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Canadian Web Hosts

Canadian Web Hosts – Canadians only have a few options when it comes to hosting sites. With some basic research we have found that many hosting companies that claim to offer ‘Canadian Hosting’ are not Canadian companies. For me a real Canadian hosting company has their servers in Canada, employees in Canada and is a business with their offices in Canada. That being said, HostUpon Web Hosting fits the bill and I will be reviewing HostUpon and their Canadian Hosting plans today.

HostUpon is privately owned and operated from Toronto, Canada. They launched their hosting service in 2006 and currently offer shared hosting, resellers, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. All of their staff work from their office in Toronto. Private ownership means they are not owned by any major investment company and I think this is one of the main reasons they have been so successful.

Canadian Web Hosts

HostUpon servers are located in their Toronto data center at 151 Front Street which is one of the largest locations in Canada. You will find some of the biggest companies including many fortune 500 companies have installed their services in that area. I have actually visited the data center in Toronto and it is amazing. It also has power and cooling straight from Lake Ontario, which is great.

Canadian Website Hosting

HostUpon is offering up to 57% off their web hosting plans. Use the coupon code SuperSale on the order form and your discount will be applied immediately. Use HostUpon Coupon

The Starter Plan is the most affordable hosting plan offered by HostUpon starting at $2.95/month with 3 year billing plans. You can also pay monthly, annually or bi-annually but the registration and transfer are only for 1, 2 and 3 years depending on all plans. You can host 1 website and create up to 10 email accounts on the starter plan.

The Starter Plan is perfect if you’re just starting out or have an informational website. For the price and features you can’t go wrong with this plan if you’re new to web hosting or don’t need a lot of functionality.

Your website will be hosted in HostUpon’s Canadian Data center and the benefits are better search engine rankings for Canadian businesses. If your target audience is in Canada then going with a Canadian website is a must.

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The Business Plan costs $5.95/month for a 3-year cycle and is aimed at small and medium businesses. You can host unlimited websites on this plan and it includes the provision of search engines with double the implementation of the Starter plan. Unlimited email accounts are one of the important features of this plan which is great for growing businesses that need more than 10 email accounts.

Priced at $12.95/month, the Premium plan at HostUpon includes a free SSL Certificate and 4 times the performance of the starter plan. One of our favorite features of the Premium Plan is the automatic nightly backup. This ensures that your website, email and data are all backed up on a remote server every night so you have a secure backup or if needed. It’s one of those things that you might forget but it will save you in the long run. Backing up your website is a very important task and something that many people overlook because having automatic backups is a huge plus.

There are literally thousands of hosting companies on the Internet and researching plans and offers can be overwhelming. You will find hosts that will save you a few dollars here and there but in the end you want a website that is not only cheap but also reliable. You want to make sure you have access to support when you need it most. In addition to the disk space and features are good but in the end you need a website installed quickly and choosing the right host for your website is very important.

When we decided to review HostUpon we first tested their server speed. Since they have servers in Canada want to see what kind of performance we will get. We tested upload speed, download speed, page load time and response time. We sourced these from 6 locations:  Toronto, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, London and Amsterdam. The results were interesting because we found that their speeds were above average from all locations other than Tokyo. This was understandable because the latency is often high when connecting from such a distance but compared to other Canadian hosts we reviewed HostUpon was far ahead of the pack. Just to clear the air, we are not compensated by HostUpon and that is why our review of HostUpon is fair and honest. I want our visitors to be confident in choosing their next host and Canadians have so few options it’s great to see a company like HostUpon tailor their hosting plans to business owners in Canada.

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HostUpon does not share their support which you will rarely find when researching hosting companies. We’ve tested big teams and almost all of them have remote support which means you don’t get the dedicated support you usually get with someone working directly at the company. HostUpon support, sales and billing are all located in Toronto at their head office. So whether you call for support, use live chat or submit a ticket you are speaking with a representative who works in their office. I love this and I always recommend choosing a website with home support. It makes a world of difference.

I actually decided to review HostUpon because they received the award for Best Canadian Web Host for 2021 by HostReviewSite. Web sites are rated based on their design, performance, pricing and support. HostUpon has been ranked number one for Canadian Web Hosting and Best Industry Support for 3 years in a row. It’s amazing when you think about the number of web hosting companies out there. Remember that HostUpon offers hosting services to everyone and not just to Canada. They have customers in over 120 countries and have some big names under their belt.

If you’re in Canada you’ll also love how HostUpon gives you the choice of a .com or .ca domain for free with their hosting plans if you sign up for 1 billing year or more. Of course you can also choose another domain extension but if your target audience is in Canada then go with the .ca domain name. For example if you have a local business in Canada you don’t really need a .com. Go with a .ca domain and you will benefit from good search engine results and organic traffic.

Overall I would say HostUpon.ca is the best choice for anyone in Canada looking for reliable and affordable hosting and wanting to support a Canadian website. If you decide to use HostUpon I’d love to hear about your experience with them, let me know what you think of HostUpon!

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Canadians only have a few options when it comes to hosting sites. With some basic research we have found that many hosting companies that claim to offer ‘Canadian Hosting’ are not Canadian companies. For me a real Canadian hosting company has their servers in Canada, employees in Canada and is a business with their offices in Canada. That being said, HostUpon Web Hosting fits the bill and I will be reviewing HostUpon and their Canadian Hosting plans today. Canadian Web…

HostUpon has received the award for Canada’s best hosting company 3 years in a row. They offer hosting plans from $2.95/month suitable for small and medium businesses. They also offer shared hosting in Canada and include a free .com or .ca domain with all of their plans. Their servers are also located in Canada at Canadian IP addresses.content is free. When you make a purchase through referral links on our site, we receive a commission. Learn more

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At first glance, the location does not seem to matter much when it comes to choosing a website. Other factors, such as prices, seem to be more important. But will an international company provide the same level of service that you can get from the best Canadian WordPress companies?

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Most of the things you want to look for in a Canadian website are the same things you want from any other host:

HostPapa is a Canadian company that hosts over 500,000 websites (worldwide). They avoid other online services offered by many hosts in favor of focusing entirely on high-quality hosting plans.

One thing that really stands out about HostPapa is the number of websites you can get with each plan. The basic plan comes with hosting for two sites, and both premium plans allow you to create unlimited websites. This can save you a lot of money over time if you want to manage multiple sites.

HostPapa is also easy to use. The dashboard they use – cPanel – is

Web Hosting Canada

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