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Cloud Data Storage Service

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They are called Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, hubiC, iCloud, Google Drive, Mega, pCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive… there are so many that we have lost count. What are online data storage services?

Cloud Data Storage Service

Cloud Data Storage Service

All of them offer similar services. These services include; a storage space on a remote server to host your data, Windows software that automatically synchronizes with the server everything you enter in a certain folder dedicated to this service, and a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows you to access your data from this device on the one hand.

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May be wondering what the value of these services is. Well, this article is here to solve that problem. First, it can be very useful in the event of a break-in or if your phone is lost or stolen. In this situation, you can at least access and restore your data online (if you find yourself in this situation, be sure to change your password quickly.

Now the question arises, which of these online data storage services should you choose?. For me, the choice is based on 3 criteria: stability and fluidity of the software, ergonomics and price.

Another point that matters to me: the choice of the country where your data is stored is also important. In fact, I’d rather have services that host your files outside of the United States. That’s because the Patriot Act allows the US government to get hold of your data without your permission.

However, this may no longer be a good reason because the United States still has enough influence to theoretically compel any host, regardless of where it is located in the world, to provide it with said data upon request.

Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

On the other hand, the latest news reports that the Patriot Act would apply to data from around the world. In conclusion, as long as you have nothing to hide, everything is fine, but know that the Americans always win.

There are some that I describe only very synthetically because I haven’t tested them for a long time. And to check that they haven’t evolved since then.

Dropbox has long been the benchmark for cloud storage, especially between 2012 and 2015 and before competing services flourished.

Cloud Data Storage Service

Dropbox’s real advantage lies in the unmatched stability of its desktop and mobile clients, where syncing is seamless and at unbeatable speeds.

Where Is My Cloud Data Stored?

The only package that hurts Dropbox is its commercial menu: Dropbox’s lowest-cost plan is €100/year for 1TB. An average plan of €50/year for 500 GB would not be excessive for those who do not need 1000 GB, while the free version of 5 GB is downright stingy.

The latest in the list of online data storage services. This Swiss host is the youngest currently climbing higher than some of his elders.

PCloud has a “Dropbox-like” operation: it’s the “Synced Folders” option, which you’ll find under the “Synchronization” tab of the options.

This allows you to sync a local folder by selecting a receiving folder on the server. Even better than Dropbox. Another point in favor of pCloud.

Chart: What’s In The Cloud?

Instead, when files are deleted, they are stored in the server’s recycle bin for a few days. This is to allow time to recover in the event of a failure. Brilliant.

However, some prefer to keep copies of files locally for various reasons. Unfortunately, pCloud does not currently allow switching to this more conventional system. I think this surgery is okay. However, I understand that it may not appeal to everyone.

The Android app is great for syncing media files, it’s responsive, stable, and offers good transfer speeds.

Cloud Data Storage Service

Prices are almost identical to competitors. This is except for hubiC. pCloud offers just under €50/year for 500GB of storage, where Dropbox only offers a double plan (€100/year for 1TB).

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For those who only have 1 TB, this plan is more suitable. It may not be cheap, but the value for money is unbeatable. 10 GB free (expandable to 20 GB if we follow several recommendations) is somewhat comfortable for most, but a bit insufficient from my point of view.

Note that, unlike its competitors, pCloud offers a lifetime package for those with a long-term visibility at the price of 175 euros for 500 GB and 350 euros for 2 TB, which can be quickly profitable. the resilience of this company.

PCloud has quite a few technical issues with Windows; when transferring a large amount of data, it happens that the computer sometimes freezes regularly.

Updating thumbnails in a pCloud Drive folder full of photos is extremely slow and also freezes the computer.

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Finally, it regularly happens that the system slows down because this is not possible, and the application “forgets” my identifiers because “my session has expired”. Therefore, it is necessary to relocate every few times. This can be very frustrating for an irritable person. 71 percent of US online Global Consumer Survey (GCS) respondents say they use a cloud storage service like iCloud or Dropbox, but what is actually stored there?

As GCS reveals, the most commonly cited consumer use of cloud storage is photos, with 71 percent saying their images are stored there. Just over half use the service to store backups of important data, with music and videos in third place (41 percent) to free up valuable space on their physical devices.

The most popular service cited by respondents was Google One/Drive, with 40 percent saying they use it for personal use. The most common was iCloud (33 percent), followed by Microsoft’s OneDrive (20 percent).

Cloud Data Storage Service

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Gcp Data Engineer

Economy and finance, politics and society, technology and media, health and environment, consumers, sports and more. Check out our upcoming releases This post covers some quick tips, including questions and answers and useful links on Day 4 of the Google Cloud Architect Training, covering topics such as Storage and Database Services: Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, BigTable, Cloud Spanner, etc.

Last week, in the Day 3 session, we covered topics like Cloud IAM, Policies, Resource Hierarchy, Service Accounts, Roles, etc.

Here are some of the questions/answers asked from the Google Professional Cloud Architect Day 4 Live Storage Services module.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a variety of storage and database services that remove much of the burden of creating and managing storage and infrastructure.

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When data can be organized in a structured format such as rows and columns, it is called structured data.

From Google’s various storage service offerings, structured data can be stored in Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud BigQuery, and hard disk.

This is a sequence of bytes that can come from a video, image, or document. Data is stored as objects in buckets, and no insight can be gained from unstructured data.

Cloud Data Storage Service

Google Cloud Storage is an unstructured blob/bucket storage that is a scalable, fully managed, cost-effective and highly available service. It is a service for storing objects in Google Cloud.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Answer: Buckets are GCP’s basic containers where data is stored in objects. Objects are pieces of data stored in buckets. Objects store data in an unstructured format and inherit the storage class of the bucket they are a part of.

Answer: Salvi’s default location is in the US. If you don’t set a location restriction, your bucket and the data attached to it will be stored on servers in the US.

Answer: In GCP, each entity’s access is determined using IAM permissions. Allowance can be of two types – uniform or fine-grained. In the first case, all rights granted to the bucket are also applied to the objects inside it. In the latter, the user can request rights both at the bucket level and for individual objects. For example, a user may have permission to view and edit a specific object in a bucket, but not be able to view other objects in the same bucket.

Answer: By two regions we mean data that is stored in two regions at the same time. These two regions are pre-defined pairs by Google (Tokyo-Osaka, Iowa-S.Carolina, Netherlands-Finland) and allow higher availability than a single region. With multi-regions, data is stored in multiple (4+) regions simultaneously, providing even greater data availability, albeit at a higher cost.

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Cloud Storage provides an object versioning feature that supports retrieval of deleted or replaced objects.

Object versioning preserves the inactive object version when retrieving the live version of the object

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