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Linux Cloud Vps

Linux Cloud Vps – If you want to test your application or web service, you need a Linux server. Thanks to the advancement of cloud computing, deploying a pre-configured Linux server has become child’s play.

Furthermore, many cloud server providers also offer free credits for trying out their platforms. You can take advantage of these offers to deploy a Linux server and test your application or web service.

Linux Cloud Vps

Linux Cloud Vps

Not only does this help keep costs down, you also have the opportunity to find out if a certain platform is right for your needs and skills.

Cloud Vps Hosting

You should keep in mind that while some cloud servers offer huge credits, they may be time-limited.

Linux Notebook is the official Linode partner. The Linux Handbook website is hosted on Linode. We also use the Linode server to test and validate the tutorials we cover here.

You can deploy the Linux servers of your choice (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Arch, Slackware, etc.) within minutes and with a few clicks.

Not only that, with Linode Marketplace you can deploy pre-configured Linux servers with a web service like WordPress, WireGuard VPN, Discourse and more.

How To Create A Cloud Server?

Want more? You can also deploy Load Balancers, object storage, Kubernetes clusters among other DevOps centralized tools.

Like Linode, Digital Ocean is also focused by developers. This means you can deploy bare or pre-configured Linux servers with a web service of your choice.

Kubernetes clusters, databases, load balancers, object storage, automatic backups, and everything else you’ve seen with Linode are also available in Digital Ocean.

Linux Cloud Vps

New Digital Ocean users get $100 in free credits and these credits last for 60 days. You can sign up for Digital Ocean here.

Linux Cloud Vps(virtual Private Server) & Hosting

They have micro nodes with 10GB SSD storage and 512MB RAM for just $2.50 a month (or $0.004/hour). This is ideal for me when I want to avoid overhead and don’t need a highly configurable Linux server.

You can deploy Linux server of your choice and you can also use their One Click App to deploy pre-configured servers.

Vultr offers $100 free credits to try out their platform and these credits are valid for 30 days. You can sign up for a free Linux cloud server with Vultr here.

Unlike Linode and Digital Ocean, UpCloud has no marketplace that allows you to deploy pre-configured web services on a Linux server.

Introducing Object Storage!

You can deploy the Linux servers of your choice within minutes, and the Linux servers powered by UpCloud have excellent performance thanks to their MaxIOPS block memory.

You can get free Linux cloud servers on UpCloud with a $25 credit line. They are strict with free credits and free trials.

These big platforms can be overwhelming and I personally don’t like using giant companies. I want to support smaller players because they have good products and services.

Linux Cloud Vps

Anyway, Google also offers a $300 credit to try Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The credits last for one year.

What Is Linux Vps Hosting?

You see the difference here? Other smaller players are limited to 2 months with almost $100 free credits. And a giant like Google with plenty of money can make such an overpriced offer to hurt its competitors.

I have shared my experience with cloud server providers here. I hope the free credits allow you to test out some of these platforms.

What is your cloud service choice? Do you know some other reliable cloud server providers that offer free credits? Why not share it with the rest of us in the comments?

Creator of Linux Handbook and Open Source Software. An avid Linux user and open source promoter. Huge fan of classic detective mysteries from Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes to Columbo & Ellery Queen. Use the steps below to install the Cloud Backup agent on a Linux VPS or dedicated server. Follow the instructions for CentOS/RHEL or Debian/Ubuntu, depending on your operating system, then continue

Awesome Ways To Use A Vps

The script will download and install the Cloud Backup agent, then automatically build the required kernel module. Please contact Technical Support if the script cannot complete the installation properly on your CentOS/EL system.

The script will download and install the Cloud Backup agent, then automatically build the required kernel module. Please contact Technical Support if the script cannot complete the installation properly on your Debian/Ubuntu system.

After successfully installing the agent and kernel module on your VPS or dedicated server, go back to the Backup Manager panel, go to the Servers page and click on the Actions icon > Edit Machine owner.

Linux Cloud Vps

Now click on the Action icon > Check agent connection. If all goes well, Backup Manager will successfully connect and authenticate to the server.

Linux Vps Servery Ubuntu, Debian A Centos

The Linux server is now enabled for backup and it will initiate scheduled backups according to its Backup Policy.

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