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Great Gifts For Autistic Teenager

Great Gifts For Autistic Teenager – Teens and adults with autism and disabilities can be very difficult to shop for! This post comes from my friends and members of our Facebook Group and what I can pull from Twitter.

If you’re shopping for a gift for an autistic adult or a gift for an autistic teen, here are some tried and true ideas. Remember that many of these things will appeal to all children, not just autistic teens or adults. Many of the families who sent in ideas have adults with Down Syndrome, intellectual or developmental disabilities, etc.

Great Gifts For Autistic Teenager

“There’s nothing unworthy of a romantic age.” If a teenager or adult likes characters or toys that appeal to younger children, so what? If they like it, they like it. You can reveal and show, but you can’t force a person of any age to like things they don’t like. If people have a problem with me and my middle-aged son liking Sesame Street, that’s their problem. Not mine.

Let’s Talk About Gift Disappointment For Autistic People

Last year, Yogibo was our splurge gift for Kevin. I’m trying to buy one big, expensive and really nice gift, instead of a ton of cheap treats.

This year, we’re just falling in love with Yogibo. Honestly, someone uses Yogibo medicine in our house, every day. We all just love to indulge in comfort. They are wonderful. Both boys have study areas in their rooms that include Yogibo. Our Yogibo store also has Sensory Sundays for families to come and visit and enjoy Yogibo before shopping. So check your store, you can try before you buy.

Yogibo Max Giant Bean Bag – Fits Adults & Kids – 6 Feet…

Yogibo Traybo 2.0 Lap Desk, Bamboo Top Lap Desk With Pillow for Laptop Built in Slot for Tablet or…

Gifts Autistic Kids (and Their Parents) Will Hate

Another gift idea I have that I use a lot would be a light table. They don’t have to be babies or toddlers. It all depends on how you use it. Now you can find great looking Lego bricks, Magformers and other mature materials.

TickiT Ultra Bright LED Light Panel – Sensory Home Learning Tools – Adjustable Light – Color and Shape Viewing on a Light Box

1. Ask them. In many cases, people are more alike than different. We may communicate differently and learn differently, but deep inside we all have likes, dislikes, and desires. So whatever is hot and trendy with all the youth, whether it’s a book, a movie, a video game, music; chances are a teenager with autism will enjoy it. Just ask them. Like most things, you can change. So if a girl wants to read the Twilight series but has trouble reading, get the book on CD or audio. Get a clothing gift card at your favorite store or shop.

2. Amazon Echo Dot- Adding a new feature this year. I have heard from many parents how this is a great gift for young people. And every holiday season, they offer one model for under $30! There are many uses for this, especially in a disabled family. We use ours all the time.

Sensory Toys For Kids, Toddlers, Autism, And Spd

3. Sensory Fun: How about a lava lamp, flying lamp and those kinds of things. Now you can find them as Bluetooth speakers, to connect with other things.

Manadesa Saiph Blue Lava Lamp – Cool Room Decor for teenage girls, cool lamps for adults, …

Lava Schylling 2313 The Original Black Base Lamp with Neon Blue Wax in Clear Liquid, 3.9″ x 3.9″ x…

4. Clock that is a Phone Charger- I love this clock! We have one. And for many reasons, it is a great gift for young people with autism or disabilities. First, it’s a clock (duh!) and you can set multiple alarms on it. I love this for a child who struggles with functional skills like time management in the morning. You can set one alarm for waking up, and another for “you should be out of the shower and getting dressed” time. Next, it is also a payment port. For a child who likes to take his device to bed with him at night, he no longer has the problem of where to keep it while he sleeps.

Things Never To Say To Parents Of A Child With Autism (and 11 You Should)

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging, 3 LED Alarm Display, Volume Control and Dual Snooze for Bedroom, Bed, Office (Black)

5. Age Appropriate Games: Puzzles are very popular with all ages. And, hey, some kids can still make wood carvings and that’s cool too. But there are things for all ages and abilities.

4 Pack Wooden Puzzle Games Brain Teasers Toy- 3D Pictures for Teens and Adults – Wooden Puzzles…

17 Pack Brain Teasers Puzzles for Kids & Adults, Brain Teasers Metal and Wooden IQ Puzzle Toys Mind…

Why Some Kids With Autism Don’t Enjoy Receiving Or Opening Gifts

7. Squeeze Reliever–We got to try one of these and we both love it! Do you have a child who tends to feel pressured and stressed? You put your hand in it and massage it to give your autistic child what he likes. If you have an older family member with autism who just loves to get their hands on it, this is a great gift idea.

Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager – FSA HSA Massager suitable for wireless carpal massagers with 3 Auto Massage Nodes – Compression therapy helps relieve arthritis pain – 15 minutes off timer

8. Pokemon: New this year, Pokemon! A few moms saw this list and couldn’t believe I didn’t have Pokemon on it. I am told that Goo Jit Zu is a hot item for some kids.

9. Krazy Straws-Personalized items are really hot right now. What about Krazy Straw? It’s fun and cheap. And, if you have an eating disorder, it can make drinking easier. All kids will love this, but I love how it’s for kids with autism and the fun factor.

What Are Good Toys For Autistic Toddlers

10. Pinch Me Dough-Pinch Me Dough is a product that makes dough or dough and has many uses. From strengthening the hands to fine motor skills to reducing stress, having a specific problem or focusing on the mind… it makes things better. This is a great gift idea for teens with autism. The aromatherapy aspect of the medicinal cross makes it versatile, which I love!

11. iTunes Gift Card-One of my mom friends wrote, “Give me some gift ideas that aren’t iTunes gift cards!” So for that, yes, I hear you. Usually an iTunes gift card is the easiest way out. However, I heard from moms with autism that they use them all the time and that their children love finding new apps and music. So it’s still a good gift idea for a teenager with autism. Or anyone, really. Just make sure they have Apple products and not Android.

12. Driving Education – If the child is in special education, the chances are different. If learning to drive is an option, then let’s do it. Call around and find a driving school so they can get more tips and practice. Young people with autism need to do more and should be given opportunities if driving is real.

13. Noise-cancelling headphones–If a child has hearing loss or other hearing issues related to autism (or if they don’t!) they may have trouble recognizing the different sounds they hear in their natural environment. Or, as one mother put it, her son just loves his music and loves the privacy and solitude of headphones. So save good money.

Best Toys For 12 Year Old With Autism


15. Perplexus – Perplexus is a game that has come a long way and inspired many parents. One look and you can probably tell if your child will like it or not. As you can see the box says 6 Years and up, but I don’t pay much attention to that. If they like it and can use it, get it.

16. Perplexus (again!)-What I love about Perplexus is that there are several versions of it, basic and advanced.

Perplexus, Revolution Runner Motorized Motion 3D Gravity Maze Game Brain Teaser Fidget Toy Puzzle Ball, for Kids 9 years old and up.

Video Game Gifts For Teenagers With Autism

17. Sensory Liquid Motion-I don’t want to go beyond sensory and stimulating things. But I saw a lot of chatter on Twitter, from autistic adults, who said they liked these things. And, you find them quiet when they are stressed.

18. Netflix- Subscribing to Netflix is ​​a good idea for the teenager/middle age. They have many programs to offer to that age group.

19. Gift Cards- A great idea that allows them to do independent shopping. Maybe a Visa card, or some place. But a gift card begins to teach budgeting, spending and social independence. Many parents said that their teenage children like to be given gift cards, and more importantly, they like to be invited because they are often left out.

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