Best Kindergarten Educational Games

Best Kindergarten Educational Games – Looking for the best board games for kids? Here’s my list of 50+ games for kids from toddlers to 10 (and games adults will enjoy playing). There is no such thing as having too many board games…

Sign me up for a good game night: I love board games. But kids… hmmm… it gets a little more difficult trying to find games for kids that are

Best Kindergarten Educational Games

During my time as a parent (my oldest is 9), I’ve looked high and low for the holy grail of board games: games that work for

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I give my kids a new game for every birthday or Christmas – we’ve grown quite a collection over the last few years and I’m here for it!

Board games teach our children so many wonderful skills and we need these powerful tools in our lives. Here are just a few of the many skills developed in board games:

For my kids, age 3 was the golden ticket number for any kid with “entry level” games. These are games like Candy Land and Memory – easy to understand and limited rules to follow.

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Around age 3, I started helping my kids assemble their board game collection and repertoire.

I have divided this list into age categories based on when a child might first be interested in this game.

Age group who will enjoy the game as these games are fun for many years. Don’t fly past games on this list. These work for all ages of children – not just the group I placed it in.

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Best Board Games For 4 Year Olds

A cooperative game – Outfoxed is a team game (there is no winner – everyone works together to catch the fox). It’s kind of like a clue for kids with some really cool elements that make it fun even for adults.

Note on Outfoxed: This is a really special game that will be enjoyed by children well into elementary school. The first time they will be interested in it is late preschool age.

A cooperative game where everyone works together to win (or lose together). These games are fun for little ones to learn basic game skills (like taking turns).

This is the most adorable game with gems, dice and cute wooden unicorns. It’s a cute game for little learners – and one that big kids and adults alike won’t mind playing.

Educational Apps For Early Elementary

This game gets 10,000 reviews on Amazon and I can add 3 more five star reviews from my kids. It’s a cute little game with cute tiles.

A cooperative learning game (win together or lose together), The Fairy Game puts players back “Mr. Winter.” Will you help the fairies save the garden?

This is the perfect charades game for kids – it’s just so well done. If you have drama-loving kids, it would be best to play it out here.

Roll the dice and stack the animals. This game is great because not only is it fun… but the pieces make a great toy for kids to play with.

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An absolute favorite for the whole family and works from age two to 92. It’s all about luck in this game of building color-matching snakes.

Need a travel game? A car game? A diaper bag game? You need Spot it! It’s one part matching, one part Where’s Waldo and really just the best “toy” you always have on you.

It’s a GOAT for a reason. If you’re looking to add practical counting and math skills games to your playroom, this should be on your list.

This “eye spy” game is really fun and entertaining – it’s one you’ll really enjoy playing with your toddler or preschooler (and my older kids still love it).

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What a perfect game for toddlers up to primary school – it’s been a favorite here for half a decade. It has a very Jenga element: remove the spaghetti without letting the Yeti fall.

It’s a little memory, a little carnival game. The ducks move on a rotating track and my kids LOVE it. This 39-year-old happens to really like this one too.

A total battle of luck and excitement: remove bananas carefully… but one of them will shoot the money sky high. It’s a riot.

Do you remember this? The fish spin and you try to reel them in. I love this one because the kids can play alone OR in a group.

Literacy Games For Kids: Indoor And Outdoor Learning Fun!

This is just right for children BINGO!!! This is the best little game for kids and parents – a fun alternative to traditional BINGO.

Remember that these are not games that only 5-year-olds will enjoy. These are games where 5+ is the first age to start playing it – but not the only age.

We love Monza! This game has a beginner and advanced board (double sided). As kids and adults get better at this racing car dice game, you’ll get better at strategy. This is a cool game.

This was the outstanding new game for my family in 2022. It’s a game for everyone (you don’t take turns) and each round ends with people in your family throwing foam burritos at each other. There’s just not much more we can ask for from a game. It is perfect.

Best Free Educational Games For Kids: How They Help (and How They Don’t)

This is a really fun game for the older kids (the box says 8+, I’d say 5+). The goal is to awaken as many queens as possible… but it takes some skill and some luck to win. Side note: I would also play this with adults. It’s so fun.

Hello to my neighborhood favorite this past winter. Ages 4.5+ on this one and having the best time trying to avoid the rat and find the cats. This one plays in quick rounds, best with 3+ players (IMO).

An absolute winner!!!! I’m not sure how to explain this: it’s a fast fire card game with a slap jack element. Can you just take my word for it? Kids over 6 (and adults) will love it. Ah! There’s just something about this game. *Chef’s Kiss*

Basically 21 questions like a card game, but it helps focus the kids and give them hints, clues and actually interesting information about the animal the other player is trying to guess. Reading skills are helpful with this or play in teams.

Best Learning Connectrix Junior

. Work to restore the habitat of your national park…it’s easier than it sounds. A great learning opportunity and a really fun game for adults, kids or a mix.

This game took our neighborhood by storm (ages 4-14 players). Each child receives two wristbands. They “fight” to get them off like flag football. It sounds simple… and yet there is something incredible about it.

A true classic – there’s something so adorable about kids playing such an old-fashioned game. My 3 kids (6, 7, 9) absolutely love this and have for years.

Another game that took my family by storm this year. The players draw cards until one “explodes” (very Russian Roulette) and the anticipation builds… then the strategy comes in.

The Unlikely Homeschool: Top 10 Free Educational Computer Games For Kids

My kids introduced Exploding Kittens to their aunt and she immediately bought it for her grown up friends. It is so good.

Do you remember this game? You must put all the pieces back into the puzzle before the timer pops them all loose. It’s fun for kids with the pressure and even without the timer on – and it’s all about spatial awareness…

Ok technically not a board game but this is the best. It’s not easy, but trying to follow the verbal directions of the game with a physical movement is fun. Perfect for young, old and adults (not to toot my own horn, but I have the neighborhood record right now…).

Did you play Mancala as a child? I did. So as an elementary school teacher, I saw hundreds of students fall in love with this. Now I have seen the same magic come over my children. Mancala is a delight.

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You had it as a kid and guess what? It’s still fun as an adult. It’s easy for little ones, but still challenging for adults (I’ve yet to complete a full operation without buzzers)…

This is another cooperative game – but the audience is 5-6+. It’s a maze-based game, and my kids are always reaching for it at the neighbor’s house.

A logic game for one player like no other – it’s just hysterical. The player is given clues about the arrangement of a crime scene (who knocked over the plant?) and must work to find out which dog is the culprit.

Who doesn’t love to play Connect 4? The ultimate game of thinking skills – every house should have it.

Fun Classroom Games And Activities For Kids

Original Uno (I linked to it) is one of the first big “grown up” card games kids can start playing around kindergarten age. Uno Attack is the version we love the most – this one comes from car holidays with

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