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Foreign Language Learning Apps

Foreign Language Learning Apps – Get study tips, resources, weekly challenges, helpful articles and inspiring success stories. Many students use our journal as an essential part of their study routine.

We are all eternal learners and we always keep our eyes open for new apps, platforms and methods of learning foreign languages.

Foreign Language Learning Apps

We thought we’d make your search easier by compiling a list of our top ten mobile language learning apps. You may be familiar with some of them, but you may discover some new gems!

Language Learning App Reads Comics To Users

Memrise is your go-to place for fun vocabulary practice. There is almost no shortage of courses in every language that you can think of or imagine, as there are also many dedicated to constructed languages ​​- created by a collective chorus of users. You can find organized courses on popular texts or word frequency lists. Even less expected are vocabulary collections such as “Japanese swear words” or words from the Japanese translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The fun of Memrise consists of two things: memes and games. The app is a well-known method that relies on creating funny or surprising associations with learned words. The course is often linked to memes designed to help people remember the words playfully. Memes are created by the community and everyone can add their own! Both merit, reviewing and creating memes is a source of points that help to advance in the Memrise Hierarchy of users (from Membryo to Overlord).

You can follow your classmates and compete with them for points and see how well you are doing in a certain race. It is very motivating to get ahead of others!

The power of Memrise also consists in two things: repetition and learning. Space repetition algorithm when and how often you should review each word. And the app will send you a reminder when it’s time to review. Addition of memory helps in memorizing vocabulary. If you’re new, it might take some time to adjust, but then quickly start creating your own connections.

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This language app is intended for specific learners who want a complete language program under the guidance of a teacher. Yes, they have a good app, but it’s the extra help from professional teachers that makes the difference.

The instructors are available to answer any questions we may have. They can help with grammar, suggest extra resources, and even assign and correct homework for those interested.

“Maybe the best part about it is having access to real people who want to help and are invested in your learning.” Kimberly, Seattle, USA

The app itself is great for a beginner or intermediate, with clear grammar explanations, tools for learning vocabulary & writing. There are also a lot of cool cultural insights that you don’t get with most language programs. And of course there are professionals who know the material.

Language Learning App

You can explore the program for free, and if you decide to sign up, here is a discount that will give you 15% off. SUPER LEARNER

Your subscription is included in the Secrets of Language Learning book (which they now offer for free on their website). Your personal study plan is called, A Road Map to Fluency. To receive a road map, you first fill out a questionnaire, telling your teachers about your goals, study habits, daily schedule, etc.

So take this information and save your board. He guides you every step of the way. Showing you the most effective study routines, showing you how much access resources you use, how much material to cover, and what scenes in your language you’ve learned to use each of your strengths. You just follow the card!

The courses are broken down into 10 to 15 minute sections to keep things interesting and to give you enough time to study a little every day. They also use an algorithm that tracks your progress throughout the course, so your review topics are tailored specifically to your needs.

How To Learn A Foreign Language With The Duolingo App

It’s also unique, they give you access to all their languages ​​with your subscription. They currently offer language courses in Spanish, French, Japanese and Russian. If your language of choice is not on this list, there is still an e-book entitled Language Learning Secrets that was recently released. This is what every language learner should have.

If you’re serious about learning a new language, it offers a perfect program that’s worth checking out. But if you’re even slightly interested in languages, be sure to get a free copy of the Language Learning Secrets book.

No list of top languages ​​would be complete without the Rosetta Stone. Unfortunately, the only reason we’re including it is because it’s the most popular language learning planet on the planet.

Their whole philosophy of learning a language is to learn it like a baby. But there is a major flaw with this discipline. There are much more effective and faster ways to learn an adult language.

Pdf) Use Of Smartphone Applications In English Language Learning—a Challenge For Foreign Language Education

Rosetta Stone does a great job of teaching you individual words, but without context. And without context, you don’t know how to use these words in real life. The truth is, with the Rosetta Stone you have to study for a month or two before you can introduce yourself, or ask a simple question in your target language.

Many people are drawn to Rosetta Stone because of its “State of the Art” Speech Recognition software. But no matter how hard anyone tries, this program simply doesn’t work.

And one last question is the cookie template used for all languages. They basically created one language, translated the content into all the other languages. You can’t take a Spanish language course, translate it into Chinese and expect it to be a quality language program.

The truth is, Rosetta Stone is so famous because it was the first language program on the market. But these days, there are much more effective programs out there.

Want To Learn A New Language? Try One Of These Apps

When trying to describe another learning app you often hear the question “is it like Duolingo?” There is no list of the best apps that does not mention it. Louis von Ahn has successfully blended gamification and learning, giving people languages ​​and an app with over 100 million users. The app has become a staple of mobile language learning.

Many Duolingo courses are created by native speakers themselves, which may come from less expected courses such as Guarani or Klingon. Another feature that makes Duolingo special to me is that it is not only aimed at native English speakers. For each language there are special courses that focus on different first languages, which currently produce 81 courses.

The main problem with Duolingo is (like Rosetta Stone), many students use the app and expect to learn to speak the language. Unfortunately, the language program is not complete, but it will help improve your vocabulary and introduce you to a new language in a fun way.

The appeal was aimed at facilitating the use of speech and eliminating the potential stress of real-time conversation. Learners can find native speakers and communicate with them using chat tools such as voice and text messages.

Drops Launches New App Droplets …

The best feeling is when you find a native speaker of your target language who also wants to learn their native language—it’s like hitting the language jackpot!

Users can edit each other’s messages with a built-in correction tool that converts language into small secure sessions. The app also has an integrated transfer system. This helps in those moments when you really want to share something, but just lack one word that makes sense of your own opinion.

You can mark your conversations or messages, so you don’t miss your favorite words. And the text-to-speech option makes sure you always know how to pronounce the messages you receive. To help you with the movement of the conversation, you can also schedule conversations with language parameters for different times, number of messages or notes exchanged.

Extra energy? With HelloTalk you can also exchange doodles. So if you really run out of vocabularies, you can bring out your inner artist.

The Best Language Learning Apps For 2023

Each of the seven language guides comes with eight or nine mini games designed to help you learn vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. Simple lessons are short, outlined ideas that are then practiced or tested in games before they achieve a state of mastery.

Mindsnacks monitors your progress so you can clearly see how much more you need to learn to become proficient in every skill. It’s a fun app though, so even if you’re done teaching art, it’s still fun to come back and make more games to practice it!

It’s a very attractive design (I just said war, but that might deter some of you from trying it) that helps with learning. In no time, the games keep you busy and often on the edge of your seat. And on top of that

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