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Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Dedicated Server Hosting Solution – Designed for total isolation, control and security for mission-critical workloads with customizable dedicated server hosting in the cloud

Dedicated server hosting from is designed to provide total isolation, control and security for your heavy, mission-critical workloads. Our private bare metal server environment offers maximum customization and performance with a wide range of configuration options, Intel and AMD CPU architectures, versatile storage and more. Unlike other providers, Cloud® offers dedicated server hosting locations across more than 60 data centers in 19 countries.

Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Our dedicated server hosting offers a variety of top-end Intel and AMD performance CPUs for cloud bare metal servers. Plus, BYO capabilities, versatile storage, extensive memory and more.

Cloud Server Versus Dedicated Server

The closer the data is to your users, the less problems you will run into with latency, security and timely service delivery. With dedicated server hosting from , you choose from a global network of dispersed data centers and POP locations.

You can provide dedicated server hosting for SAP HANA / SAP NetWeaver and other certified workloads and add the latest NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for HPC needs.

We recently lowered our dedicated hosting prices on cloud bare metal servers by an average of 17% across the board. We’ve also included 20 TB of free bandwidth.

Dedicated web hosting Stream large files and videos. Specify and duplicate clustered web hosting servers to meet your requirements.

Top 5 Differences Between A Cloud Server And A Dedicated Server

Dedicated game hosting scales quickly for gamer demands. You can also adjust rules, install updates, isolate players and get high ping.

Choose single, dual or quad processors with the latest Intel or AMD technologies. Choose the speed, RAM, storage OS and more. Or choose from pre-configured, dedicated server hosting options for faster provisioning.

Get more control over your dedicated server hosting environment with direct root access. Cloud bare metal servers are physical, dedicated and private computing servers that deliver the essential functionality you need.

Solve computationally intensive tasks in less time. Supports modern dedicated hosting workloads and containerized services with up to 128 cores per platform.

Top 35 Free & Premium Web Hosting Services In 2022

Get monthly dedicated servers online in as little as two to four hours. Hourly dedicated servers can be up and running within 30 minutes.

Learn how fast the network is between bare metal servers, both in terms of network throughput and latency.

Provides remote access to off-premises virtual or physical servers and associated resources for a monthly subscription or usage-based price.

Provides storage for the files that make up your website and the software, physical hardware and network infrastructure that make your website available to others on the Internet.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dedicated Server Hosting

Promotions valid on new orders only, until December 31, 2022, or while supplies last. These promotions cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. The “USD 500 off Intel® Xeon® 8260 processors” promotion is applicable to 4-drive cloud bare metal servers with Intel® Xeon® 8260 processors and is open to all operating systems across all cloud data centers. The promotion “50% off 10-Gbps uplinks on any server, for life” is applicable to all cloud bare metal servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, is open to all operating systems, and excludes the following cloud data centers: Amsterdam 01 ; Dallas 05; Dallas 06; Hong Kong 01; San Jose 01; Singapore 01; and Washington, D.C. 01.

20 TB included in US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB of bandwidth in all other data centers included. New prices and offers cannot be combined with any other current or future discounts. If you are looking for quality web hosting solutions, you are looking for providers for these on the Internet. You will likely review their services, do proper background research, check their reputation and credentials and then choose the most useful and budget-friendly package for your needs. While these parameters are necessary to choose a provider for all web hosting plans, you need to look at a few more factors when choosing a dedicated server.

It is a known fact that dedicated server hosting is beneficial because of the high uptime and reliability it provides. For companies that get a lot of traffic to their sites and that carry out online financial transactions, these plans are indispensable. While you also get many of the benefits of dedicated hosting in other web hosting plans, nothing compares to owning a dedicated server. This is because in dedicated hosting you get complete exclusivity of resources. You have full control over the server settings and features. So, this makes it all the more important to make sure that you have made the right choice of plan and provider.

Dedicated hosting gives you a higher degree of flexibility and customization because you have complete server control. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to opt out of security checks. You are free to change settings in the control panels, using WHM and SSH. So, you have the right to set up additional security controls and firewalls. You can also disable system functions and install modified versions of anti-virus detection measures.

Important Facts That You Must Know About Dedicated Server Hosting

Since not all businesses are likely to have the same needs, you need to choose a dedicated hosting plan that can only cater to your specific needs. You need to get an idea about the number of users you are serving to decide on the capacity of your processor, RAM, drives etc. Depending on the nature of the applications you want to run on the server, you have to make a choice the processors and core. You can use the RAID setting to know exactly how much RAM you need. If you want more speed and performance, you should use the DDR4 RAM, which can be expensive but guarantees you high speed.

If you choose a dedicated server, you also need to make sure that the provider offers you robust backup services. You will find practical solutions like Code Guard that can help you with backups. You should also have the freedom to customize the backup services to ensure that you only back up important files. A consultation with the sales representatives of the hosting company can be a good way to know what backup provisions they offer you.

When you use dedicated hosting, you are not completely free from downtime possibilities. So, you need to make sure that your host can guarantee you a high network uptime. It is best to choose a host that offers cloud set-ups for dedicated hosting as a cloud guarantees protection against hardware failure. So, with cloud hosting solutions the chances of downtime are much less.

When you choose dedicated server, you also need to find out about scalability of applications you get. You need to see how well your application scales and whether you can add more servers if needed. Some apps are difficult to scale for many devices. Also, running databases on multiple servers can be difficult, as it requires a high level of synchronization. So, moving to a provider with cloud setup where you can easily clone servers or adding load balancers to redirect traffic to many servers can help.

Dedicated Server Guide

How much bandwidth you need depends significantly on your site traffic. If you consume a lot of bandwidth and the predictability is low, it is better to choose a plan that includes a lot of data and encourages unmetered billing.

If you want to buy dedicated servers, you can choose one and decide where to place it. Ideally, your server should be physically closer to your end users to serve them better and faster. The speed of data transfer mainly depends on the network quality offered by your hosting provider. So, to find out about the quality of the network, you can check the host’s Network Operation Center or NOC pages.

Before you sign up with a dedicated server, you should find out how much management freedom you get as far as server management goes. When you run applications on such servers, it is assumed that you have the expertise and knowledge to manage the servers. Your job is to find out if you also have access to remote management modules as offered by most of the reputable providers. Such remote management modules are helpful when changing from an IT onsite solution to a hosted environment. This works like a stop-lap arrangement that keeps the existing structures intact, making the transition smooth for the staff.

The job is not complete if you have decided to go for an added server for the hosting business.

How To Choose The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting is an option for companies that want to have complete control over their hosting servers and software. Then the company will be responsible for installing all scripts, all updates, compatibility with other applications, recoveries after any risk.

While with managed dedicated server hosting, the dedicated hosting provider takes the full responsibility of managing your company and has the expertise to handle all tasks. They monitor, configure and handle all server related requests and manage all the other details.

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