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Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider – March 13, 2014 John F 10 Comments Android Apps, Box, Dropbox, Google Chrome, google drive, Google Nexus, OneDrive, SugarSync

Ever since Google unveiled its new pricing structure for Google Drive cloud storage today, I’ve been wondering how Google now stacks up against other cloud storage providers in terms of annual cost per gigabyte. So, I’ve done all the work for you and taken a closer look at five popular cloud storage providers in the US: Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), SugarSync, and Box.

Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

What I found was quite interesting, to say the least. In terms of the free storage you get for signing up and doing nothing else, Google is the clear winner at 15GB per user. Some early SkyDrive users were able to grandfather in 25GB of free storage, so if you have that, more power to you. Dropbox users can get more storage space by referring their friends and completing other tasks like sharing on their social media accounts.

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As for the payment tiers in my chart above, there are several things you need to consider: Each provider offers a different “entry” level, so the middle and high tiers are also different. (SugarSync also has a fourth option, which I haven’t included here, that offers users 100GB of data for $99.99/year.) So, you should consider your individual needs.

Google offers more features for less in its entry-level plan. The second plan offers more features than the competition, but it’s more interesting: only Box offers unlimited storage, and it’s only $35/month, making it the clear winner for anything over 1TB.

Interestingly, SugarSync — which recently removed its free option — is almost always the most expensive, while Microsoft’s OneDrive is the most average, with the same annual price of $0.50 a gig, no matter how many programs you want. .

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Cheapest Cloud Storage 2022

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Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

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Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you consent to the use of cookies. Please visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The best cloud storage doesn’t have to cost a bomb, but which provider has the right deal for you?

There’s a huge range of cloud storage services out there, running the gamut from the free deals that the big companies use to scoop you up, to the ever-larger, ever-cheaper options that Microsoft, Apple, and Google use to grab a big slice. of the market.

There are cloud storage services aimed at business, cloud storage services aimed at media professionals, and cloud storage services focused on privacy or security. But what if you’re looking for something more simple: enough storage for your files, music, home videos and photos, the ability to sync between computers, at a low price? Which cloud storage service offers the best deals?

The Best Cloud Storage Services In 2022

That’s where we come in. While you may need to look elsewhere for a roundup of the best cloud storage services, we plan to sift through the available providers and find out who offers the best deal at the lowest price. Given amount of savings.

It really depends on what you want to do. If you’re looking for a service that lets you sync some photos and documents between different computers and access them on your phone and tablet, even the free 5GB to 15GB plans will do the job. However, if you want to back up and share all your documents and photos, or keep a backup of your phone or tablet, you should really switch between the 200GB and 500GB options.

And if you want to go further, store and sync not just documents and pictures, but also music and videos? If so, the 1TB and 2TB plans start to look good, providing enough storage for all but the most demanding users. Don’t worry if you need the service to store and sync even more data. Here are some 4TB and 5TB files for you.

Cheapest Cloud Storage Provider

To learn more about cloud storage and what to look for in a service, read Best Cloud Storage 2018.

The 8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers

PCloud gives you 10GB of storage for free, which you can easily increase up to 20GB by referring friends or by downloading and installing the iOS or Android mobile app. It’s a nice service that syncs folders on your PC with cloud-connected folders, and lets you sync those folders to more PCs or share them with other pCloud users. You can preview many common office and media files or stream videos and music from your web browser. If you need more storage, the 500GB and 2TB plans are even more affordable. Dropbox and OneDrive beat pCloud for ease of use, but if you want maximum space for minimum cost, it’s hard to beat.

Looking for a little more space than free services offer, but don’t want to store all your music, photos, and videos online? Well, sign up for Google Drive’s 100GB option and you’ll get what you need — and for less than you might expect. Better integration with Gmail, Google Docs and Chrome, great file preview features, support for 30 days’ worth of file versions and all the benefits of connecting to Google Drive, including ease of use, give you £1.59 extra space per month. File and folder sharing. Google Drive is set to be replaced by the new Google One service in the near future, but the 100GB plan will be implemented, while the new 200GB and 2TB plans will be better value for future upgrades.

Once you reach 500GB there are many competitors, pCloud is very attractive. However, if you pay $49 a year, Sync.com is our pick of the plans, working out to around £3.10 a month at the current (pretty bad) exchange rate. Sync.com is one of the best of the new cloud services, and gives you a more expensive Dropbox-like experience with some improvements, such as a sync vault folder that lets you store files without syncing them to other devices. End-to-end encryption that ensures your privacy and security.

You used to pay a fortune for 1TB of online storage, but Microsoft has dropped the price to £6 a month. For that, you get one of the best and easiest-to-use cloud storage services, with seamless integration for Windows users and good apps for MacOS, iOS, and Android. OneDrive also gives you great file preview and document editing features, along with Microsoft’s other online services, and if you already use Windows 10 or Outlook.com, you already have a free account – and for £5.99 you get full Office 365. Personal suite including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive and PowerPoint desktop applications. It’s a bargain.

Best Cloud Storage Services (2022): Apple, Google, And More

ICloud Drive is, as you might expect, Apple-centric

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