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How To Block Website Using Host

How To Block Website Using Host – There are many reasons why certain websites are blocked from our browsers. Maybe we don’t want our kids to visit some naughty websites. Just telling them to stop opening them is not a good solution. We have to do something so our kids can’t open these sites. We’re here to learn how to manually block any website by changing certain settings on your system.

Before continuing, let’s cover the Windows hosts file. The Windows hosts file is the file that Windows uses to control and map IP addresses. Hostnames connected to the network need to be mapped to their corresponding IP addresses. This is done to uniquely identify a specific system within a pool of systems connected to the Internet. The Windows Host file is responsible for providing this mapping function. A slight modification to this file can help us block any website.

How To Block Website Using Host

3 » Windows Explorer will open, then navigate to C: » Windows » System32 » drivers » etc.

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Note: If Windows is not installed on the C: drive, change the drive letter in step #3.

In the command above, we’re just telling Windows that the website “www.youtube.com” should redirect to the IP address, which is just the loopback address on our local system. If there is no local website setup on our system. We just see an error page in our web browser.

Using the hosts file, we can redirect one website to another. We can redirect any website to another by simply replacing the local IP address with the website IP address. In order to do this – follow the given steps.

Open a command prompt (press start and type cmd) and type the following command and press enter. This command will get you the IP address of the selected website.

Block Any Website Using Host File?

Now in the hosts file, replace the local IP address with the website IP address. This will tell the system to redirect youtube.com to Facebook.com.

I tried my best to give you complete information on this topic in a very simple and conceptual way. But if you have any problems understanding this topic, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to give you what you need. Do you have any question? Sardar Omar. Why do you want to know how to block a website? Maybe you want to keep your kids safe on the Internet? Maybe you want to block distracting websites so you don’t procrastinate? It can also be used to block tracking sites that embed ads.

The text below can be a bit technical, especially if you’ve never gotten into the specifics of Windows system files. If you want a quick overview, be sure to watch our short and easy-to-follow YouTube video first.

Have you heard the term DNS (Domain Name System)? It refers to the file system distributed on the Internet that helps resolve domain names to the actual Internet Protocol (IP) address, which happens to be This helps your computer know which server to communicate with when you want to view this site.

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Before the advent of DNS in 1984, this was done via a local file on the computer called the hosts file. Computers weren’t connected to many other computers back then. At most, we may have connected dozens. It’s easy to keep all this information in a plain text file. The hosts file still exists today.

The hosts file allows a computer to look up other computer names, such as localhost or domain names, with their IP numbers next to the names in the file. It’s a bit like how your friends’ names are linked to their phone numbers on your phone. You don’t need to remember or enter the number, just find the person’s name.

Before we proceed, it is important to understand that some IP addresses are reserved for local use. This means they can only be used to point to computers and devices in your direct network. This means anything before your communication is connected to the Internet.

For example, the IP address always represents the computer you are using, also known as localhost. Try typing this in your web browser. It may open a blank page.

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Also understand that www.website.com and website.com are not the same thing. In order for them to all take us to the same website, they all have to resolve to the same IP address.

Enter the localhost IP of Press the Tab key and enter facebook.com. Press Enter to go to the next line. Create a second line like above, but use www.facebook.com instead of just facebook.com.

Open a command prompt and run ping facebook.com, then run ping www.facebook.com. You should see that the IP address it is trying to ping is

Now open your web browser and go to facebook.com. It might still load! Why? Facebook’s real IP may still be in the browser cache, and the browser will use that IP first. Clear your browser’s cache and try Facebook again. You should now see an error page.

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You could try redirecting the site to another IP address, but it doesn’t work right now. Malicious editing of the hosts file used to be a common attack for hackers. Web browsers now scrutinize certificates to prevent this. However, you can still try.

Another way to not see the error page is to install and set up a web server on your computer and have the hosts file point to it. Maybe have it display a page that says “Go back to work!” or list some of your goals as a motivation to stay away from social media.

You can use the same technique but paste the URLs of various malware and tracking ad sites. There is a pre-made hosts file for malware and ad sites that you can copy and paste into your hosts file. As of this writing, it was last updated in March 2020.

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Did you like this trick? If so, check out our YouTube channel from our sister site Online Tech Tips. We cover Windows, Mac, software, and apps, and offer plenty of troubleshooting tips and how-to videos. Click the button below to subscribe! There are many reasons to block a particular website. If you work from home, browsing certain pages may affect your productivity. You might be a parent trying to protect your kids from explicit content, or you might want to make sure they don’t visit websites that could spread viruses.

If you’re a Windows 10 user, there are several ways to block websites on your device. Sometimes tweaking your browser settings is enough.

However, you can also customize your computer to block specific websites. It’s important to understand all the options, so we’ll discuss all the ways you can block websites while using your Windows 10 PC.

No matter which browser you use, one of the most effective ways to ensure that websites are blocked is to modify the hosts file.

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By doing this, you can override DNS and redirect URLs and IPs to different locations. The process is very simple, the steps are as follows:

To do this, you must have access to the hosts file. Also, be sure to restart your computer to make sure the website is blocked.

Windows 10 has proven to be very effective at filtering and preventing unwanted applications from damaging your computer. It’s also a great tool to rely on when working with public networks.

If your firewall allows access to suspicious sites, you can set it so that no one at home, school, or work will open it. Here’s how it works:

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To successfully block websites with Windows Defender Firewall, you must have an accurate IP address. For example, say you want to block Facebook on your computer to avoid distractions at work. Before setting up a new rule through Defender, follow these steps to locate the IP:

If you manage a business and have Google administrator account permissions, you can block specific websites. If members of your organization use Chrome, they won’t be able to access sites you’ve blocked. Here’s how to block a website on Chrome as an administrator:

If you want to block websites with Chrome on your personal computer, you must choose the correct extension.

Many Windows users prefer to use Firefox to browse the web. You can filter unwanted content by restricting access to specific websites.

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To do this, you need to use one of the specified Firefox add-ons. You can download and set up the extension in minutes. That’s it:

Once you’ve added the extension to your browser, you can use it to block unwanted domains, schedule website blocking, and even choose a custom message on blocked pages.

As with other browsers, the user must find a valid

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