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Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans – Whether you’re a seasoned internet entrepreneur or looking to start your very first WordPress blog, web hosting is one of the first things you need to invest in. A reliable web hosting provider will ensure that your content can be viewed by your audience at all times. Although there are many hosting companies available, one name tends to stand out above the rest.

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies. They have a proven track record of providing exceptional service to businesses, bloggers, and anyone else looking to build a website. The company offers a feature-rich service that can be customized to your exact needs. Unfortunately, all of these options can make Bluehost’s pricing a bit confusing.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

If you’re considering investing in Bluehost’s web hosting service, you might find it a bit daunting to choose the right plan. The provider offers a multitude of plans and optional add-ons. To make things even more confusing, Bluehost offers introductory pricing for new customers. While great to get your website started, these steep discounts don’t offer an accurate representation of what the service costs in the long run.

What Are The Bluehost Pricing Plans?

Here is a price breakdown of some of the Bluehost hosting plans and services to help you better understand what they have to offer.

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Shared plans are the best web hosting option for most users. Unless you need more robust features, these plans work pretty well. There are four different plans to choose from. Each plan includes important features. They all come with a free domain in your first year, which can help you save on some startup costs. Free SSL certificates are also included. Powered by Let’s Encrypt, SSL certificates offer more security to your visitors.

Another great aspect of these plans is that they have resource protection. A common problem with shared hosting is that one website that receives a lot of traffic can ruin the browsing experience of others on the same server. At Bluehost, these high traffic sites are identified and moved to an isolated server so that performance on the shared server is not affected.

Bluehost Plan Comparison: Which Bluehost Plan To Choose?

Bluehost offers great discounts in the first year (new customers), but after renewal the prices go up. Here’s what you’ll pay when renewing.

VPS hosting accounts are ideal if you need better performance capabilities. VPS, or virtual private servers, offer more control over standard shared plans. Essentially, separate servers are divided into smaller virtual servers. As a Bluehost account holder, you will be able to customize your website’s server settings to meet your unique needs.

Bluehost VPS hosting packages have many advantages. The most important being that you don’t have to worry about hogging resources. Although Bluehost does a fairly good job of delivering consistent performance, issues can occur. With a VPS plan, you get your own CPU, RAM, and disk space. It’s up to you and none of these factors are affected by other people on the server. VPS plans also offer additional benefits.

Every VPS plan comes with an enhanced cPanel interface. The detailed control panel gives you greater control over your VPS, ensuring your website performs the way you want it to. It also gives you full root access through CentOS.

Hostgator Vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting Services Compared

Because VPS hosting plans require a bit more technical know-how, Bluehost offers excellent 24/7 customer support. You can get personalized help from a real person or use the basic Bluehost’s detailed knowledge guide to troubleshoot issues yourself. The support team is available around the clock via live chat and telephone.

Like shared plans, Bluehost has multiple tiers for its VPS hosting service. Hosting prices are significantly higher than shared plans, but you get much better performance. All plans use SSD storage and powerful open-source technology. Each plan also comes with a free SSL certificate and a domain for one year.

At most, VPS plans include two dedicated IP addresses. However, you can get more. This can be done in cPanel. They come with an additional cost on top of the standard monthly price. These are all IPv4 addresses.

Cloud hosting is a very unique concept that offers enhanced versatility and performance. Many Bluehost reviews praise the flexibility of this service, as it can be adapted to meet your website’s needs as they change. For shared and VPS hosting plans, your data is saved on a single server. With cloud hosting, it’s on many different servers. Bluehost has quite a large digital infrastructure, so you can easily allocate more resources and change your hosting needs as things change.

Bluehost Review: In Depth Look & Speed Test (2022)

Larger websites with heavy traffic can really benefit from a dedicated hosting plan. This hosting service is designed to be scalable and very powerful. Instead of having to share server space with other users, all your content is placed on its own dedicated server. It’s a more expensive option, but if you need the best possible web performance, these plans may be the solution you’re looking for.

Like VPS plans, dedicated hosting pricing plans offer complete control. All plans include all the same benefits. You can access an enhanced control panel, get a free domain name in your first year, and get a free SSL certificate. There are three dedicated plans to choose from. RAM, CPU, and storage vary from tier to tier. The advantage of dedicated plans is that they all use RAID 1 technology, which ensures that all your content is mirrored and protected.

WordPress is the most popular creative platform available. It is used by millions of people around the world due to its versatility and accessibility. Bluehost has its own WordPress hosting service which is fine-tuned to make your WordPress website as fast as possible. It is built on a VPS infrastructure, so there are no shared performance metrics to worry about.

These plans get your WordPress site up and running in just a few clicks. It automatically installs WordPress and takes care of updates as they come. There are four distinct plans available.

Install WordPress In 5 Minutes (or Less) With Bluehost

Although Bluehost provides you with a free domain in your first year, you will have to pay to continue using it thereafter. Luckily, Bluehost can do domain registrations in addition to hosting. The cost of domains varies depending on the extension. Here are some examples of prices you can expect.

Note: there are better and cheaper domain name registrars. We recommend checking out Domain.com. You get 25% off your domain name purchase using our exclusive “Sitehub” coupon

Whether you have a WordPress e-commerce site or a simple blog, Internet users like to know that the sites they visit are secure. Although Bluehost provides a standard SSL certificate with most plans, the hosting provider offers alternatives. These come with an additional annual cost.

The advantage of Bluehost’s web hosting is that you can customize your hosting account as you wish. The provider offers many optional add-ons. These extras can be used with most shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans, giving you better performance and security.

My Bluehost Web Hosting Experience

SiteLock certificates are a telltale sign that your WordPress eCommerce website is secure. This feature automatically scans for malware to keep you and your visitors safe. SiteLock pricing starts at $23.88 per year.

Many plans already come with their own IP address. However, you can buy more for $5.99 per month. This pricing applies to shared hosting plans. There are dedicated pricing for VPS hosting plans, which can be found above.

If you want domain privacy, Bluehost can do that too. However, this comes at an additional cost of $0.99 per month. Although Bluehost is not known to be a registrar, they do it quite well. They even offer auto-renewal to ensure you never lose your domain.

CodeGuard is an excellent security feature that can restore your website to its former glory after problems. Essentially, backups of your site are made daily. Site backups are saved as separate versions, allowing you to go back and restore your work. This feature starts at $35.88 per year.

Bluehost Review: Pros, Cons & Tips

Bluehost accepts a few different payment methods. Credit and debit cards from most major carriers are accepted. They will take Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You can also make digital payments through PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you can do that as well. You can find the mailing address for payments on Bluehost.com. The hosting company also lets you get a full refund if you don’t like the service with their 30-day money-back guarantee on most plans.

As you can see, Bluehost pricing is not as straightforward as it first appears. The web hosting company gives you the option to pay for the services you need. They offer

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