub account and uploading your page. Then, it’s just a lot of trial and error.

All the hosting companies you see here will manage almost everything for you. They’ll update the software, address security issues, and help you install WordPress.

Best WordPress Hosting Reddit (2022)

You may be someone who wants to do all of these things on their own. Doing so will save you money.

Or maybe you are not that experienced at the moment, but

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