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How To Block Sites Using Hosts File

How To Block Sites Using Hosts File – Block outgoing links for Adobe Photoshop CC activation using windows host file or firewall is a common question for everyone.

I’m not a professional graphic designer. But sometimes I like to play around with Adobe tools like Photoshop CC since I don’t use it for professional work. So I decided not to buy it. I use the trial version instead.

How To Block Sites Using Hosts File

But almost everyone knows that Adobe allows 30 days trial. Then it keeps showing activation message.

Ways To Disable Internet Access

As a hobby designer, how can I use Adobe Photoshop CC without activating it? Yes, there is a way. You can use the Windows firewall to block all outgoing links from Adobe, or you can use the Windows hosts file to block those URLs.

Today I am not going to share how to block outgoing links of any software using firewall. Because I don’t want to write very long articles. You can search on Google how to block any software or block Adobe Photoshop CC using Windows Firewall.

While it’s not how you design using Adobe photoshop, I assure you these tips will save your time.

NOTE ON UPDATES: Many of my readers have asked for a solution to enable Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After effects, illustrator, etc. A bit expensive for us That’s why we use almost all premium software for free. I will soon share the activation method below this post.

Block Sites By Host And Url · Cloudflare Zero Trust Docs

However, you can use this method to block windows hosts for all Adobe software such as:

And you are looking for a way to block the use of Windows hosts file, this article is for you. You will get proper method to block Adobe Photoshop CC activation using Windows hosts file.

Step one: First, open your notepad using administrative privileges. Please find notepad and right click to see an option to run as administrator.

Step Two: After opening the Notepad window, click on the file and navigate to the folder Windows > system32 > Drivers > etc. Here you will see the filename hosts. If you don’t see Please change the file format from text to all files below. You can see the image below for better understanding.

How To Block Website In Chrome Browser, Windows 10/8/7/xp (any Browser)

Step Three: It’s time to edit the hosts file using notepad. Copy all the below links and paste them at the bottom of the open hosts file in notepad. And after that don’t forget to save.

If you did everything right You can relax about the Photoshop CC activation block, because from now on you can use the Photoshop CC trial for any number of days.

Normally on my Macbook Pro I don’t use any Adobe products but because of one of the projects I need to install Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC on macOS. I tried a lot of resources and how to enable Adobe photoshop on macOS but couldn’t. Finally, I found a great resource in MacSoftBox which is a lifesaver of Adobe photoshop. with pre-activation

Thank you and wish you the best of luck. And don’t forget to comment or email me. If you need more help to block Photoshop CC activation using hosts file on windows or mac.

How To Find And Edit A Windows Hosts File

I am the father of a son. Blessed by a pious wife I’m a self-taught iOS developer, addicted to SwiftUI and WordPress Ninja. You’ve probably heard of computer hosts files. If not, you haven’t missed much. It’s actually a file with the name “hosts”. It doesn’t have an extension that defines the file type.

Therefore, the file itself is not important, however, when placed somewhere within your computer. It can be an effective tool to control computer access to the outside world. which is the Internet, in this case I’ll call it

If you are interested in an easy and effective way to block certain websites from your computer. Or want to know what kind of magic this is? You are reading the correct post.

I will explain how the hosts file works. location and a quick solution on your computer, be it Windows or Mac. If you are a Linux user, you probably don’t need help editing random files.

How To Change Mac Hosts File Right Now

This is the hosts file on Windows computers. In addition to the last four lines, The rest is default content, which is as good as blank — all text following the hash (#) has no effect.

In programming Commenting is a way of explaining what a line of code does without affecting the code itself. The computer ignores the # symbol and the text that follows each line.

If the hosts file has a # at the beginning of every line which is the default The file is as good as with empty file in computer view

Affects. It’s there, but doesn’t do anything other than provide a brief info on what it is and how it works.

How To Block Website On Edge Browser For Windows 10?

In other words You can delete the default hosts file. and nothing will happen we don’t want it And we can always rebuild it.

The hosts file was the original way to bind domains to IP addresses in the early days of interconnected computers. which is the foundation of the internet before the DNS server came up

A DNS server is like the Internet’s public directory. It points you where you want to go.

Whenever you access a website through a domain name like tech.com, your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) will first query your DNS server.

One Hosts File To Block Them All

For most homes, Wi-Fi routers keep a record of which DNS servers are in use. by default That is the ISP’s server.

Then this server will find the website’s domain name. And it returns the IP address, which is a string of seemingly random numbers, to the browser — each website resides at the IP address. The browser then follows that IP address. to load the website

This process is necessary because computers only understand numbers while humans do not remember them very well. This page immediately appeared on your screen as the process worked.

In many ways, DNS servers resemble phone book services that were once common. You only need to remember the person’s name and not the person’s phone number.

How To Block Instagram

So when you map a domain to a non-existent IP address or the IP address of the computer itself. This effectively blocks the domain for computer users.

To the IP of localhost, which is the computer itself and block computer access to Facebook. especially When you go to facebook.com, you get a message that the website doesn’t exist or is unavailable.

This mapping takes effect system-wide and immediately. This means that it will affect all user accounts of the computer. And you don’t even need to restart your computer.

How it works Every time you want to access a domain, for example, enter the domain on the browser. The computer checks the hosts file for mapping. and if the domain is manually mapped The computer will use that and no longer have to query the DNS server for the domain.

How To Edit The Hosts File On Windows 10 Or 11

And you can manually map as many domains as you want. As long as you know what you are doing and don’t abuse it.

Inside the hosts file Each mapping entry (each domain) has one line. You can map multiple domains to the same IP, so use

Let’s find out where this awesome hosts file is located on your computer. and how to fix it

In rare cases where Windows is installed on a different drive instead of c:, change the drive letter accordingly.

How To Block Websites

This is the location of the hosts file on a Windows computer. Notice the address bar showing the folder path.

Now you can manage the file no matter what you do with it, including deleting, renaming, or duplicating it. There will be no further effect.

Opening the hosts file for editing takes some time. because there is no extension A normal double click will not happen. You also need to open it.

So that changes can be made — otherwise the file is read-only and you can only view its contents.

How To Block Youtube On Your Pc Or Mac

But in general You can open it the way you open any file. using a text editor, such as the built-in Windows Notepad app.

If you are unfamiliar with the app or don’t know how to manage files in general. The fastest way to open hosts for editing in Windows is through

Once done, save the file. (Use the keyboard combination Ctrl+S or just close the file and select Save when prompted.)

To test, make sure you go to a page of a website you haven’t visited recently to avoid cached content locally. Or clear browsing data first.

Blocking Unwanted Connections With A Hosts File

For Windows users, there is a handy free application that makes managing the hosts file easy, called HostsMan.

The app has a built-in hosts file editor and more hosts.

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