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Chrome Extension Block Sites

Chrome Extension Block Sites – Staying on task and being productive – especially in a work environment – ​​is becoming increasingly difficult in the online age. Between email, push notifications, and the always beckoning temptation of the web itself; it can be difficult to stay focused.

If you’re easily distracted while working, then as the saying goes: there’s an app for that. Well, not exactly an app. An extension for Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension Block Sites

These extensions plug right into your Chrome browser and follow you around the Internet, helping you perform various tasks efficiently. There are thousands of extensions available including everything from games to live news updates to extensions and more. And you can browse them all in the Chrome Web Store.

How To Add, Remove, And Disable Extensions In Chrome

In search of glorious, streamlined productivity, check out these four Google Chrome extensions that are sure to get you back on track.

Strict Workflow ensures uninterrupted work and rewards you with small break intervals – every 25 minutes of continuous work is followed by 5 minutes of inactivity. Based on a principle known as the “Pomodoro Technique,” ​​which emphasizes periods of work broken up into short breaks, Strict Workflow takes things a step further by literally blocking out distractions.

The extension comes pre-configured with a list of common annoying websites (Facebook, Reddit, Hulu, etc.) that are blacklisted while the 25-minute timer ticks down. Clicking on the tomato in the toolbar starts the timer and an alarm alerts the user when the time is up. The tomato then turns green, indicating that the break has begun.

Any site can be blacklisted by Strict Workflow, so there’s no reason (excuse) to waste your time online. On the other hand, for you social media gurus out there, you can whitelist only the sites you need while working.

How To Unblock Websites On Chrome?

Procrastinators beware: once the 25-minute timer starts, it cannot be stopped without disabling the extension in Chrome’s settings or closing the browser. Strict Workflow is free to install and has a 4/5 star rating in the Chrome Store.

At Forest, a budding sapling depends on your self-motivation to grow into a big, beautiful tree. Every time you start working, the productivity app plants a virtual tree. It takes 30 minutes of continuous work for a tree to grow to full size.

If you last half an hour, you plant your tree in the field and eventually a forest grows. But beware, if you find yourself on one of the blacklisted sites during this time, the tree dies.

It’s easy to customize which websites you want to blacklist or whitelist. You can also set the timer to a shorter or longer working period. Working on the principles of gamification, Forest encourages you to be productive by rewarding you for staying on task.

Google Chrome Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

But if the virtual forest isn’t enough of an incentive, Forest is partnering with Trees for the Future to plant real trees on Earth. All the more reason to join and get down to business.

This expansion gives us a serious Farmville vibe and reviewers agree that growing a forest and unlocking different types of trees is pretty cool. Forest is a free Chrome extension.

Instead of immediately blacklisting time-wasting sites, use StayFocusd and take a little time to browse the web. Once this time expires, blocked sites become inaccessible for the rest of the day.

Before you shake your head, StayFocused IS the most flexible Chrome extension on this list. Users can blacklist or whitelist entire websites, or drill down to specific subdomains, pages, and even content on a page. And yes, users can block websites for any length of time – one hour, 2 days, three weeks. In addition, it remembers your settings to avoid constantly entering keys.

This Chrome Extension Blocks Distracting Sites Like Facebook And Youtube

There’s also a feature called a nuclear option that overrides your presets for a period of time.

If the timers or trees just aren’t cutting it, completely eliminate the distractions with Block Site. When you enter a blocked URL, this Chrome extension automatically redirects you to a specific landing page or specific redirect page.

Block website also filters by keywords. Whenever a predefined keyword appears in a URL, you are visited by Mr. Wips, their mascot. You can also set active hours, such as during the workday or school day, to increase productivity.

Block Site has a rating of 4.5/5. You can download it for free and get the basic features or pay $4.99 for the pro version.

Must Have Chrome Security Extensions

In this crazy online world of social media, email and notifications as far as the eye can see, sometimes you need a little something to keep you on track. Any Chrome extension on this list offers a great way to eliminate distractions and keep your productivity on track. There are a few reasons why you might want to block a website in Chrome. Sometimes, for maximum productivity, you need to block distracting websites or websites with annoying notifications so you can focus on your work. Or maybe you want to protect your child from viewing inappropriate content. Fortunately, blocking websites in Chrome is fairly easy. In this article, we will guide you through the process.

Like 64% of people, you access the web using Google Chrome. But unlike most, you want tighter control over your browsing habits. This is where blocking websites comes in handy.

Display settings for your Mac allow you to monitor and limit device usage. You can restrict access to unwanted websites by changing your settings.

There is a time and a place for social media and other sites that you find fun. But when they start interfering with your productivity, it’s a problem. You can temporarily block them by installing an extension.

How To Install Chrome Extensions On Android

The Internet is not a particularly child-friendly place. But you can make it less dangerous with Google Chrome’s SafeSearch feature, which helps limit children’s exposure to inappropriate websites.

Remember that SafeSearch helps filter out adult content, but does not restrict access to search engines and related websites.

Built-in iOS tools can help you improve your browsing experience even if you’re using Chrome on an iPhone or iPad.

If you manage Chrome Enterprise for an organization, you’ll need to follow a different process to block websites.

How To Block And Unblock A Website On Google Chrome

Sometimes you don’t want to block the websites themselves, but rather the ads they serve. Instead of blocking entire websites one by one, you can block only inappropriate ads. The quickest way to do this is to run a cleanup app like , which has a built-in ad blocker for Mac.

Whatever your reasons for blocking websites in Chrome, follow our tips and do it quickly and with little effort. By trying to block out distractions, you may find yourself benefiting from a productivity boost in the process. And all of this is easily reversible, so you can always open access to these sites later if you want.

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