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Dedicated Server For Web Hosting

Dedicated Server For Web Hosting – Dedicated server hosting is a part of the web hosting service that is hosted on dedicated servers. A though is followed by dedicated server which is followed from shared hosting situation. Dedicated servers are available to give you more control over the server which will open the gateway to additional execution enhancements.

The advantage of dedicated servers is that customers can change the equipment and programming setup to address issues such as ease of understanding the movement of sites. Since, dedicated servers do not share their servers with other websites. After opting for dedicated servers, customers may find that they get many more commands on the server.

Dedicated Server For Web Hosting

There are many benefits that dedicated servers give to their customers. When choosing a dedicated server, customers will get high security on their website. So, no hacker can hack their website at any cost. All information or confidential information will be securely protected. Another advantage is the customization where the user can use a shared server which is quite limited.

Why You Should Host Your Website On A Dedicated Server

The facility of stability is also a great advantage that users get on dedicated servers. They can have complete control over the server. Customers will have the freedom of flexibility on Best SSD Dedicated Servers to setup their website on any technology they want. Customers will get high level technical support on dedicated servers to resolve their issues.

When we choose a dedicated server provider, it does not mean that we will not face any problem in using the services if the company is good. There are many reasons that a customer faces while using a dedicated server. First, they have to deal with Internet bandwidth issues in addition to full server monitoring. Another problem would be the power system that the customer would have to face while purchasing the dedicated service.

Users will need more diesel generators to keep your server fully protected against the consequences. But all these factors are nothing to worry about if you prefer dedicated server provider to purchase services. As such, a technical team is available to users anytime and anywhere to resolve their queries.

When we talk about dedicated servers, security is the main issue faced by the customer. But, in dedicated servers, strong security support is available with their customers. No data or files and folders will be hacked by outsiders. Because, due to this high security imposed on it, users will buy dedicated server more than other servers.

Handy Tips To Choose The Right Dedicated Servers For Your Business

Many companies are providing dedicated servers to their customers just to satisfy them with their services. However, it totally depends on the customers where they want to buy from. Thus, customers have full freedom to choose their own company to purchase services from. Almost every company is providing better security and safety on their servers. Thus, customers will not face any problem in using the services later Since 2007, JustHostMe has offered UK businesses a wide range of web hosting services, specifically tailored to their needs in terms of hardware, geography and support. To deliver the high quality service and functionality their customers expect, JustHostMe’s experts require high-performance, UK-based servers that can be quickly deployed and set up to the most exacting customer specifications. Having already explored several server providers, the experts at JustHostMe decided to partner with OVH using a carefully selected array of UK-based dedicated servers to deliver their services.

JustHostMe has worked with a number of service providers over the years, but experienced ongoing issues with both support and performance, which were exacerbated by the fact that these servers were not actually hosted in the UK. Effective anti-DDoS protection was another key concern, as such attacks had previously affected JustHostMe’s main US-based servers. So it was decided to look for a new supplier.

From the beginning, freedom of configuration, high power and plenty of available memory were absolutely important, but equally essential was the ability to deploy new servers on an as-needed basis as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Ideally, these internal processes will be automated as much as possible to help JustHostMe maintain its focus on high standards of customer service.

Finally, JustHostMe’s high level of in-house expertise meant that they were looking for an unmanaged service, giving them the freedom to configure their servers themselves in response to their clients’ needs. Because they would need minimal technical support, they were looking for a service provider with an established global infrastructure to act as a long-term partner, helping them access the most cutting-edge new technologies and expand the range of services they could offer.

Advantages Of Having Dedicated Server Hosting

At the start of the new partnership between JustHostMe and OVH, teams of experts from both companies worked closely to establish which combination of solutions would best suit JustHostMe’s technical requirements.

JustHostMe’s ideal servers – high-spec, customizable HG models – were identified and deployed. Using the OVH control panel, JustHostMe’s team was able to not only manage their new network of servers, but also order new ones, which would be deployed to the appropriate datacenter within 120 seconds. All these servers were equipped with OVH’s anti-DDoS protection, which prevented the largest DDoS attack on record in 2016. This will ensure that attacks can be quickly mitigated and countered, even without the end user being aware of them. The network is designed with redundancy and backup systems to minimize any potential downtime.

As OVH’s flagship UK datacenter had not yet opened its doors when the partnership began, it was decided to use OVH’s datacentres in Roubaix, Strasbourg and Beauharnois, where the necessary servers were readily available. As soon as OVH opened its London datacenter in 2017, a migration plan was developed and implemented. While JustHostMe remains a proudly British provider of hosting services, OVH’s global network of datacentres gives them an extra level of flexibility when their customers need to host data overseas for any reason.

In addition to the hardware provided, JustHostMe was an early participant in OVH’s partner program, which allowed them to access many discounts and receive regular advice and guidance from OVH’s own experts.

Dedicated Server Hosting. Label Hosting Is The Leading In Semi…

The instant availability of world-class servers hosted in the UK has provided a strong boost to JustHostMe’s USP, with their customers greatly appreciating the resulting increase in performance and improved SEO. In particular, JustHostMe’s end users are enjoying an average response time of less than 90 milliseconds as a result of the new infrastructure. The anti-DDoS tools also quickly proved their worth, enabling JustHostMe to successfully mitigate attacks of up to 480Gbps, no matter when they occurred, and maintaining an exceptional average monthly uptime of 100%.

In terms of internal processes, the unmanaged model proved to be a perfect fit for the JustHostMe team, allowing them to access the powerful hardware they need, when they need it, then configure, manage and scale effortlessly. This has enabled them to provide high quality customer service to every end user.

Furthermore, the partnership with OVH has provided JustHostMe with a strong foundation on which to develop their business model in a sustainable, well-considered way and expand the range of solutions they can offer. This puts them in an ideal position to support their customers while their own business grows – a huge win for both JustHostMe and UK businesses in general.

“We couldn’t find anything that could compare to OVH’s range of solutions in the UK, especially for the price. We were able to choose global locations for our DNS servers through the hosting control panel, and powerful, customizable with fast anti-DDoS protection. Being able to set up dedicated servers. So OVH really ticked all the boxes that way.” Jeffrey Mattingly, Founder and CEO, JustHostMe

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In today’s scenario, website is the only requirement for your business. No matter what sector you are in, a website is a must for your business. For better performance, you should choose dedicated server web hosting for your website. There are many benefits to be gained from a dedicated server. Some of them are given below.

The Essential Benefits Of Dedicated Server Web Hosting In Video Gaming.pdf

Most of the dedicated server web hosting service providers are very aware of the current threats. It always maintains security by applying the latest technology. There is an advanced level of technical support with powerful

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