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Legal Web Site Design

Legal Web Site Design – Our special package includes the template, hosting space, free customization and updates, etc. at a very affordable price. You only need to provide the domain name.

If you haven’t reserved your domain name yet, don’t worry, you can reserve any domain name you want with us.

Legal Web Site Design

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New Legal Web Design For Alexander & Catalano

Professionally designed, your website will help build your credibility, build trust with potential customers, and help you convert more website visitors into customers. If you’ve been wondering how to make sure your website helps you achieve all of that, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we will share the features that every lawyer website should have and show you examples of some of the best professionally designed websites for lawyers to inspire you.

It goes without saying that every legal website should have an attractive design that uses your brand colors, fonts, and logo. You should also consider features that are necessary for any type of website, including lawyer and lawyer websites, such as responsive design, fast load times, and clean and simple navigation. Those features will enhance the user experience for any visitor, regardless of the device they use to access your site.

Other than that, there are features that are specific to the best lawyer websites that will help you attract more clients and establish your Know, Like and Trust factor:

Website Designs For Title Companies & Law Firms

The lawyer websites on this list have beautiful designs, but they also make excellent use of the features mentioned above.

The first law firm website design inspiration on our list does an excellent job of using the header to display a credible testimonial and establish its authority. Their website uses lots of white space to highlight important numbers about their law offices, and the home page offers an easy way to find a company attorney in your area.

Turks Legal has a very simple home page that makes it easy to see what areas of the law this firm specializes in and to explore the services they offer in each area. You’ll also notice that the navigation area has links that take you to specific sections of the website and a top header that invites you to connect with them on LinkedIn.

This website uses an attention-grabbing header image to showcase what they do. The rest of the home page does an excellent job of establishing your expertise and authority. You will see a list of achievements, awards, and results that this law firm was able to achieve for its clients. They also use various calls to action on their website that encourage potential customers to call them.

Best Law Firm Websites With Spot On Ui And Ux

What makes this lawyer’s website design stand out is the excellent use of the contact form on the home page that asks visitors to fill it out, as well as the live chat box that allows you to talk right away. with someone about your legal problems. W3IP Law’s website also doesn’t shy away from displaying their past client testimonials and outlining their process to build even more trust with potential clients.

This law firm practices several different areas of the law, but they make it easy to connect with the right attorney for your case. You will notice that the header uses a slideshow, presenting different areas of the law, followed by a call to action that takes you to the appropriate page. The law firm also lists their many accolades, awards, and results that attest to their expertise.

Like other lawyer websites on this list, Bighorn Law uses photos of its lawyers to add a personal, human touch to its brand. It’s easy to learn more about what this particular company specializes in, as well as call them or strike up a conversation. What sets this legal website design apart is its settlement calculator, so you can easily find out what to expect.

If you’re looking to create a clean and simple website, take a cue from the Lash & Goldberg law firm’s website design. Their website is a great example of a minimal law firm website that still manages to explain all the relevant information a potential client would need.

Best Practice Area Pages For Law Firms (2021 Update)

West Coast Trial Lawyers uses a video right in the header to welcome website visitors and explain the philosophy of this firm and its great success. Their call to action at the top is straightforward and does an excellent job of prompting you to call them. West Coast Trial Lawyers also makes use of the live chat functionality, listing their practice areas and displaying testimonials and attorney profiles.

Another simple website for lawyers, but with a header that leaves a lasting impression. A photo of the legal team serves not only to establish a personal connection, but also to give you the confidence that your case is in the right hands. Combine that with a simple call to action and a list of your practice areas and it’s easy to understand that you should schedule your free consultation if your legal problem falls within your area of ​​expertise.

Springhouse attorney websites provide a clear message about the type of law they practice and an even clearer path to where you should go to find an answer to your problem. The home page also has a convenient contact form and a pop-up form that asks if you’d like to be called back, making it easy for you to schedule a consultation time that works best for both them and you.

A smiling lawyer paired with the words “Trust. Experience. Results” is an excellent case of a compelling header image. This lawyer website design has all the standard elements you would expect on a lawyer website, but also goes a step further and offers the ability to browse through their free resources and educate yourself on your rights through your articles, downloads, FAQs and videos. center.

Website Design Sydney & Melbourne. Ecommerce Responsive Ux Seo

It’s hard not to trust lawyers who have held important government positions in the legal industry and the Oberheiden & McMurrey website takes advantage of that. The call to action is always present as a sticky footer and you’ll also notice a detailed list of their practice areas along with individual attorney profiles. Finally, his website instills even more confidence with a list of his accolades and case studies.

Parwin Law Group uses a simple call to action in their header that takes you directly to their booking form. Making the decision to schedule a consultation is a no-brainer considering the practice areas are listed just above the initial call to action. Parwin Law Group lists not only their accomplishments, accolades, and testimonials, but also presents all the reasons why you should hire them. You will also notice that the call to action is repeated in the sticky top header that is always visible, increasing the chances of visitor conversion.

The legal industry can be competitive, so using words like “We do things differently” is a great way to grab the attention of potential visitors and pique their curiosity. This is followed by a list of their practice areas and a list of their social media profiles and contact information that makes it easy to get in touch with them.

Taylor Janis Workplace Law makes it clear what area of ​​law they practice, not only in their company name, but also in the header area of ​​their website. Plus, they make it easy to get advice, either by calling them or browsing through their list of resources.

Law Firm Web Design For Lawyers, Law Firms, & Attorneys

This website stands out for its creative and visually appealing way of presenting its practice areas. Their call to action is also easy to spot, and there’s even a handy live chat box to immediately speak to someone and make it easy to schedule a consultation.

If you’re looking for a law firm website design that conveys a friendly yet professional tone, look no further than IdeaLegal. your website

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