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I Spy Text Message – Signal will stop supporting SMS on its Android app Android users will need to choose a different app as the default messaging app if they intend to message a non-Signal user

Android users will need to choose a different app as their default messaging app if they intend to send messages to a non-Signal | user Photo credit: Special Arrangement

I Spy Text Message

Signal plans to discontinue SMS and MMS support on its Android app in the coming months, according to a blog post from the company. The messaging platform cited user safety and privacy, and people confusing SMS with text from Signal as reasons behind the decision to discontinue support.

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The platform shared that the change will only affect people who use Signal as their default SMS app on Android devices. Android users will therefore need to choose a new default app if they intend to message a non-Signal user.

Calling plaintext SMS messages “inherently insecure,” the company said that as the cost of sending SMS messages has risen, it has received complaints from users who have been hit with high messaging rates as they assumed that SMS messages were part of the Signal messages.

The company also shared that the inclusion of SMS in the Signal app was confusing for some users. SMS messages received in the app are not the same as Signal messages and do not come with similar security features.

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Signal has supported SMS messaging since it was known as TextSecure. Signal has never supported SMS messaging on iOS, as Apple doesn’t allow you to change the default messaging app. SMS Marketing: An Often Forgotten Gold Mine in a Good Mobile Strategy Looking for a new way to reach your customers that your competitors probably aren’t trying yet? Columnist Brian Patterson recommends SMS marketing. Read on to find out why.

There are many digital marketing channels. Most of our time and effort is spent on the most visible channels: search ads, display ads, SEO, social, email and content.

While these are definitely key strategies that deserve close attention, it can sometimes mean that other smaller but equally powerful channels fall by the wayside.

One of these often overlooked channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS.

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Think about it: You send at least a couple of messages every day. Even with competition from chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and WeChat, people around the world still send 350 billion text messages a month. Why? Because SMS is available on virtually all mobile phones, while other apps have issues with platform compatibility and internet access.

For the right business, SMS can be an untapped source of great opportunities. Here are five reasons to optimize your SMS marketing:

SMS marketing is like (compliant) email marketing in that it requires user consent. The mobile user must consent before you send them the first message.

This model establishes trust between the company and the consumer. Since subscribers agree to subscribe and stay on the list, it’s safe to assume that your customers find your messages valuable.

The Message: The Extraordinary Journey Of An Ordinary Text Message: Emberley, Michael, Emberley, Michael: 9781534452909: Books

Since SMS was created for mobile devices, users intuitively understand its advantages and limitations. Many web apps, on the other hand, were first created as websites and only later developed for mobile devices.

In other words, there are no learning curves or UI issues with SMS marketing. It just works.

According to a study by MobileSquared, over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes. Have you ever received that kind of response on an email campaign? Email marketing has an average open rate of 22%, 29% for tweets and 12% for Facebook posts.

Because text messages are short and relatively infrequent, people’s inboxes are far less saturated with marketing messages.

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While businesses need the right incentives to get people’s phone numbers, some organizations can get phone numbers just by offering services like text message reminders.

According to the same MobileSquared study, 54% of women are willing to sign up for updates and reminders from various health, sports, and spiritual organizations.

With the right incentives, people are willing to share their phone numbers. A recent study found that nearly 14% of people are willing to share their phone numbers with businesses to receive promotional text messages without receiving any incentives.

However, that number increases dramatically when there’s an incentive: 57% of people are willing to receive promotional text messages from a business if they receive a discount.

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According to the SimpleTexting study, people are more likely to text a friend or family member than to call them directly.

Additionally, 53% of people said they send about the same number of text messages now as they did a year ago, and 24% said they send more.

This finding shows that texting has staying power in a world that has become saturated with multiple chat and messaging platforms.

While you can pay an agency to handle your text marketing, it’s probably not necessary for most small to medium-sized businesses.

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There are several SMS marketing companies with self-service tools that let you organize subscriber lists, schedule messages, and view analytics in the same way that MailChimp or Constant Contact lets you do with email.

But before you start blasting messages, make sure you read up on texting compliance. There are certain laws and best practices you need to follow to ensure you are compliant and that your subscribers are happy with your service.

Since SMS marketing is permission based, you need to encourage people to join your SMS marketing list with special offers, promotions, contests or useful services.

Most companies have to offer a discount to get people to sign up. There has to be some sort of incentive to get people to share their phone number.

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Once you have chosen what you will offer to your subscribers, you need to create a message and integrate it with other channels.

Create a poster to display at your business. Tweet and share SMS list on social media platforms. Add a page to your website. You can even include your text messaging list on traditional advertising channels. Most mass messaging platforms have knowledge centers that can help explain the process.

Certain. Many brands, big and small, have successfully implemented SMS marketing. A prime example is Kohls department store, which gets subscribers to sign up for a one-time discount at the checkout. If you’re in the US and are near a Kohl’s, pay them a visit to see it IRL.

Mobile ad spend in 2016 is expected to reach $100 billion. And while mobile advertising on websites and apps seems to get the most attention, the incredibly high open and read rates of SMS messages suggest that your 2016 mobile advertising budget should include SMS marketing.

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Brian Patterson is a partner and co-founder of Go Fish Digital and is responsible for researching and developing strategies for online reputation management (ORM), SEO and web development project management. He writes on the GFD blog and can be found on Twitter @brianspatterson.

Your privacy means the world to us. We only share your personal information when you give us explicit permission to do so, and we confirm that we have your permission each time. Find out more by consulting our privacy policy. OkPegasus can infect a phone via “zero-click” attacks, which require no interaction from the phone’s owner to be successful. Composite: AFP via Getty

It is perhaps the name of the most powerful spyware ever developed, certainly by a private company. Once it gets inside your phone, without you realizing it, it can turn it into a 24/7 surveillance device. It can copy the messages you send or receive, collect your photos and record your calls. It could secretly film you through your phone’s camera or turn on the microphone to record your conversations. It can potentially pinpoint where you are, where you’ve been, and who you’ve met.

Hundreds Of Apps Can Empower Stalkers To Track Their Victims

Pegasus is hacking software, or spyware, developed, marketed and licensed to governments around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group. It has the ability to infect billions of phones running iOS or Android.

The first version of Pegasus discovered, captured by researchers in 2016, infected phones through what’s called spear-phishing: text messages or emails that trick a target into clicking a malicious link.

The data leak is a list of more than 50,000 phone numbers that, since 2016, have allegedly been selected as persons of interest by government customers of NSO Group, which sells surveillance software. The data also contains the time and date the numbers were dialed or entered into a system. Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based non-profit news organisation, and Amnesty International initially had access to the list and shared access with 16 media organisations, including the Guardian. More than 80 journalists worked together for several months as part

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