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Free Vr Apps Iphone

Free Vr Apps Iphone – Editors select and review products separately. If you purchase through affiliate links, we receive commissions, which help support our efforts.

You have an iPhone and you have a virtual reality headset. You can use most VR apps with any Apple phone, but some VR apps and games run better and faster with newer iPhones than they did with older models.

Free Vr Apps Iphone

But you can use most VR apps on any model from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone X and beyond, including the iPhone SE. And your iPhone can work with different types of VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard(Opens in a new window), Merge VR(Opens in a new window), Noon VR Pro(Opens in a new window), and some of the Homido (Opens in a new window) headers.

How To Use The Focus Tool On Your Apple Devices—and Get More Done

When it comes to VR apps, Apple offers a boatload of them in its App Store, but not many have that “wow” factor you want from a VR experience. That’s where we can help. Check out these 10 best VR apps for your iPhone.

VR Space Stalker(Opens a new window) by FIBRUM packs in cool battles, amazing graphics, and a continuous story that takes you from one adventure to another. Your goal, of course, is to blow up the enemy ships before they reach you and before your defenses give way. When you complete the missions, you choose between three different weapons based on the strength and number of your enemies.

You must navigate through asteroid fields, explore ancient artifacts, and solve puzzles to continue. The game itself is so simple that you have to turn your head to shoot your weapons, point your ship, and make the right decisions.

You know those science-fiction stories where someone shrinks down to microscopic size and is placed inside the body of a full human? Well, now you can live that same fantasy yourself, even in a virtual world.

Fun And Free Iphone Apps To Use With A Vr Headset

With the free InMind VR (Opens in a new window) by Nival, you play the role of a person who must help a patient suffering from depression. The catch? You deal with your illness from within. You’ve been shrunk and transported into a human brain, where your job is to attack red neurons in an attempt to cure your disease. The gameplay is simple, but the graphics light up the experience.

When you’re done, move on to InMind VR 2(Opens in a new window) , which serves a tutorial on brain chemistry and starts you off with one record for free and another 300 if you kick $2.99.

See an entire planetarium on your iPhone through Star Chart VR(Opens in a new window). For $2.99, this app takes you on a tour of the solar system, where you travel through the stars, stars, and stars.

As you fly through the sky, focus on a specific planet, moon, or something else. Look at Mars. Look at Saturn’s moons and rings. Click the action button in your header to see item details. The Star Chart VR is a smooth ride and a great way to explore and learn about the solar system.

Vr2go 3d Virtual Reality Headset

Are you nervous about public speaking? If so, VirtualSpeech(Opens in a new window) offers a variety of features to help you practice public speaking. Attend a business meeting, conduct a presentation, teach a class, or attend an interview.

In any case, you are among the real people who are registered for the app that you need to share your message with. You can add your own photos to a presentation for more authenticity. VirtualSpeech also offers wisdom from experts about public speaking. As you view each feature, the app provides feedback on your performance and tracks your progress.

Want to see other countries but can’t afford a plane ticket? The free VR Mojo Orbulus (Opens a new window) takes you on a journey of sights and sounds from around the world. The app starts by showing floating circles of images, each a gateway to a different location. Look at a circle that interests you, and you will be transported to that place and time.

Visit Rockefeller Center in New York City. Experience a Ghost Train ride in Poland. Check out the pyramids in Egypt. Enjoy Paris by night. And you don’t stick to fancy hot spots. You can see what it’s like to put a sock in the middle of a washing machine, look inside a World War II gun, and stand on the surface of Mars.

The 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android

Want to play a private game? Now you can, in a virtual world. In the free app VR Noir(Opens in a new window) by Start VR, you take on the role of Veronica Coltrane, a divorced mother struggling with her ex-husband and forced to set up shop in It’s like a personal scare after being kicked out of a store. police department. When taking on a new customer, you need to decide what to do and how far you will go to resolve the issue.

A few things make VR Noir a compelling experience. The story is interwoven, so you have to make some decisions along the way to push the plot forward. The program is more than a 360-degree environment. It’s a full-length movie, made using real people and real settings, and shot like a motion picture. The characters are also fascinating, so you’ll want to keep playing to see what happens to them and to you.

You’ll find plenty of authentic iPhone apps; some good, some bad. The free VR RollerCoasters (Opens in a new window) from VR Games is one of the most powerful I’ve tried. The app offers three different roller coaster routes. Choose your song and then hit play.

The roller coaster takes you through the usual ups, downs, twists, and turns but also throws in crazy loop-the-loops where you can really see what it’s like to be back down. Be careful! If you are hungry for real cars, you might want to consider this virtual car.

Best Vr Headsets (2022): Virtual Reality Accessories, Apps, And Games

Sometimes you want to explore different places, people, and scenes through the lens of VR. Inside (Opens in new window) is an immersive gateway to doing just that. This app offers you a variety of stories from animated episodes to fictional shows to real-life documentaries. And the VR approach puts you right in the thick of the action.

You can feel what it’s like to be next to Lego Batman in the Batmobile while driving around Gotham City. Join the audience to listen to a Mozart concerto. You can sit at the table in a fictional setting like drug dealers playing Russian Roulette.

Dive underwater and swim among dozens of sharks. And you can fly into space in 1965 through the Russian rocket and go on a train to look at this beautiful planet we call Earth. The stories are different so you will always find a new adventure to enjoy.

YouTube is home to the best VR videos, and you can use the regular app to watch them. Download YouTube (Opens in a new window) from the App Store, if you don’t already have it. You have two options. Burn a video and then click on it. On the player screen, click on the three-dot icon on the right side and select the option View in VR.

Cool Virtual Reality Apps For Your Iphone

Some videos lend themselves to a VR approach, many others do not. To improve your odds, run a search from the YouTube homepage and search for “VR” or “virtual reality.” You can try YouTube’s own Virtual Reality channel (Opens a new window). Choose a cool video. Click on its screen and then click on the Google Cardboard icon on the right side to jump into VR mode. Pop on your headset and enjoy the experience.

. Now you have a chance to kill zombies in your own world. Zombie Shooter VR(Opens in a new window) by FIBRUM starts you off in a small, tiny room. Get a weapon, go through the door, and you’re going to meet the zombies. Go down a long subway train, go to an abandoned bus… and beyond.

The game will move you and shoot each new zombie that rises from the dead. You also face other challenges that you have to overcome to keep going. Don’t let the zombies get too close, or you’ll die.

The free version locks you into a two-minute trial mode. To continue encountering and shooting zombies, you need to shell out $1.99 for the full version. Once you get a taste of living virtual death, you’ll be hungry for more. FIBRUM also offers an interactive VR game called VR Zombie Warfare (Opens a new window).

The Best Vr Apps Of 2022 (android & Iphone)

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