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Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

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Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

You have come to the right place. We’ve done some comprehensive research and narrowed down the ten best enterprise backup tools on the market. We evaluated them based on various critical parameters, including;

Hpe Cloud Volumes Backup: Enterprise Cloud Data Protection For The Modern Enterprise

Acronis Cyber ​​​​Protect is a software package for data backup and recovery. It allows businesses to easily archive files and retrieve them later in case of data loss. It’s safe, secure and easy to deploy with cloud or local storage support. Full review

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a reliable business backup system that enables easy backup and recovery of important data. You can backup and restore individual folders, files, application-specific data, or rebuild entire drives and partitions. Full review

Aomei Backupper Workstation is a well-known enterprise backup software that supports cloud and offline storage. Its notable features include a command-line tool, automatic backup, disk cloning, and backup email notifications. Aomei also offers some of the lowest storage costs among the competition! Full review

BackBlaze is one of the most well-known and sophisticated enterprise backup tools. Its Business Backup solution provides comprehensive backup solutions including PC, server and NAS backups. In addition, it is very secure, providing managed encryption or allowing businesses to use personal encryption keys. It is also relatively cheap compared to its competitors. Full review

Veeam Enterprise Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery

IDrive is one of the best data backup software. iDrive 360 ​​Endpoint is its dedicated enterprise backup solution. It allows you to easily back up files to the cloud or offline to external hard drives. You can even email the company hard drives and they’ll back it up in the cloud for you. Full review

Zoolz Cloud Backup is one of the best data backup software, especially for cloud storage. It offers one terabyte (TB) of storage for $200 per year, which is a relatively low price. It also supports an unlimited number of servers and users within an enterprise. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a reliable cloud provider, is the backend of the Zoolz cloud backup tool. Full review

Data Deposit Box is a reliable solution for backing up business data. You can back up, share and remotely access all your data in one place. It offers reliable data protection in the cloud for many businesses, including those with strict compliance requirements. The company is trusted by more than 350,000 users worldwide. Full review

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

ElephantDrive is one of the best enterprise backup software. It offers 1 TB of cloud storage for $20 per month and $20 for an additional 1 TB. It supports up to 25 devices and ten sub-accounts, making it a suitable data backup tool for medium-sized businesses. It is secure and supports easy file sharing. Full review

Accelerate Cloud Backup Business With Client Facing Ebook

Veeam Enterprise is one of the best enterprise data backup solutions and one of the most sophisticated. It has more than 400,000 users, including 82% of the Fortune 500. The platform can handle multiple backups within an enterprise. Supports cloud, virtual and physical Full review

CrashPlan is one of the best backup solutions for corporate data. It provides frequent file backups, is very secure and has advanced encryption capabilities. The tool includes a dedicated support team and on-demand recovery experts for each business user. Full review

A great option from Acronis International GmbH, a Swiss software company! It allows you to upload large volumes of data to the cloud or on-premise storage and restore them at any time.

Acronis supports different types of data storage, both online and offline. You can use private or public enterprise cloud backup options such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. For offline storage, it supports:

Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

The first is to back up individual files from a computer or server. On the other hand, backing up a disk image means backing up the entire hard drive, including the operating system.

The latter allows you to restore the entire system, which is beyond repair. That’s why it’s a desirable feature of any enterprise backup tool.

It monitors file changes and automatically saves those it detects. This feature ensures 100% data protection within the enterprise without the need for human intervention.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

Acronis stores backups in a uniform format that facilitates migration to any platform regardless of source. You can move data between different hypervisors and to/from physical computers or the cloud.

Critical Data Backup Best Practices

Acronis uses data deduplication to minimize storage space and, consequently, costs. It identifies and eliminates duplicate copies of any file during backup.

For example, it keeps records of who accessed any backup. This feature helps businesses maintain compliance and easily conduct internal data access investigations.

Acronis checks each backup for potential malware to ensure you don’t keep infected files. This easily ranks it among the best cloud backup solutions for businesses.

This feature comes into play if you use tapes to store your backups. It allows multiple clients to simultaneously store data on a single tape drive.

Compare Business Cloud Storage

Acronis provides customer support via phone, live chat or email. Its support options are quite good with quick response.

Paragon Backup & Recovery is one of the most reliable data backup options for businesses. Its developer is Paragon Software Group, a leading German software company.

You can store backups on external storage hardware such as hard drives and tapes. However, unlike many competing backup tools, it does not support cloud storage.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

You can store the same data in multiple locations for redundancy. This feature gives businesses peace of mind knowing that multiple copies of their data backups are available at any time.

Best Photo Cloud Storage In 2022

Paragon Backup & Recovery supports backing up Windows servers. Many businesses use the Windows Server operating system on their on-premises servers, which makes this feature useful.

Paragon Backup & Recovery supports file or image level backup. The former capture individual folders on the computer, while the latter – the entire system.

You can encrypt files with private keys or use a Paragon-managed option. This way, only authorized people within the enterprise have access to the backups.

Paragon Backup & Recovery uses data deduplication to minimize storage space requirements. It also uses compression techniques to reduce file sizes and storage costs.

Cloud Backup Solutions, Powered By Veeam

For compliance purposes, you can set up strict data access controls in your business. In addition, you can keep accurate and detailed logs that you can refer to in case of internal investigations.

The tool can automatically create a bootable media. Bootable media is external storage hardware from which a computer can load and run an operating system or utility program. Its primary purpose is to recover a crashed system when the internal storage operating system cannot be loaded.

Paragon Backup & Recovery does not have a standard pricing plan. You must contact the company for a direct quote.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

Paragon provides customer support via email or phone. A detailed backup and restore user guide is also available on the official website.

Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software Solutions Reviews 2022

Aomei Backupper Workstation is one of the best backup software solutions for businesses. Its main advantage over the competition is cheap storage costs.

In addition, the tool offers backups started with the seventh run. For example, it can store data immediately after the user logs off the computer.

Aomei Backupper Workstation has a command line utility that completely controls it using codes. It’s a nice addition to the intuitive graphical user interface.

You can keep files stored in different locations up to date. It ensures that any file change made in one storage space is reflected in all other locations. Aomei Business Data Backup supports file synchronization.

Nas Backup: Key Considerations For Enterprise Deployments

If you are interested in offline backup solutions, look no further. Aomei Backupper Workstation supports hot and cold backups.

The first type is performed when the system is offline or in shutdown mode. On the other hand, the latter happens when the system is still running even though the backed up data is being used.

Aomei Backup Tool compresses backup files to the smallest possible file size to reduce storage space and cost.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Pricing

You can track backups via email notifications. For example, you can receive notifications whenever a backup completes or if an error occurs during a backup.

Cloudally Office 365 Backup Pricing: Cost And Pricing Plans

Aomei Backupper Workstation costs $60 for a license for one computer. While it’s not exactly a cheap backup solution, you get discounts if you buy more than one license. It also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on every purchase.

Aomei provides customer support via email only. If we were to compare enterprise backup solutions here, Aomei would lose a lot of points for this.

BackBlaze allows you to set schedules to run automatic backups. They are an essential part of any business backup strategy.

You can connect and back up an unlimited number of computers. There is no limit to the size of files you can upload or download.

Affordable Offsite Backup Services For Small Businesses

BackBlaze can mail you a physical encrypted hard drive with all of your business data at no additional cost if you send the hard drive back within 30 days.


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