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Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider – Availability is key when it comes to your business’s IT infrastructure. Downtime reduces customer confidence with a negative impact on your revenue. Regardless of the size, level of high availability and your knowledge of your IT operations, there can be no consensus on the best backup and disaster recovery solutions. That’s why we trust Veeam solutions for our critical backup and recovery services and now offer you the option of machine backup with Veeam through the cloud.

Initial Time Objective (RTO) and Initial Objective (RPO) are important factors to consider when analyzing business IT development. How long can you tolerate reduced data collection time? How much information can you possibly lose in a disaster situation? How soon can you recover from a partial or full site disaster? Veeam products can help you close the gap on these questions and ensure that you are resilient to any type of disaster. We understand the always-on availability and growth of business, so we are here to help you achieve the best of it.

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

Virtual Machine Backup & Disaster Recovery using Veeam Cloud Integration can help advance your business plan to achieve greater scale and ease the burden and control over your on-premise solutions. Access fast, secure and highly available cloud storage around the world and get better confidence in your business’s IT operations.

Best Disaster Recovery Services &veeam Cloud Backup Provider In Virginia, Us| Support Functions

Technically, the solution is quick and easy to deploy in minutes. Simply add your Service Provider in the Backup & Recovery section of your router, and fill in the provider’s information. After successfully adding a service provider, you can start using Cloud Storage for your Backup Services and Backup Copy Services. The technology also makes use of WAN Integration, which helps reduce the amount of data sent for Backup Services by using Veeam’s cache and deduplication system.

In addition, Veeam now offers direct replication into Cloud Connect tools, as a complete Disaster Recovery option for your on-premise tools. We are currently evaluating this new feature built into the Availability Suite v9 release and named Cloud Connect Replica. With the help of this technology, you can have a disaster recovery point ready to step into our Cloud Services in case of a partial or complete site outage, significantly reducing your RTO and RPO. It is also compatible with WAN Acceleration and shares the same authentication process as Cloud Connect.

As a provider of premium cloud solutions, it is committed to providing more to partners, direct customers and extended network. The blog is just one example of how we make this happen, and our team members regularly collaborate on content to make sure it’s as useful as possible for our readers. If you like what you see here, we strongly encourage you to subscribe!

We’ve probably heard of BYOD policies at this point. A Samsung study found that 82% of employees[…] It’s hard to believe that I’ve been using Veeam for over ten years now! This site is a testament to how Veeam has always been close to Cloud and Service Providers with many of my original content on the site stemming from working with technologies like Backup & Replication and learning everyday which occurs through the initial provision of the vendor’s feature. and work.

Years Of Success With The Veeam Cloud And Service Provider Program

When I started working on Veeam, the Cloud Program and Service Provider (VCSP) did not exist but smart service providers where they use Veeam technology specifically built for Infrastructure as a Service offering in their content delivery Regardless, Veeam has emerged as one of the leading players in Alternative Cloud and Service Provider. When VCSP launched, it added immediate value to the technology and started one of the best partner-based programs in the industry.

If you haven’t clicked on the link above, it’s worth a look as I’ve found the original Veeam Press Release announcing the launch of the program. That said, don’t just take my word for it…actually take my word for it

And listen to the Podcast below where I explain the VCSP program and talk about its history and why it stands out in the service industry.

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

In this episode, Stephen Fennech hosts Anthony Spiteri (@) of Veeam to discuss any service providers with Veeam. It has been 10 years since Veeam launched its Cloud and Service Program and during this time it has evolved to meet the needs of the market, develop the necessary technical skills and ensure that the channel can always be profitable with them. Check out the podcast!

Network Extension Appliances

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Global Senior Technologist, Product Strategy, Veeam Software Anthony Spiteri is a Global Senior Technologist, vExpert, VCIX-NV and VCAP-DCV working in the Product Strategy team at Veeam. He currently focuses on the products of Veeam service providers and partners. Anthony has previously held Lead Architecture positions at some of Australia’s leading Cloud Providers. He is responsible for content creation, evangelism, gathering product ideas, and presentations at global events. He can be found blogging at https:// or on Twitter @.Integrates hosts storage (cloud server) and/or virtual resource management (data center physical) directly into the Veeam console:

Well! No VPN, no separate console. Cloud storage works like any other storage – except that they are available even if the main backup or data center goes down. And virtual data center resources appear as remote compute and storage resources that can be targeted for external VM replication.

Veeam Cloud Connect backup and replication is included in Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Backup & Replication™, and Veeam Backup Essentials™ for all end users at no additional charge required. All you need to buy is the veeam2cloud subscription based on the number of devices and the amount of storage to be replicated to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The veeam2cloud platform provides partners with a cloud storage and replication platform that integrates with new or existing Veeam tools.

All data sent to the veeam2cloud platform is encrypted while on board, and for added security you may require that your client’s storage in the cloud is also encrypted for added protection.

Data is guaranteed to be stored in secure Tier III+ data centers located in the UK. By default, data is stored in one location, with options to add replication between data centers for different storage environments, reducing the risk of potential data loss.

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

And since we have been fully audited and certified to ISO 27001, and hold Cyber ​​Certification, we ensure that UK and international security best practices are observed across the organisation.

Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud , Gcp, Azure, Aws, Vmware, Hyper V, M365, Data Protection And Veeam: June 2016

Whether you are new to Veeam, or an existing Veeam reseller, the veeam2cloud platform enables you to deliver the Veeam Integration platform without investment or risk. Join the Partner program today and start adding more revenue to your business.

The 3-2-1 rule states that you need to keep three copies of your records, store them on two types of media, with one copy externally. Accessing resources from the web can be a challenge due to limited bandwidth, the explosion of data and the lack of resources needed to build or maintain a true offsite storage.

With veeam2cloud Backup, you can empower your customers to own the 3-2-1 protocol without pouring money and resources into a second site or increasing bandwidth—just use a cloud storage service from our Veeam Cloud Connect platform and use Veeam’s Built-in WAN Connectivity technology and much more.

Avoid data loss by sending your customer data off-site with a seamless cloud solution that helps you increase RTOs, lower costs and leverage better integration with their point-of-care and recovery solutions. Integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication™, veeam2cloud Backup provides a fast and reliable way to send backups to the veeam2cloud platform.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam2cloud backup offers powerful and reliable features and services to help your customers avoid the risk of data loss. With veeam2cloud Backup, you get:

Hosted server backups: Access both physical and virtual servers to hosted cloud storage via a secure SSL connection with no additional Veeam licenses required.

Full visibility and control: Access and restore data in the backup archive prepared directly from the backup computer; track cloud storage usage and receive reminders to update storage

Best Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

Modern backup architecture: Take advantage of Veeam’s modern backup technology, including Backup Copy Services with Built-in WAN Connectivity, more flexible workloads for VMs and VM disks, GFS (grandfather-son) retention policies and more – all built into one product

Cloud Gateway Pools

End-to-end encryption: Rest easily encrypts all the data at the source (before it leaves the perimeter of your network), in flight and at rest, without having a negative impact on the value of the built-in data reduction and WAN Acceleration is not.

In case of disaster, you can restore all VMs, VM files, VM disk and VM guest OS files from the cloud in several clicks.

You will never face competition from us. First, we never sell directly to end customers. In addition, we also eliminate cross-channel conflicts between Partners through our Registry Program, which allows you to lock and protect your transactions.

Veeam2cloud Replication allows you to easily set up and maintain

Veeam Managed Backup Portal For Service Providers (and Resellers!)

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