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Cloud Provider Vmware

Cloud Provider Vmware – As organizations embark on their multi-cloud journey, ensuring they are cloud-ready is a critical component to success. Kit Colbert said it best in his recent blog post to see if multi-cloud is a strategy or an inevitable product. Either way, you must have a multi-cloud plan!

In this cloud readiness, public cloud vendors have provided guidelines in the form of architectural frameworks. These systems mainly focus on cloud provider specific deployments, best practices and native cloud services. As more and more customers decide on a cloud strategy that meets their business goals, the need has arisen to offer a set of guidelines and best practices that support multiple cloud deployments.

Cloud Provider Vmware

Cloud Provider Vmware

Built on top of VMware Cloud, a modern cloud platform that provides integrated infrastructure, management and operations to help customers build and deploy modern applications, from data centers to cloud environments and side. VMware is best placed to deliver this comprehensive guide, along with a variety of public cloud providers to support customers throughout their multi-cloud journey.

Google Cloud Vmware Engine Networking Features

Today we’re excited to introduce the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework (VMCWAF) with the release of this first white paper that lays out the foundation and general direction of this new framework.

The VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework will include the following VMware pillars: Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate. These pillars are the building blocks that will provide clients with technical guidance and a consistent approach to achieve their business goals and digital transformation initiatives.

The primary goal of the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework is to help customers accelerate their infrastructure and application modernization efforts. This white paper will be expanded in the future and include resources such as:

As VMware continues to expand and build on the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework, feedback and collaboration from our customers, partners and the broader ecosystem will help guide and will affect the direction of this system. If you are interested in providing feedback or contributing as a design partner, please email vmwcloudready@vmware.com Cloud Providers specializes in multi-cloud management for of today’s Enterprise customers. They are the harbinger of the bleeding edge of the multi-cloud, and the organizer of compliance and security of cross-cloud applications. If you are one of the crème de la crème of cloud providers known as Cloud Providers, today VMware brings you good news.

Introducing Vmware Cloud Marketplace

VMware Cloud Provider Pod, an automated launcher for VMware cloud environments, is now available. Announced at VMworld in August 2018, the Cloud Provider Pod brings customization, speed and reliability to deploying Cloud Provider environments.

Cloud Provider environments are complex to deploy, configure and maintain. Add to this the diverse needs of your customers, performance issues at scale, seasonality, and interop and reliability considerations. All of this leads to reduced employee productivity, unused capex, ballooning opex, and increased time to market.

By giving Cloud Provider managers the flexibility to design their own software-defined data centers, Pod leverages existing investments, vendor relationships and expertise. The Pod can deploy clouds on extremely large devices (see the User Guide), and this environment can be seamlessly integrated with an existing vCloud Director environment.

Cloud Provider Vmware

Cloud Provider Pod saves months of deployment effort by automating the preparation and deployment of management units and resources. The resulting stack has core cloud provider capabilities such as datacenter expansion, migration, multi-tenancy, chargeback, multi-site, availability and scalability. In addition, with cloud services built into VMware vCloud Manager, such as cloud operation, hybrid expansion, data center expansion, backup and more, Pod helps you – as a cloud provider it – will reach service readiness faster than before.

Welcome To The Vmware Vcloud® Architecture Toolkit™ For Service Providers (vcat Sp) Documentation Center

Finally, Pod eliminates manpower drains and downtime due to interop, scalability and reliability by creating VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers, in line with the popular VVD of VMware. VVD for Cloud Providers has been rigorously tested for scale and performance so that your cloud environment ‘just works’, even for commercial workloads. VVD for Cloud Providers adopts the proven datacenter design principles of VMware Validated Designs and adds validation and testing to the Cloud Provider environment.

VVD for Cloud Providers has a targeted refresh every six months, closely aligned with all new Cloud Provider Pod releases.

The Cloud Provider Pod was built based on close attention to feedback from the Cloud Provider family. Pod helps Cloud Providers develop common cloud environments that reduce infrastructure costs; deploy data center environments in one click, reducing their time to revenue; and help with seamless cloud operation and maintenance, improving customer satisfaction.

VMware Cloud Director Availability VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Cloud Director Availability 1.2 is now available on the VMware Cloud Marketplace!

Vmware Explore 2022 Will Mark The Start Of A Supercloud Journey

VMware Cloud Provider Feature Fridays Episode 112 – Tanzu as a Service on Dell VxRail with Cloud Directors and Cloud FoundationOn September 12, 2017 at VMworld Europe, VMware announced VMware Cloud Verified. This brand will be used by VMware Cloud Provider partners who use VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology to provide cloud services to their customers.

Customers using VMware Cloud Provider services with the Cloud Verified logo choose an infrastructure platform that gives them freedom and control. They enjoy compatibility and interoperability with best-in-class cloud options from VMware Cloud Providers. VMware Cloud Verified partners combine simple, agile, and secure data centers and private clouds—all enabled by VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology—to provide customers with a robust and flexible cloud infrastructure. especially for digital business transformation.

This logo helps customers and prospects identify and interact with VMware Cloud Provider partners who can offer services based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology. Customers using services provided by VMware Cloud Verified partners may experience increased:

Cloud Provider Vmware

Each of these partners will provide cloud services to customers using best-in-class VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology. VMware will add additional partners to the VMware Cloud Verified umbrella.

Ntuoss Tgifhacks #117

In addition to Verified Cloud Partners, the VMware Cloud Provider ecosystem of more than 4,000 partners in over 100 countries continues to provide local private cloud services to provide -po our different customers and their individual cloud computing requirements. Find yours today! Managed Service Providers offer an integrated view of usage to all their customers, which helps them manage the customer lifecycle. In this blog post series, I discuss the various usage features that are offered in VMware Cloud Provider Hub as well as understanding usage details. Providers can use this detailed customer level usage and use their own billing system to attach appropriate rate cards and create invoices for the cloud services they consume.

The VMware Cloud Provider Hub is a single portal for cloud providers to manage and deliver VMware Cloud services offered to their customers. .

Providers must be VMware Cloud Provider partners and need to have an active referral agreement with the aggregator before joining the VMware Cloud Provider Hub. This referral agreement is created in the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) Business Portal.

If you are new to VMware Cloud Provider Hub or want to know how to access VMware Cloud Provider Hub, see our previous post here.

New Unified Partner Platform: Vmware Cloud Partner Navigator

Usage in the VMware Cloud Provider Hub is available under the Billing & Subscriptions tab in the provider and tenant console when you log in to console.cloud.vmware.com.

The different options to view previous usage in the VMware Cloud Provider Hub are explained with screenshots from the Cloud Provider Hub and shown in a numbered list below.

User View Usage Permission Roles Users with the following roles can view usage in the service provider as well as the org tenant.

Cloud Provider Vmware

Cloud Provider Hub detailed usage reports are available as csv files. It records hourly usage per organization for all skus used in all services. A sample of the report is shown below.

Dell Partners With Vmware, Nvidia To Build New Multi Cloud Services

In this blog I have touched upon the various features of use that VMware Cloud Provider Hub offers to Providers and their end customers.

In Part 2: Dive Deep into Detailed Hourly Usage Reports – I’ll dive deep into understanding detailed hourly reports as well as how you can get aggregate usage. and successful use of SKU host in VMware Cloud on AWS as an example.

VMware Cloud Director Availability VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Cloud Director Availability 1.2 is now available on the VMware Cloud Marketplace!

VMware Cloud Provider Feature Fridays Episode 112 – Tanzu as a Service on Dell VxRail with Cloud Director and Cloud Foundation Discover the latest updates and important information for cloud providers looking to provide Digital Workspace services.

Nsx T Integration With Vmware Cloud Director 10 |

This quarterly blog provides a summary of recent releases and product updates for Horizon and Workspace ONE services. We also provide an overview of our product portfolio as a reminder so you can easily digest the different options available to help grow your business.

We’ve seen a steady increase in demand for digital workplace solutions as businesses modernize to serve the new world. VMware has moved and innovated quickly to meet these needs. Now is a great time for cloud partners to start using Digital Workspace Services

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