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Gifts For Teenager

Gifts For Teenager – This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase through the links I provide (at no additional cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn through qualifying applications.

If you are looking for good ideas among ideas and gifts for teenagers for Christmas, I think you will find something good for a girl or a young girl on your list.

Gifts For Teenager

I’ve tried to think of different interests and cultures, so hopefully you’ll get a gift idea or two that you’ve never thought of before!

Holiday Gift Guide For Teens {girls & Boys}

I wouldn’t trust a tween or teenager with a candle but this smart scent kit allows them to choose the scent of their space without a fire.

Multiple options – this can be worn as a belt bag (aka fanny pack) or crossbody. Some are cheap as far as Lululemon goes.

LOVE for me and my girls. They are worth the $$ – no pull, stay put, and tons of options for fine, long, thick or medium hair.

I actually ordered it for myself – no glass beads, machine washable, and should be ‘good’ as heavy blankets go! A pricey but practical gift.

Epic Teen Guy Gift Ideas

LOVE this for any kid to show all the fun family & friends moments in their life or their art – it’s great value & great reviews.

This is a ‘silent phone’ – no internet, no apps. I really like what the brand stands for and will definitely be using it when it comes to Quinn’s first phone!

If your t(w)een likes to sleep or work 24/7, these are the BEST shorts. They have a super-smooth construction and are made from recycled plastic bottles.

It’s so good and it’s going on my list! The top can be wet or grassy – at the same time. Lots of fun colors, too.

Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

This ear subscription is great – every month a new hypoallergenic ear ring (gold or silver) + a brainstorming card to spark conversations + a surprise gift! They also have a great at home ear piercing service for some. It’s SO hard to choose gifts for teens! Whether your teen is VSCO, sporty, preppy, emo, or into art, drama, music, school – or a mix of the above, we’ve got the teen gift for you! Whether you’re looking for a “big” gift, or a small complement, we’ve got all the points covered.

If some of these things seem like a throwback to middle or high school, it’s not a coincidence—it’s a thing. All the way back, and we’re back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

ALL cards. A gift card can be just what they are looking for. They like to be independent so they can decide how to spend their “free” money.

Tech gifts tend to be expensive options, but chances are your teen or preteen has one to four of these on his or her list. Maybe they’ll be happy to receive one of those great gifts or a gift card for one of those, instead of a gift card.

Gift Ideas For Teens & Tweens

Airpods Some love Apple Airpods, some hate them, but they are a popular accessory among teenagers. You can also buy Airpod skins to wear airpods case.

Best over-the-ear bluetooth headphones. Check out this PC Magazine article to pick the best of the various grades.

Apple Pencil Great for note taking or for teens who are into art/digital art/design. The Apple Pencil 1 and 2 are available on Amazon – both have great reviews.

HP Market 2-in-1 Instant Camera & Pocket Photo Printer Bundle Pack. Camera and printer in one. Upload to camera or phone/social media. Movie link (great price compared to others!).

Teenage / Tween Girl Christmas List: Gift Ideas For Teen & Tween Girls

Video games and accessories. If your child is a gamer, they may be looking for other gaming options, their favorite gaming system, or gift cards for online gaming.

Phone Cases. Teens are always looking to change their phone style, so a new phone or two is a great way to give them options

Pop market. With so many options available, Pop Sockets are easy to store items or small gifts for teens.

Board Games They can find everything electronic and online these days, but teenagers still love to play board games! That’s good! They will connect face to face with others! Buy all board games!

Best Gifts For Teens 2023: Jewellery, Skateboards, Doc Martens And More

Record Player and vinyl albums have never gone out of style, and they’re back in style with teenagers now! Bluetooth enabled audio playback offers the best of both worlds – listen to vinyl, or music from your phone!

The lamp. YouTubers and selfie enthusiasts (meaning most teenagers) LOVE having a ring light to put on the perfect look inside.

Hydroflask Crazy to buy an expensive water bottle? Maybe… but your teen will love you for this gift of style, and obviously, a cute water bottle. 32 ounce wide mouth Hydroflasks are the type of choice for those ages.

Reusable straws Young people are more environmentally conscious, so they will prefer to have reusable silicone straws or non-toxic straws.

Gift Guides For Kids And Teens

Charging station Many things need to be charged now! This docking station is convenient and cable free

Toolbox It may not be what they “want”, but every grown-up needs a toolbox (and needs to know how to use it!). My dad bought me a tool box when I moved away from home and it basically has all the tools I’ve needed in 20 years.

Although we now have a large collection of furniture in our home, this set is kept under the hood and is the most used. The best part is that since the material is all pink, my husband can’t plant it and claim it as his! It comes in blue or red, and red or orange. Ladies, get one down your hole!

Scrunchies Since these are used for more than ponytails these days (bracelets, water bottle deco, “I love you” signs), girls can never get enough. Get as big a pack of scrunchies as you can, because supplies will run out fast!

The Best Gifts For Teen Boys

Vans These aren’t just skater shoes—everyone’s wearing Vans these days—especially the checked ones.

Pura Vida Jewelry This philanthropic company gives back in a variety of ways, including supporting artisans around the world, and donating to important causes. Pura Vida Jewelry has a monthly bracelet club and jewelry club for gifts that keep on giving!

Jansport Backpack You may remember it from your school days, but Jansport is still a legitimate choice for replacing popular backpacks.

Fjallraven Kanken backpack This is a little pricey, but for the idea. Since many teenagers don’t use their phones anymore and carry their bags all day, it’s an extension of their wardrobe. Kanken Classic bags look great.

Best Holiday Gifts For Teens

Shop local: Respect is a great place to shop for affordable shirts, and their designs are endless. Order online or stop by one of our stores. There are so many options, and their t-shirts are so, so simple. From sports, pop culture, college, and urban topics (and more), you’ll find something for everyone.

New customers can use this referral link to get $20 off a $40 purchase (I also get credit), or shop in-store in Easton.

Either way it will always make a great gift. Art, music, sports, video games, cosplay, books – go with what they know, and what you know they like.

Obviously the experience is mostly “out” in 2020/early 2021, but we’re going to list it because there’s still a chance to offer some of it.

Holiday Gift Guide For Teen Boys

Movie Tickets: Pick up a nearby theater to enjoy a movie or two. Don’t miss great local shows like Studio 35, Drexel, and Grandview Theater. Theater rental has become a popular option for small groups of family/friends – and it’s really affordable!

Concert Tickets: Music lovers will be delighted with tickets to see a great concert. While the concerts may not be in person next year, there are concert tickets and show rides that you can donate.

Sports Tickets: There are many sports tickets around town, including the Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Clippers (very cheap), Columbus Crew, Ohio Roller Derby, and all Ohio State sports. Participation in sports games is going to be determined in the next quarter of the year, so we will stick to some equipment of sports games of the teams and promise when it will be good to participate in them.

ZipZone Tour: This is a free, guided zip line tour through the trees at Camp Mary Orton north of Columbus. There are a variety of activities to choose from, including ziplines and climbing, and they also offer kid-friendly tours for ages 4-7. They will be offering special holiday gift cards for a limited time.

Best Gifts For Teen Boys They’ll Actually Like And Want To Use

Escape Rooms in Columbus: Room Escape Room, Columbus In Danger, Columbus Escape Room, Lockology Columbus Escape Room, and more – if you have any suggestions, I’d love to add them to

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