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Learning Websites For Adults

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Online learning isn’t just for kids! One trend that has emerged since the start of the coronavirus pandemic is that adult learners are working from home and looking for ways to learn and enrich themselves while sheltering. It’s a vision that seems to have power. But what are the best online learning platforms for adults? Our reporter Abby Greenbaum has compiled a list of 15 of the best online learning classes, platforms, and websites for adult education, including art classes, music lessons, academic lectures, and more. Time to get smart, dear reader.

Learning Websites For Adults

). But others—Zoom, crafts, baking, and remote work—have become permanent fixtures in our daily lives.

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Take online learning for example. Before the pandemic, we never imagined that there would be so many ways to learn from home. Now we know there is

The best online learning classes, platforms and websites for adult education including art, cooking, academic lectures, gardening and more.

Whether you want to become a great craftsman, a great writer, or a great businessperson (or you just want to study a specific topic), there are many ways to get started. Regardless of your budget, schedule or hours.

Institute For Adult Learning To Spearhead Capability Building Of The Training And Adult Education Sector

So, in honor of the school season, we’re celebrating adult learners. Here are fifteen of our favorite online learning platforms and educational websites for adults –

The master class outshines the competition in at least one arena – they’re the most famous celebrity teachers out there in other arenas. Whether you choose to learn basketball from Dr. Jane Goodall, Natalie Portman, or Stephen Curry, all classes are available for $15 a month. Lessons are in the form of continuous video lectures from two to five hours. Think of it as a cross between a TED Talk and the confessional style of a documentary.

Coursera offers nearly 2,000 free adult education courses from the world’s most respected and prestigious universities. If you’re interested in a degree or advancing your career, this is the place to go. But there’s plenty to satisfy someone who always regrets not studying art history or philosophy in college. “What is modern art?” choose between Taught by curators at the Museum of Modern Art or study Game Theory from economics and computer science professors at Stanford. All lessons are pre-booked so you can start at your own pace and go at your own pace. Did we mention that most of the classes are free? Financial assistance is also provided to those who cannot afford it.

With almost 200,000 online video courses, Udemy has to be one of the largest libraries of online learning in the world. And there are new additions every month. The content is taught by experts in the field, and in addition to satisfying individual learners, companies such as Adidas, Kaiser Permanente, and General Mills have also used the site to provide educational services to their employees. Nairtkich wants the easiest and cleanest interface – more classes – personal development for personal development, personal development for coding. Fees are based on each course.

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For the creatively inclined, Skillshare offers teachers of visual arts, publishing and design icons and experts, as well as an online community for support and networking. Members can share their work with each other and get instant feedback through likes and comments. They can also join the following categories: “Watercolor Enthusiasts” or “Creative Business Owners”. Expand your network and learn at the same time. Memberships start at $8.99 per month or $99 for an annual plan.

Creative Live is different from any other online art class for adults by offering free live lessons every day. You can choose pre-recorded lessons on demand, or watch what’s happening “on the air” on the day you want to take a lesson. Learn how to draw, write creatively, or even build your own bag. You can also learn some practical life skills, such as how to ace a job interview. Access starts at $15/month or $149/year and gets you classes with Pulitzer Prize winners, best-selling authors, and select experts.

Great Courses produces college-level classes taught by college professors (and it struck us after reading that it’s one of Bill Gates’ favorite sources for great lectures). Courses are available as on-demand videos and DVDs. You can also listen on Audible – perfect for long drives. Each course also includes a printed guide with photos and illustrations, prompts to read, and questions to review. Choose relevant topics, such as America’s struggle against slavery or the economy of uncertainty.

If you’ve always wanted to say you went to Harvard, check out the Harvard Extension School. It was founded with the mission of creating an affordable way for every motivated student to take courses at Harvard. There’s a collection of free video lectures by famous Harvard professors on American poetry, abstract algebra, Buddhism, and more. Some classes also have the option of earning a certificate of completion for an affordable fee. Courses vary in length – but are usually at least a week – and there are free options available.

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Open Yale Courses makes lectures and other materials from select Yale College courses available to the public for free. Courses cover the full spectrum of humanities, including humanities, social sciences, physical and biological sciences. Each course includes a full set of classroom lectures produced in high-quality video, including other course materials such as syllabi, suggested readings, exams, and problem sets. Lectures are available as downloadable videos and an audio-only version is also offered. In addition, searchable transcripts of each lecture are provided. Although the breadth of courses isn’t as extensive as some other sites, we found it to be one of the most comprehensive courses that simulate a real undergraduate college course.

The TED-Talk empire needs no introduction, and the TED-Ed initiative makes short video lessons for lifelong learners, young and old, worth sharing. In TED-Ed’s growing library of lessons, you’ll find carefully selected educational videos, many of which are collaborations between teachers and animators. You won’t get a fully in-depth and in-depth class here, but it’s perfect for sparking your interest in a thousand things you’ve always wondered about, such as: “How does alcohol get you drunk?”, “Why do Americans vote on Tuesday? ” , or “How to Build an Anti-Racist World”.

There is a lot of competition for online foreign language learning platforms. We chose Duolingo because it’s simple and makes learning fun. Users first choose from 30+ languages ​​and decide how many minutes they are willing to spend per day. After passing a short placement test, the attractive and intuitive interface encourages students to play games, earn coins and unlock new levels by mastering skills. Imagine ditching your addictive iPhone game and swapping it for a new language for the price of two lattes.

If you’re looking for the best place on the web, head over to Crash Course. It’s no surprise that Learning Platform is such a good time—it was founded by bestselling authors John and Hank Green, whose experience in vlogging (and writing novels) taught them how to create engaging lessons. From its early days, Crash Course has expanded to include dozens of topics, including courses taught by experts in history, science, math, and literature, as well as topics such as artificial intelligence, media literacy, and mythology. Learn something new, or brush up on an old topic you’ve forgotten. There are classes for all ages that are fun to watch and all of them are completely free.

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Have you always wanted to write a romance novel but had a hard time knowing where to start? Starting this October, favorite podcast hosts Vanessa Zoltan and Ariana Nedelman (

) hosts a weekly workshop on romance novels. (If you’ve ever listened to their podcasts, you know this is an experience you don’t want to miss). They guide participants through outlining, creating characters, and more so you don’t have to go through the novel writing process alone. The class meets on Saturday mornings at 11 a.m. and lasts eight weeks. Tuition is sliding scale, $300-$500.

You already know Catapult. They are one of the best places to learn to write and learn to write well. And lucky for us, many of their lessons are available online. Whether you’re trying to write short stories, personal essays, or book reviews, their course catalog may have what you’re looking for. Best of all, most of their online classes meet live, so you’ll be connecting with real people and learning alongside each other, even if you’re sitting at your computer.

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