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Canadian Radio Hosts

Canadian Radio Hosts – . The first episode featuring radio host and television personality Josie Dye is now available with another launch set

. The Women In Media podcast explores the power of women in media; from the music and entertainment industry to broadcasting, sports and everything in between.

Canadian Radio Hosts

(Program Director and Host, SiriusXM US) and much more, host Sarah Burke will explore the collective challenges women face in a male-dominated industry through a female-led discussion, powerful guests and personal stories covering topics such as bullying, motherhood, diversity and. to be involved.

Canadian Abuse Charity Cuts Ties With Q107 Radio Host John Derringer Following Verbal Abuse Allegations

Just based on our physiology, women face different challenges than men do in their professional lives,” shares Burke. “I have always been very impressed with how women are treated in the media. We have to fail, recover and rebuild the same way everyone does, but with a bigger audience; other eyes are seeing

The media (understandably) likes to promote certain topics along with a given day or month with a hashtag or an anniversary, and of course I am guilty of participating. As I kick off Women’s History Month and I’m excited to share a new episode on International Women’s Day, I’m here to remind women to brag about what they’ve accomplished throughout the year! It’s no secret that we often don’t feel like we should or can, but we SHOULD!

On each episode of the Women In Media podcast, guests reveal and discuss the obstacles and trials they encountered while building their careers; important lessons they have learned along the way and to give useful advice and wisdom to other women, trailblazers, entrepreneurs etc. CBC fired Jian Ghomeshi Sunday after receiving information that it says “prevents” continuing to use her. Ghomeshi took to Facebook to defend his sex life and said he would sue the CBC for $50 million.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) fired Jian Ghomeshi, 47, who hosts the daily Q program on CBC Radio One, on Sunday afternoon, the Globe and Mail reported.

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The station did not give a specific reason for the firing, but CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson said in an email: “Information came to us recently, that in CBC’s judgment, it prevents us from continuing our relationship with Jian Ghomeshi.”

Shortly after Ghomeshi was fired, he said he was suing the CBC for $50 million, alleging “breach of trust and bad faith,” according to law firm Dentons Canada LLP.

The Toronto Star reported that it has spoken to Ghomeshi several times in recent months accusing him of allegations by unidentified women who say he assaulted them without their consent during sex. Through his lawyer, Ghomeshi told the newspaper that he “does not engage in promiscuous or sexual activity and any suggestion of defamation.”

In a Facebook post on Sunday night, Ghomeshi admitted to participating in “sexual behavior that included flirting, dominance and submission,” but said it was always consensual.

Former Cbc Host jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault

On Facebook, Ghomeshi said he was suspended “due to the danger of my sex life being made public due to a campaign of false accusations perpetrated by an ex-girlfriend and a freelance writer.”

According to the Star, the women who accused Ghomeshi of sexual harassment chose to remain anonymous after the author of the “I Accidentally Dated a Suspected-Gay Canadian C-List Celebrity Who Falsely Proved He Wasn’t Gay” piece. to XO Jane, he received hundreds of threatening messages. The charges reported by the women who spoke to the Star are more serious than those in this section, and the women are said to have cited the abuse as the reason they wanted to remain anonymous. bail on multiple sexual assault charges in Toronto November 26, 2014. Ghomeshi, 47, a former host of the international music and arts show Q on Canadian Broadcasting Corp radio, surrendered to police and was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of strangulation, Toronto police said. REUTERS/Peter Simba (CANADA – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT CRIME LAW)Peter Simba / Reuters

Canada’s gender-based violence scandal reached an all-time high on Wednesday when the man in question – former broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi – was arrested after weeks of public scrutiny. The 47-year-old news anchor, though not widely known in the US, has been the golden voice of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., hosting high-profile interviews with the likes of Larry King and Lena Dunham.

But allegations of sexual harassment by women have halted his career – and tarnished his reputation as a respected interviewer.

Cbc Fires Jian Ghomeshi Over Sex Allegations

“His plan was great,” Mike Gasher, a journalism professor at Concordia University in Montreal, told NBC News. “CBC wanted to attract a younger audience, and here was this man who was cool, hip and connected. He got all the American stars, all the hip, British groups. He was involved in everything there was.”

Prominent broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi leaves court after being granted bail on multiple sexual assault charges in Toronto November 26. MARK BLINCH / Reuters

Ghomeshi surrendered to Toronto authorities on Wednesday on four counts of sexual assault and one count of “overcome resistance – strangulation.” His bail was set at $100,000, and he agreed to give up his passport and live with his mother as part of his bond. Marie Henein, Ghomeshi’s lawyer, told the media outside the courtroom that he would be innocent and the charges would be dealt with “fully” in court. Ghomeshi said nothing.

When the CBC fired Ghomeshi as host of the radio show “Q” in October, it said the move was prompted by the release of “graphic” evidence that he physically harmed someone.

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Ghomeshi defended his actions in a 1,500-word statement on Facebook after he was fired, saying the women had admitted to having “inappropriate sex” with him and that he was the victim of an angry ex-girlfriend. After the Toronto Star reported several days later, Ghomeshi wrote that he would face the charges “directly,” but did not discuss them with reporters. He then deleted his social media accounts.

The police recommended at the end of October that other women come forward to start an investigation after nine women spoke to various media outlets to report incidents of abuse and sexual harassment at Ghomeshi.

One of the women, actress Lucy DeCoutere, says he went on a date with him and says that when they returned to his home, he pushed her against the wall and choked her and slapped her in the face several times.

In a statement released Wednesday, DeCoutere said Ghomeshi’s scandal has led to a “significant shift” in Canada’s discussion of violence against women. “It’s been a difficult and painful time for many people, including me, but it’s also encouraging,” he said.

Former Canadian Radio Host Jian Ghomeshi Arrested On Assault Charges

After being fired, Ghomeshi launched a $55 million lawsuit against CBC for breach of trust and defamation. He withdrew from that case Tuesday. The union’s complaint for dismissal without just cause remains pending.

Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer says he does not deny the crime and does not talk to the media. http://t.co/l90caJXlZv pic.twitter.com/RNV7lrBi3G— TorontoStar (@TorontoStar) November 26, 2014 After weeks of revelations and allegations, Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi has been charged with four counts of sexual harassment and one count of strangulation.

The information was announced by the Toronto Police Services on Wednesday in a statement that indicated that Ghomeshi surrendered to the police and would appear in court that day. He was formally charged with “four counts of sexual harassment” and one count of “overcoming resistance – strangulation,” according to a statement that went on to define sexual harassment as “any form of unwanted sexual contact. It includes, but is not limited to, kissing, touching, oral sex and penetration.” “

The charges mark a dramatic turn in the scandal that has been unfolding in Canada since October 26, when Ghomeshi was fired from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). As the host of the pop culture show Q – one of CBC’s programs – the 47-year-old Ghomeshi has been enjoying popularity in Canada. When he announced in a long Facebook post days later that he had been fired because he was into “sexual behavior” and had been defamed by a jealous ex-girlfriend, many people were quick to defend him. Ghomeshi’s statement on Facebook also said, “what I like in the bedroom may not be good for some people… But that’s my private life.” He also sued the CBC for breach of trust and breach of trust.

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To release the case they had been investigating for many months, with the allegations of three women who said they were punched or choked by Ghomeshi without consent and accused of being harassed by a former Q employee. The Toronto

The story encouraged many people to come forward with their crimes. So far, 11 women and one man have accused the former broadcaster of harassment, molestation and sexual assault.

Many women have spoken openly about what they say was assault. In an interview with CBC radio The Current, Lucy DeCoutere, host of the Canadian TV show.

He said when he went home with Ghomeshi afterwards

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