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Database Cloud Service

Database Cloud Service – The NoSQL Cloud Database Service is now available as part of the Always Free Resources on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI Gen 2). You can now build and implement Internet of Things (IoT), E-commerce, real-time gaming, and exciting next product catalog applications

In this blog, I will cover everything about NoSQL Database Cloud Service and how to create tables in NoSQL database in Oracle Cloud.

Database Cloud Service

If you don’t have an Oracle Cloud Account yet, follow our blog for quick steps on How to Sign Up for a FREE Oracle Cloud Trial Account.

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NoSQL databases were originally referred to as “non-SQL” or “non-relational” databases. They are also known as “Not Only SQL” which is a SQL database alternative that does not require any fixed table schema, unlike SQL. NoSQL databases allow data storage of any type of data: structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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NoSQL databases were originally used by top internet companies like Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to address the weaknesses of RDBMS. RDBMS is not always the best solution for all situations as data processing requirements grow exponentially. NoSQL provides a dynamic and more cloud-friendly approach to easily process unstructured data.

Modern application developers have many options when it comes to deciding when and how to retain a piece of data. While SQL databases are great at solving traditional application problems like data normalization, highly consistent data, and complex queries to access that data, NoSQL databases are surprisingly great at dynamically processing unstructured data.

Introduction To Cloud Computing Architecture

3) SQL database uses a structured query language and has a predefined schema. NoSQL databases have dynamic schemas for unstructured data.

4) SQL database is better for multi-row transactions, NoSQL is better for unstructured data like documents or JSON.

The NoSQL Database Cloud Service is part of the Oracle Cloud Free Tier service. Each tenant can have up to three Always Free NoSQL tables in the tenant. You can have both Always Free and regular tables in the same tenant.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service is a fully managed serverless data store that provides predictable single-digit response times and allows applications to scale on demand via provisioning API calls. It has the ability to handle JSON documents, columns, or key-value data models.

The Best External Database For Salesforce Connect

Your NoSQL application uses tables to organize data, so let’s cover some of the key concepts needed to design and configure tables in the NoSQL Cloud Database Service.

A table is a collection of rows, where each row stores a record of data. Each table row or record consists of a key and data field, which is defined at the time of table creation. Tables are created using a Data Definition Language (DDL) which defines the data type and primary key used for the table.

In this blog, we will see how to create a table from the NoSQL console using the Simple Input table creation mode.

2) Click Create Table. In the Create Table dialog, select Simple Input for Table Creation Mode. Enter the appropriate capacity values ​​for read capacity, write capacity, and disk storage.

Fully Managed Relational Database

3) In the Name field, enter a table name. In the Primary Key Column section, enter the primary key details. Click Create Table.

In this blog, we will see how to enter data into a table from the NoSQL console using Simple Input Mode.

3) In the Insert Row window, select Simple Input for Entry Mode . Enter values ​​for all the columns listed here. Click Insert Row.

1) Personalization It helps build rich and personalized user experience with faster response time. It helps you deliver content tailored to individual user preferences.

How Cloud Computing Works

3) Real time fraud detection Help to process transactions and detect any fraud activity in real time with fast response time.

4) Internet of Things (IoT) It helps build fast and scalable IoT applications that require processing high volumes of data explosions from device sensors and real-time analytics.

5) Gaming Supports real-time gaming with millions of players simultaneously with real-time state and game state while retrieving or updating game data with single digit millisecond response time.

One of the managed aspects of NoSQL Cloud Database Service is that it stores data across multiple Availability Domains (ADs) or Fault Domains (FDs) in a single AD region. If an AD or FD becomes unavailable, user data can still be accessed from another AD or FD in the event of a software or hardware failure.

Best Nosql Database Service Archives

Do you want to build your Oracle NoSQL Database Java cloud application locally before migrating it to Oracle cloud?

Oracle provides tools to accelerate the development and testing of your Oracle NoSQL Database cloud applications with the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Simulator. Cloud Simulator or “cloudsim” allows you to build, debug, and test your application against locally deployable database instances with all the functionality similar to a true Oracle NoSQL Database cloud service. When you are ready to run your application to production on the Oracle Cloud, all it takes is to change the endpoint from cloudsim to a cloud service endpoint with proper authentication and authorization credentials.

To start working with Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Simulator, you will need Oracle NoSQL Cloud SDK and Oracle NoSQL Cloud Java Driver. It can be downloaded from the official Oracle download page.

Oracle NoSQL Data Migrator is a tool used to migrate data or support moving Oracle NoSQL tables from one data source to another.

Gogrid Advanced Cloud Service /w Managed Database Server Cross Connect [2].

The NoSQL Data Migrator utility acts as a link or pipe between the data source and the target (sink). This utility fetches data from the selected source and imports that data into the target. It is a table-oriented tool, which means you can move data only at the table level. One migration task only imports one table.

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We use cookies to ensure you receive the best experience on our site. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you agree with our policies :)Yup, Got it In this lab, you will go through the steps to set up Database Management for Oracle Cloud Databases.

The Database Management Service now also supports Oracle Cloud Databases, which are Oracle Databases on the following co-managed Oracle Database Cloud solutions:

Get Started With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management

The Database Management feature for Oracle Cloud Databases is available as part of two Management Options, which you can select when enabling Database Management.

The Full Management option includes all the Database Management features for Oracle Database Enterprise Editions, including the following features. Full Management Options are also available for Oracle Database Standard Edition but do not include the Performance Hub feature.

Set up Database Management to monitor and manage Oracle Database on the following co-managed Oracle Database Cloud solutions:

A private endpoint is a Database Management representation on a VCN where the Oracle Cloud Database can be accessed, and acts as a VNIC with a private IP address on a subnet of your choice. Private endpoints do not need to be on the same subnet as the Oracle Cloud Database, although they must be on a subnet that can communicate with the Oracle Cloud Database.

Free Cloud Databases You Should Consider (and 1 You Shouldn’t)

Incoming rules for Virtual Machine DB system VCN: Virtual Machine DB system VCN (on port 1521) can accept incoming traffic from Database Management private IP address ( from any port.

Outgoing rules for Database Management private endpoints: Database Management private IP addresses (from any port) can send requests to the Virtual Machine DB system VCN ( on port 1521.BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is a collection of devices Tool software includes the world’s most widely used DNS (Domain Name System) server software. This feature-packed implementation of DNS services and tools aims to comply with 100% standards and; intended to serve as a reference architecture for DNS software. Originally written in the 1980s on the Berkeley University of California campus, BIND is a free and open source software package. The latest major version, BIND 9, was originally released in 2000 and is regularly maintained by the Internet Systems Consortium. For small or uncomplicated networks, BIND by itself is suitable for providing all functions of DNS related services. With BIND, you can run caching DNS servers, authoritative servers, or even both at the same time.

BIND is the most commonly used DNS server software on the Internet. Typically, the person who manages the day-to-day BIND DNS servers is a network administrator or a system administrator who is comfortable with Linux/UNIX. Although BIND can also run on Windows hosts, it still requires in-depth knowledge of running open source services on the system. Many administrators prefer to use BIND over, for example, Microsoft DNS, because it is open source software that closely follows IETF (RFC) standards. With BIND, you can create your own custom tools to handle specific DNS use cases and operational requirements. However, note that BIND only manages DNS, and not the closely related DHCP partner services and IP address management.

Knowing how to configure

Oracle Dba Quick Notes: Creating Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service !!

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