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Host Monster Web Mail

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Host Monster Web Mail

This web host has been around since the mid 90’s. Did time make sages or fossils? Read this HostMonster review to learn if its track record is as impressive as its longevity.

Hostmonster Vs Godaddy

HostMonster is a shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting provider with a home base in Utah. This Newfold Digital, Inc. (formerly The Endurance International Group, Inc.) is one of the web hosts under its control.

HostMonster doesn’t have the feature set of other blue-chip vendors. But it has teamed up with the likes of Cloudflare, CodeGuard, and SiteLock to boost its platform’s hosting capabilities. Basically, it has stellar spam filtering capabilities.

HostMonster has been providing web hosting since 1996. Of course, its longevity is commendable. But judging by the verified HostMonster reviews, its user base is divided on whether it’s worth the money.

HostMonster has custom-built networks, application-specific integrated circuits, and server chipsets. It optimized Apache running on Linux web servers and over multiple 10-GB Ethernet connections.

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To prevent data loss, it uses an uninterruptible UPS power supply backed up with diesel generators. Additionally, this place has an automated site backup system.

To cache site content around the world, HostMonster has partnered with Cloudflare. By using the latter’s CDN service, the former can improve the online experience of site visitors outside the US.

This hosting provider’s CDN covers all seven continents, but only the European side of the network is free. Unlocking the rest requires a fee, but you can buy it directly from HostMonster.

With this hosting platform, you can build sites using the leading Content Management System (CMS). This is good news if you are a fan of WordPress, Tikiwiki, Joomla!, or Drupal.

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If you plan to offer training courses and other educational resources, you will also find this web host useful. It supports Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management system.

The service can power online stores. It is compatible with various shopping carts including CubeCart, OsCommerce, AgoraCart, and Zen Cart. It also supports password-protected directories, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection, and more.

With the right package, you can create an unlimited number of email accounts and enjoy storage with no cap.

To add interactivity to your sites, use this vendor’s free form-mail, project management, social media, and support ticket scripts.

Hostmonster Web Hosting Review

Only the basic version of the tool is accessible for free. If you want to beautify your ecommerce sites with it, you have to pay extra to unlock advanced capabilities.

You can use HostMonster for a quick domain check to see all the available options for your site name. The company gives you access not only to origin and country-code top-level domain names but also to new generics.

HostMonster charges more for domain renewal than for registration. However, it throws in a free domain registration for a year, so you still stand to save some money.

This web host has an improved version of cPanel to manage all hosting-related matters. Its interface is beginner-friendly. But experienced users have the option to use the traditional layout of the control panel.

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This hosting provider goes out of its way to display site-related statistics. These statistics can help analyze the performance of your pages, revealing their strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, HostMonster can only recommend what you should do for better search engine optimization (SEO). You should make the necessary adjustments to make your pages appear above the fold.

HostMonster is not a great alternative to tried-and-true SEO tools by any stretch of the imagination. But if you are pinching money you can get it.

Now let’s take a look at the measures this web host takes to keep user accounts and sites safe under its custody.

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As mentioned, the company uses SSL certificates to improve the reputation of the sites it hosts. They facilitate secure communication between end-user devices and web servers by encrypting and decrypting data.

Each SSL certificate is married to a specific domain. So, when you change your name you need a new one.

Using HostMonster cPanel, you can easily manage your SSL certificates. That’s where you have to go buy some and choose the domains to install them on.

A free certificate gets the job done. But the paid ones include many useful features such as an attention-grabbing seal that underlines the security of your site.

Hostmonster Coupon Code

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method that requires an additional key to unlock an account upon login. This cybersecurity booster doesn’t translate into complete invulnerability, but it can frustrate hackers.

To set up first, download the third-party authenticator app and then add your hosting account using the secret key. Google Authenticator is a common option. Once verified, the app will continuously generate TOTP, which you need to login.

To set up the latter, go to Settings and enter the email address where you want to receive your verification codes.

The first option is device-based, so it can work offline. The second requires an internet connection, but you can get the code through any device.

Hostmonster Review (2022): Worth Signing Up With Them?

SpamAssassin scans incoming messages across all your email accounts, looking for words, phrases, and patterns that suggest phishing. Needless to say, this is one of the first things you should activate when logging into your account.

For more powerful spam filtering, strongly consider this premium service. It features advanced spam pattern detection and self-learning filtering mechanisms designed to outsmart fraudsters who never stop reinventing themselves.

HostMonster claims that its email filtering system is wrong only 0.02% of the time. If true, this is extremely accurate.

If SpamExperts catches something “phish-y”, it will quarantine the suspicious message. You can safely check this email later with the Spam Panel, which is powerful in its own right.

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SpamPanel logs email connections and keeps them for 14 days. It can queue incoming mail when the server is down and generate reports. It also allows you to blacklist or whitelist specific senders and recipients.

SpamExperts can come up with a plan of your choice at no extra cost. But you can spend some money if you have more HostMonster domain names than it can cover.

Similar to the partnership between HostMonster and Cloudflare, this vendor sells its third-party malware scanners and removers directly.

To protect you from costly data loss, this web host can back up your sites daily with CodeGuard. Backups are transferable as zip files and downloadable for offline access.

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It also makes data recovery a breeze. You can replace your current files with stored versions with one click.

The company maintains short, medium and long term records. This way, you can quickly find the right one instead of dealing with confusing duplicates.

Using HostMonster backup and restore functions, you can recover data by file, group of files, or folder. It’s neat if you don’t want to replace your entire site.

And you can do the same with a MySQL database. If you want, you can restore individual tables instead of the entire database.

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I second reports from several other sources: This vendor’s uptime is approximately 99.97% – 99.98%. Regardless, the hosting provider’s network availability is above average.

However, I also echo the observations of other HostMonster reviews: the company seems to have no uptime guarantee.

The best this web host can promise is to resolve any issue resulting in downtime within 15 minutes. In extreme cases, it admits that it could take a day for its team to restore everything. However, it does not provide any compensation for such inconvenience.

The vendor’s help desk confirmed that its shared servers have a response time of 4-5 seconds. With proper optimization, they can bring it down to 3 seconds.

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No one suffers from performance issues and to help discourage abusive behavior, Hostmonster Inc. Implements CPU protection. The Company will penalize any user who is allegedly hogging shared server resources.

On paper, this CPU protection system will enforce parity. But in fact, the company has misidentified abusers and throttled the wrong users’ use in the past.

Due to the nature of other hosting solutions, CPU protection does not apply to users paying for dedicated resources.

Furthermore, HostMonster sells shared hosting in four packages, all of which have unmetered bandwidth. This means you don’t have to worry about your usage and its impact on your bill.

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Naturally, its starter plan has some limitations. But if you upgrade to another one you can get rid of the obstacles. This web host’s top-tier package comes with more and better security features.

If you don’t need the processing power of one

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