Best Weight Loss Fitness Apps

Best Weight Loss Fitness Apps – Is a gym membership beyond your monthly budget? While obesity can ruin your social status, self-confidence and most importantly health, your next project doesn’t have to be restricted by an overpriced gym membership. You can do weight loss exercises and get an impressive body without going to any gym. The solution is to have one of the best free workout apps for weight loss on your iPhone.

Now, you must be wondering how a simple app on iPhone can transform you from fat to fit. The desire to live a healthy and fit body should initially come from mindset. Once you have that mindset, next, you need one of the best free weight loss trackers and workout apps on your iPhone to continue a daily body tuning regime.

Best Weight Loss Fitness Apps

In this article, we discuss the 11 best free workout apps for weight loss on iPhone that our fitness enthusiasts have tested over several months. All these apps offer effective weight loss workout guides and daily training regimes. To make app selection convenient for you, we have grouped these apps into three categories; Walking and Sprinting Section, Workout Section and Yoga Section.

The Best Workout Apps And Exercise Apps For Android

Before categorizing each of the 11 apps and evaluating them one by one, let’s take a brief look at our selected apps.

We start with an amazing fitness and workout app called Fitness App- Home Workout. If you want to lose body weight or consider a free ab workout app that really works, this is a product you can try on your iPhone.

You get complete functions with this app on iPhone. Start with multiple categories of workout goals you can choose from. You also get over 100 workout videos with multiple exercise intensity levels and 50+ preset setting options.

Exercise Cycle Tuner comes with additional tools like BMI checker, personalized progress log and customizable ambient music for a more comfortable environment while shaping your body. All these and many other features make it one of the best workout apps for weight loss on iPhone.

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When it comes to iconic sports, one brand comes up often and without a hitch, and that’s Adidas. Now they bring you adidas training via Runtastic, an amazing app for your iPhone that puts you on your home gym pad and trust me, no gym subscription required.

Adidas Training by Runtastic offers a set of well-tested effective workout routines. Some of the features include customizable workout plans, 7-minute rapid workouts for fast weight loss, a kick-start strength training function, and 180+ exercise and training videos.

In addition, you can connect with its huge global community and set the perfect workout combination tailored to your health, body and gender profile. Lastly, set goals and enjoy fun-filled effective workouts for fast body transformation, all using this workout and fitness app.

If you’re looking for an app to transform your body from chubby to chiseled, try Fitness: Exercise for the Gym | home page You can choose an overall weight loss program or focus on any specific part of the body for development with this app.

Best Fitness Apps To Get Fit & Lose Weight In 2014

Additionally, the app fits any environment; HIIT, the gym, or your own room. Next, you can set up your own personalized workout plan using over 300 workout videos and regular health tips. Fitness, meanwhile, generates scheduled progress reports of your weight loss program as you progress with it.

When looking for the best free exercise apps for weight loss on iPhone, you can’t leave this app on our list. It is undoubtedly one of the best muscle-building apps out there that is clean, effective and well-focused. The app allows you to start exercising anywhere, anytime without any boundaries.

While discussing the features, this exclusive app has been well reviewed by over 40 million health enthusiasts worldwide. It has daily exercise challenges for fast weight loss, and achievement unlocks features that give users extra motivation. Talking about motivations, daily health tips are available with this app along with custom exercise setup option provided by experienced workout trainers.

Whether you need one of the best workout apps for beginners or something more hardcore, Keylo can cover both. With Keelo installed on your iPhone, you can indulge yourself with some series of quick weight loss routines. Start with a daily interactive and tailored workout plan.

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Just set your gender, health and body preference once and the app will automatically adjust your weight loss plan. Apart from that, the instructions are effective and easy to follow so that you stay engaged in the workout plan till the end. Other features include strength-building programs, regular fitness trackers, engaging competitions with other competitors in the community, and more.

If walking is your top priority for weight loss, you can try Nike Run Club as your virtual assistant. It is one of the free workout apps that focuses on your health and doesn’t have any subscription type packages that ask for any money in return. With this undemanding tag on their app, they provide quite a wide range of features.

Their features include an accurate sprint tracker and a guided run function. But that’s not all. As a user, you will have training plans and weekly challenges. If that’s not enough, the next features are regular health tips and a workout performance tracker to curb extra weight from your body. Additionally, it connects you with a global health enthusiast community, making running events and challenges more fun.

Under Armor brings you one of the best workout apps for weight loss on iPhone and focuses mostly on running to do it. The app integrates well with Apple Watch and provides accurate GPRS tracking. So every step counts, at least when you’re holding an Apple Watch around your wrist.

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Apart from that, the app learns and gets more accurate with use. What’s more amazing is its global community. Connect and engage in various marathon activities. Additionally, sync and enjoy accurate app tracking when you have Under Armor Smart Shoes.

When looking for one of the free exercise apps for beginners and experts that focuses on weight loss through running and walking, choose C25K Trainer blindfolded. This app officially binds with Fitbit and Samsung watches. The app brings a comprehensive collection of effective functions for weight loss plans.

The C25K brings an efficient audio trainer to the front for more involved running and jogging activities. A running map and effective GPRS tracking and integrated health management make it an all-rounder. The app gives you iPad and Apple Watch integration with an active forum online.

Hardcore exercise may be suitable for young people, and you may find it hard to find reliable exercise apps for seniors. So, should it deprive this category of health-conscious users? No, we recommend meditation apps to keep everything safe. Lotus Flow- Yoga and Workout is a yoga-based health-improvement app that not only helps you lose weight but also goes hand-in-hand with users of all ages.

Free Fitness Apps For Getting In Shape

However, it should be noted that not all yoga poses are suitable for everyone. That’s why the app has several categories and plans for different groups of users. The app covers almost all yoga styles and disciplines. It offers full customization options. Oh! Did we mention that the app integrates with the Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac? Yes, and it makes the following classes and notifications more convenient.

This yoga-around app is simple and easy to use, thanks to its simplicity and no-clutter features. The instructions of this app are easy to follow and give you more than 100 effective yoga exercises. The app offers you several expert classes that promise to tune your body shape in minimum time. With this app on your iPhone, you can practice yoga anywhere, anytime. Lastly, coming in as a bonus is an efficient nutrition plan that will help you lose weight more conveniently.

The app is a simple yoga-at-home instructor in our list of the best free workout apps for weight loss on iPhone. It is a free yoga app and offers you exceptional health-improving meditation instruction without spending a single penny. The app gives you an intuitive video based tutor. Here you can choose modes: Beginner or, and it comes with a complete library of instructional videos. Simple Yoga definitely takes the lead in weight loss programs, thanks to its easy-to-use user interface and rich collection of yoga lessons.

We have gone through extensive research on the internet to find only the best workout apps. But this is not the first time for us, we have already covered a blog listing the best pregnancy workout apps for iPhone, focusing only on female users who are currently pregnant. Nevertheless, these are not the best in class. New health apps are emerging every now and then. However, we want you to reach your health goal as soon as possible and this followed us

Choose From These Popular Weight Loss, Fitness & Meditation Apps

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