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Just Host Hosting

Just Host Hosting – Chris Phillips founded JustHost.com in 2002 in California. It started in Glendale. Fast forward to 2012 and it was acquired by EIG.

This gives an indication of the results to expect based on our review of several other EIG brands (Bluehost and HostGator) so far.

Just Host Hosting

To give them a fair chance; We bought and built a WordPress website on the JustHost ‘Shared’ plan and this fair, I’m keeping a close eye on their uptime and speed in hopes of providing an unbiased review.

Where Can I Host Images To Improve Image Loading Speed

Unlimited Bandwidth; 50 GB storage; Free SSL certificate; five email accounts; a website; Free Domain Registration; 30-day money-back guarantee; Free Website Builder; Install WordPress in 1-click

Solid uptime is considered one of the most important factors in the hosting industry. This is important because it really affects the availability of your website to your customers around the world. If your site is unavailable, it will obviously have a negative impact on your business and you will lose traffic (and profit). In addition, Poor uptime can affect your site’s ranking on Google.

In the past 6 months, JustHost’s uptime averaged 99.91% with four hours of downtime.

In general, JustHost’s uptime is a bit variable: some months they have perfect 100% uptime, and other months they can’t wait for their sites. However, they currently have a place in our skills section.

Web Hosting Service

Speed ​​(or the lack thereof) is one of the main reasons people leave your site (without becoming a client or customer). guests jumping; a decrease in page views; Conversations continue to falter and customer satisfaction declines across the board.

In the last 6 months, they delivered an average speed of 636 ms. Although this is an average result, Still better than the industry standard of 850 ms.

Note: If you are looking for super fast web hosting, You might want to check out A2 Hosting.

We waited 10 minutes to be connected to a customer support representative, but they answered all our questions about their shared hosting plans and backed them up with links.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Some hosts require a lengthy sign-up process for most new accounts; This means you (yes, even internationally) have to jump on the phone to verify who you are.

This means you can expect a slow process (not to mention frustrating and a little irritating). Or the occasional odd phone call requirement.

The good news is that JustHost offers their premium, If you want to go with VPS or dedicated services, it offers instant server hosting.

If you’re not satisfied with your initial experience, JustHost offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s about the industry average for those of you keeping track at home.

Justhost Review: Host Features, Reviews, And Test Results

Not applicable to other products like domains. Since free domains are included, JustHost deducts $15.99 from your refund to cover their costs.

You can then transfer your chosen domain name to another website. Note that you cannot transfer newly registered domains to another host within 60 days of activation.

JustHost easily integrates with over 100 other open source applications as well as popular platforms like Google Apps.

They’ll also throw in free Google and Bing ad credits if you’re ready to start selling online.

Professional Web Hosting From Just Host

New account signups also get a free domain name for the first year (regardless of the hosting plan you choose). After that, Depending on the domain you are using, you will be charged a renewal fee.

In addition, JustHost includes a free WordPress site migration with their hosting plans. That is, If you want to transfer your WordPress site to JustHost; It will be done for you for free (if you meet the criteria).

SimpleScripts can automatically add scripts of your choice to your site. Available scripts include WordPress, OS Commerce, Includes phpBB and Joomla.

Much obliged, JustHost offers several different forms of site security. These are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); secure shell (SSH); It uses solid-state drives (SSD) and others.

Justhost Review: Hosting With No Uptime Guarantee? We Find Out If They’re Still A Good Choice.

If a threat is detected, you will receive instant alerts and reports to your email address and dashboard. In that way, You can take action on harmful content before your site is blacklisted.

If you read the Strengths section, you know that they perform well in all three areas mentioned above. However, there are still disadvantages to be aware of.

Note that if you want to lock in that great rate, you’ll need to pay three years in advance. If not, A shorter term (like 12 months) will reset you to $5.95 per month instead (again – prepaid). If you want a monthly plan. The price is $7.99.

Worse, This ‘promotional’ rate expires when your plan ends. Your pricing options will increase again.

Just Host Coupon 2022

When adjusted for effective pricing; This puts JustHost head-to-head with some of the best hosts we’ve reviewed.

They technically offer it, but don’t support it or stand behind it. In addition, They take no responsibility for failed backups and JustHost cannot create backups for sites over 30 GB.

The best option is to register with a backup device. But it will cost you an extra $2.99 ​​per month.

JustHost’s customer support is decent and they have delivered good uptime in the last year which makes them a reliable host.

Why You Should Invest In A Good Web Hosting Company

And their true pricing puts them in direct competition with some of the better hosts in the same price range.

Time yourself money It may be worth checking these points first to save nerves and time in the long run.

Have you used JustHost? Please leave an honest and open review below – good or bad. Either way, we appreciate both.

We only accept unique website hosting reviews. If your comment/review is published elsewhere; We will not publish it. Also, please don’t use any “bad” words or swearing. Thank you!

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We switched domain hosts and email etc to Justhost a few years back. Since making the switch, we’ve spent hours trying to resolve the email notification. Because of Microsoft’s suspicion of Justhost, the same email that can be sent one day cannot be sent again. Any other Outlook email address, such as Hotmail, is often rejected and returned as undeliverable, whether it’s a previous contact or in the recipient’s address book.

I have been a host customer for several years. For the most part, I don’t have a problem. On a shared server; I usually get fast speeds… this gets me tons of daily posts and thousands of visitors every day. But when a problem arises, you will be forced to pull your hair out. You start with their step-1 which will suggest you do everything you can before calling. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I’ll go to step-2 where I can’t talk to you and I’ll have to wait for an email. After several days, A typical response is to email them back if the site is currently working fine. Yes, Everything goes wrong and you email them back. After a day or two, no response. You call again. Tier-1 support is only contactable via email, so tier-2 will tell you that the problem is something they can’t do. So you ask to speak to a supervisor because tier-2 doesn’t communicate… but the supervisor is never “available”. Eventually things got fixed, but not with the combined dates and days.

I was arbitrarily moved from Ehost (good company) to Justhost shortly after signing up. I immediately ran into problems. Their Cpanel doesn’t work at all. Links go to 404 (still working). They said they are still updating Cpanel. This has been over two years. Their help section has not been updated and is completely useless. Want to back up your site? Forget it… you can’t do it yourself (but the exact method is still in the help section). It will cost you more money now if they don’t do it for you. customer service? I wondered where the free backup link went, and it said it was a paid publication. She had no idea what she was doing or what she was backing when she claimed she could do it for me. The only way to get things done is to talk to a real tech. If you use Drupal, don’t go with justhost. Key updates that shouldn’t be done. There’s a lot more to it… I hate to badmouth the company, but this is really worth it.

A company called ehost used this domain as a test over a year ago. Justhost bought them, Just reactivated the payment and said the account is on auto-renew. It’s been a year since the site was shut down and the account closed. I tried to bill hundreds of times a day and sent at least 8 emails a day. No reply to emails. Live chat said it would stop. He didn’t stop. The guy called and said if it’s not real.

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