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Hostgator Email Server

Hostgator Email Server – It becomes quite complicated when you have your own personal Gmail account to deal with and you need to switch now and then through your hosted webmail account(s) to send other people by mail. What if I tell you that there is a solution to this problem, and you can actually connect your Gmail account to your self-hosted email at HostGator. Now you can send/receive email(s) in one place. Gmail with one click,

Step 1: First log into your Gmail account, click on the settings gear icon present at the top right corner and select the settings option. (Shown in the image given above)

Hostgator Email Server

Step 2: Then click on Account and Import settings and go to Add a POP3 mail account you own below.

Integrate Gmail With Hostgator Webmail Account

(using POP3). In case you are wondering what is POP? POP3 is a protocol known as Post Office Protocol version 3 that is used to receive emails from remote servers to a (local) client and allows downloading emails to our computer for offline reading.

Step 3: After that, you will be greeted with a new pop-up window, where you will fill in the details one by one (hosted email account details).

Password: Fill in the box with the same password you use to sign in to your webmail for this particular email account.

• If you want a copy of the email you receive on your webmail (server) as well then you can check Leave a copy of messages retrieved on the server.

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• If you need an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection while receiving the mail, you can opt for this as well.

• You can create category labels between your gmail emails and emails from your webmail (hosted email account) by checking the Label incoming messages option and creating a new label of your choice.

Step 6: Now HostGator self hosted email account you have successfully added to your gmail account. Now on the next screen check Yes, I want to be able to send mail as your name@yourdomain and hit Next Step. (You can change these steps later in the account and import settings)

Step 2: As soon as you hit Add Account, a confirmation email will be sent to your webmail account (hosted email). Just log in to your webmail account (

It’s 2018 And Hostgator Still Stores Passwords In Plaintext.

) and log in to get the confirmation code. (you can either click on the link or copy the confirmation code to verify)

Now you can sign in one place and get the features in two places together. From now on you can send and receive emails from your self-hosted accounts and through Gmail accounts as well. If you want to connect more accounts you can follow the same steps from Step 1 again using the details of your new account.

Additionally, you can also set your default email address to reply to by checking Always reply to default address from Account and Import under Send mail as:

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Hostgator Email Backup To Backup Hostgator Emails Locally/cloud

Key Features of HostGator Backup Backup Tools HostGator Email Backup Offers Important Features of HostGator Email Backup to Local PC or Cloud Application

HostGator email backup tool is an advanced utility that provides instant solutions to move HostGator server emails to various cloud and webmail applications. So now you can easily migrate your email from HostGator Server to Office 365, Exchange Server, Amazon Workmail, G Suite, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook.com, YahooMail etc.

Easy to collect one of the best and safe HostGator Backup Tool for Mac and Windows utility that supports all users to easily create backup of HostGator Email in various technical file formats. It is the simplest and easiest solution that allows users to save Email database from HostGator servers to PST, PDF, OLM, MBOX, HTML, MHTML, EML, EMLX, MSG etc. without any data loss problem.

The Hostgator Email Backup Software is capable of saving backups of both default and custom mail files in the associated HostGator email client. Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your custom files as the software will also save them along with all default mail files like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts etc.

Webmail Settings And Options

HostGator’s backup tool provides many file naming conventions during the process. It facilitates an instant solution to all its users who want to backup and save their emails according to different file naming combinations like Subject, Subject + Date (DD/MM/YYYY), From + Subject + Date, Date (YYYY/MM/DD) ). ) + Subject, etc.

Another benefit offered by the HostGator Email Backup software is its ability to save HostGator Emails according to different mail filters (To, From, Subject) and date filters. This option helps users save valuable time as by applying these filters, they can backup only required emails instead of saving all the data of their HostGator account and then wasting their time in sorting the required data and saving it in some other folder/location.

Selective folder backup is another advantage that HostGator Backup supports to help its performers. Once the HostGator Server Backup Utility loads all the mailboxes in the respective HostGator user account, you can see that each mailbox folder has its corresponding checkbox displayed on its left side. Select Folder requires backup data only selected Folder in select output format without any problem.

HostGator Backup Software is designed in such a way that it keeps maintaining the integrity of the data in the emails in exact form. Now you don’t have to worry about the header properties, format and other details of HostGator user account emails as the software saves them with complete accuracy.

Hostgator Account Suspended

The software provides the perfect facility to support to preserve the exact folder hierarchy of HostGator user mailboxes throughout the backup process. This option will help users manage their HostGator emails in any other application, because the entire folder hierarchy will appear exactly as it was before the backup process.

Having a fast internet connection is the first priority to perform the HostGator backup process. Net connection is required to retrieve the mailbox of the respective HostGator user account and move it to another webmail / cloud application. So, before doing the backup process, first make sure that your system is connected to the Internet.

With HostGator’s amazing Mac Email Backup Tool, attachments will also be saved along with their respective email messages. The software also keeps the attachment files in their original size and format and does not make any changes to them.

The software has a simple interface, which makes it handy for both technical and non-technical users to backup HostGator email to local system or any cloud/webmail application with complete effort.

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HostGator’s Email Backup Tool for Mac and Windows is a standalone application, which means no third-party software is required to run its listings. What you only need is the login details of your HostGator user account and the cloud/webmail application intended to migrate HostGator mailboxes on Mac and Windows OS.

The HostGator Backup is designed for both Windows and Mac and thus, operates on Windows & Mac OS supported machines. You can run HostGator Server Backup on all Windows editions (32bit and 64bit) and Mac OS editions including macOS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, etc.

The software provides smart solutions to help users easily access HostGator emails without any problem. Another feature that this tool supports is the generation of log reports that show complete details such as selected email source, start date and time, number of converted items, status etc. You can also save this file in TXT format for further reference.

Take a trial – Download Hostgator Backup Tool trial edition to test the software steps and features for free.

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Download the free demo edition of HostGator Email Backup Software to analyze its performance and working capacity. FREE Demo HostGator Backup will backup the first 25 emails from selected HostGator mailboxes, as a trial.

Mac OS: Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina (MacOS X 10.15), Mojave (MacOS X 10.14), High Sierra (MacOS X 10.13) and all below versions

HostGator Email Backup software provides selective folder backup option allowing users to backup only required mail files instead of saving complete user account database.

Yes, with this HostGator Server Backup Tool, you can save emails from a particular date range to your HostGator account. Use the date range filter between where you want to back up your HostGator account email, by entering the start date (From) and end date (To) in the specified fields.

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HostGator Email Backup software is supported by all Windows OS and suits all its editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.

The software is completely safe to use and will not save your HostGator login details anywhere in its cache or database. It doesn’t even save the login credentials

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