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Block Ads Hosts File

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Block Ads Hosts File

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Blocking Ads In Microsoft Edge Via The Hosts File

Domain blocking files. If you find something in a listing that you believe is a bug or breaks functionality, please open a ticket and I’ll consider removing it. Also, if you find an unlocked subdomain of a blocked root domain, please let me know so I can add it to a list.

A programmatically expanded list of hosts used for advertising and tracking. This is my main list and I recommend you use it.

Block all dating services. This list covers everything from eharmony and match.com to AshleyMadison and SwingLifeStyle. If you’re not interested in hot local singles, this is the list for you. This is a new blocking category for me and I’m finding that there are a lot more dating services than I first thought. I will do my best to maintain this list, but if it ends up being too challenging and time consuming, I may have to take it down. Anyway, give it a try and let me know what you think – good or bad. I’ve been out of the dating game for a while now, so I expect there are some big gaps in coverage – especially in terms of apps – so please drop me a ticket if you find some missing services and help make this make a list worth using.

This is a list of opinions to block things that I consider to be hateful or just plain rubbish. This list is not about censorship, but about websites that I wouldn’t want my kids to read without discussing it first. Topics include but are not limited to hate groups, anti-vax, flat earth and climate change denial. You are welcome to use this list if you wish. If you disagree with something on this list… well, that’s just your opinion, man.

Hosts File · Github Topics · Github

I do not recommend this list for most users. It is a very aggressive block list for tracking, geo-targeting and advertising. This list is likely to break functionality, so do not use it unless you are willing to maintain your whitelist. If you find something in this list that you think is wrong, please open a ticket and we can discuss it. Keep in mind that this is an aggressive list.

If you are using these lists with an ad blocker that uses CNAME blocking, please read Common Issues / Google Fonts.

, then you can use a blocker that blocks based on CNAME. Depending on your blocking tool, you may want to whitelist it

It turns out that Xbox Live Achievements is using a common Microsoft tracking server. If you are using the advertising and tracking list and want to continue receiving Xbox Live Achievements, then you may need to whitelist some domains. Since I don’t have an Xbox I can’t really help you with this, but please see #161 for details.

How To Modify Your Hosts File Using Windows And Notepad

You are logged in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh the session. You have exited to another tab or window. Refresh to refresh your session. You may have heard of a computer’s hosts file. If not, you haven’t missed much. Literally, this is a file with “host” as its name. There is no extension that defines what type of file it is.

So the file itself is generally irrelevant. However, when placed in a specific location inside your computer, it can be an effective means of controlling a computer’s access to the outside world – the Internet. In this case, I would refer to it as

If you are interested in a simple and effective way to block certain websites from a computer or are curious about what kind of magic this is, you are reading the right post.

I’ll explain how the hosts file works, its location, and a quick way to edit it on your computer, whether Windows or Mac. If you’re a Linux user, chances are you don’t need help editing a random file.

How To Edit The Hosts File In Windows

Here is a hosts file on a Windows computer. Apart from the last four lines, the rest is the default content, which is as good as empty – all text following the hash sign (#) has no effect.

In programming, commenting is a way to explain what a line of code does without affecting the code itself. The computer ignores the # symbol itself and the text that follows it on each line.

If a hosts file has # at the beginning of every line, which is the default, it is as good as an empty file from the computer’s point of view.

In effect. It’s there, but it does nothing but contain brief information about what it is and how to use it.

How To Edit The Hosts File In Windows 10

In other words, you can delete the default hosts file and nothing will happen. We don’t need it. And we can always recreate it.

The hosts file is the original way of associating a domain with an IP address in the early days of interconnected computers – the foundation of the Internet – before the DNS server came into existence.

A DNS server is like a public directory of the Internet. It tells you where you want to go.

Whenever you access a website through its domain name, such as tech.com, the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) first looks up your DNS server.

How To Block Annoying Ads On The Daily Mail Once And For All

For most homes, the Wi-Fi router maintains the DNS server information in use. By default, this is the Internet provider’s server.

This server then looks up the website’s domain name (a.k.a. web address or URL) and returns its IP address, which is a seemingly random string of numbers, to the browser – every website is located at an IP address. The browser then follows that IP address to load the website.

This process is necessary because computers only understand numbers, while humans are very bad at remembering them. This page appears on your screen now because such a process has worked.

In many ways, a DNS server is similar to the once common telephone directory service, where you only have to remember a person’s name and not their phone number.

How To Edit Hosts File To Block Ads And Malware

So when you map a domain to a non-existent IP address or the computer’s own IP address, you effectively block the domain for users of the computer.

To the localhost IP, the computer itself, and in effect, blocks the computer’s access to Facebook. Specifically, when you go to facebook.com, you will get a message that the website does not exist or is unavailable.

This map takes effect system-wide and immediately, which means it will affect all user accounts on a computer, and you don’t even need to restart the computer.

The way it works, whenever you want to reach a domain such as entering it into a browser, the computer will check its hosts file for mappings, and if the domain was manually mapped, it will use that and no longer look for a DNS server for the domain.

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And you can manually map as many domains as you want – as long as you know what you’re doing and don’t abuse it.

Within the hosts file, each mapping entry (each domain) takes one line. You can map multiple domains to the same IP. So use it

With that, let’s find out where this glorious hosts file is located on your computer and how to edit it.

In the rare case that Windows is installed on a drive other than c:, change the drive letter accordingly.

How To Leverage The Hosts File To Block Ads

Here is the location of the hosts file on a Windows computer. Notice the address bar showing the folder path.

Now you can manage the file however you do any file, including deleting, renaming, or making a copy of it. By the way, if you move the hosts file to another location, it no longer has any effect.

It takes some work to open the host file for editing. Since there is no scope, the usual double click will not work. Plus, you have to open it with

To be able to make changes – otherwise the file is read-only and you can only view the contents.

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But in general, you can open it just like you open any file using a text editor, such as the built-in Windows Notepad application.

If you’re not familiar with the application or don’t know how to handle files in general, the fastest way to open hosts for editing in Windows is to open it via a

After it is finished,

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