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Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider – The mobile workforce is here to stay. WhiteHat powers our clients’ ability to work safely and securely anywhere, anytime and from any device with managed cloud and hosting services.

As organizations prepare to support a remote workforce and an influx of personal devices, it’s important to address some of the most common issues facing the modern business owner. Here are the biggest ones we see clients struggle with:

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

Outdated Infrastructure Many companies are still operating on outdated, bulky hardware and servers, clumsy machines, and cumbersome networking systems that waste time, money, and resources to manage and maintain. Remote Workforce A remote workforce can feel like a blessing and a curse. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, employees need to be able to connect anywhere—saving businesses valuable time and money—but doing so successfully requires the right infrastructure. Insufficient staff Having the right people to set up and maintain cloud computing services can be one of the biggest hurdles our clients face. Inadequate staffing can lead to system outages, data vulnerability and improper cloud migration. Disaster recovery can sometimes be unimaginable. After natural disasters like hurricanes and blizzards, servers can crash and networks can go down. Without a backup plan, data can be lost and businesses’ uptime can be disrupted. Compliance Issues When handling sensitive information or hosting data in the cloud, compliance is at the forefront of our clients’ operations. However, compliance regulations and updates can be time-consuming and confusing without the right technology and staff in place. BYOD companies that allow employees to use their own devices often enjoy greater productivity and engagement at work but struggle to maintain the same level of security when using company-sponsored devices, making BYOD a sometimes scary situation. .

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We know that no two solutions are the same, which is why our clients’ cloud hosting and computing services always reflect their unique needs. We work with each client to design custom cloud migration and maintenance solutions.

The WhiteHat team conducts a holistic assessment of our clients’ current systems, data storage and hosting needs. We share these results with our clients to create short- and long-term plans tailored to their security, computing and budgeting guidelines. From there we find the path to success together.

After the assessment, our journey begins with infrastructure upgrades. We help clients invest in the right cloud solutions to fit their business size and technology roadmap. We then consider which cloud computing services work best with our customers’ existing systems and upgrade their infrastructure accordingly.

Once our clients are ready, we take care of migrating every piece of data, applications and work systems so that our clients’ employees can enjoy a smooth transition that doesn’t disrupt their daily workflow. With our managed services, switching to the cloud is never cumbersome.

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From there we will take care of the rest. WhiteHat supports and maintains our client’s cloud systems in the background like a team of invisible IT super heroes that keep everything running smoothly. Whether our clients need to scale, upgrade, fix or downsize their solutions, we’re here to take care of it.

“We are very satisfied and happy with Whitehat. The whole team has done a great job for us. – Jim B., CEO, Law Firm

400+ Proprietary Citrix Optimizations NVIDIA Quadro AutoCAD, Revit, ESRI ARCGIS PRO, and CATIA Automatic Issue Resolution Sub-30 Second Login Guarantee Documentation Automation in Real Time Complete-Host-to-WhiteHat Endpoint Solutions Amazon, Delwatop, Delwatop, Delwatop DSS Certified Datacenter Local peripheral support Real-time voice and video SSAE 16 and AICPA SOC 2 certified datacenter

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

Our team is eager to serve our customers and understand their unique needs. Here’s a chance to get to know us too.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

As Principal Enterprise Architect with Citrix Systems and now at Whitehat, Pablo leads our Cloud and Hosting practice working with Fortune 500 organizations in the Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Engineering and Energy verticals. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s ongoing research efforts leading to the development of a “living documentation” platform, self-healing automation, and leading our efforts to continuously improve the customer environment and end user experience.

Healthcare Finance/Banking Insurance Technology Legal Education Retail Manufacturing Business Services Real Estate Engineering Energy Construction Non Profit Government

WhiteHat cloud computing services allow our customers to do more. From better performance and speed, to greater security and encryption, WhiteHat’s cloud solutions are second to none. These are some of the features managed cloud offers.

BYOD Freedom Cloud-based computing gives our clients the freedom to work on the devices they feel most comfortable and confident with. Using the cloud, employees can access their applications, virtual desktops, files and secure information on their cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Strong Scalability As our customers’ businesses change, our cloud solutions are built to scale and fit their needs. Whether a company is growing or shrinking, our cloud hosting solutions adapt to accommodate. That means our customers never pay more than they need or receive sub-par performance. Automated Upgrades The WhiteHat team is constantly implementing system upgrades and scheduling automated task completion so our customers can focus on their business instead of their network. Additionally, our managed services program allows us to time updates and system functions to align with our clients’ natural business cadence. Business Continuity Someone is always looking for our customers’ cloud solutions. We do everything in our power to avoid data exposure and crashes, but if our clients do experience a disaster, we make sure they’re up and running as quickly as possible so they can get back to work with minimal disruption and damage. . Improved performance Cloud hosting services streamline data flow between business applications, files and infrastructure. Our customers enjoy dramatic performance improvements and collaboration capabilities, including reduced load times, lag, and easier file sharing. Data Security There is no safer place to store information than the cloud. Say goodbye to backroom servers that can overheat, crash or break and hello to highly flexible, highly encrypted cloud computing that keeps the most sensitive information safe. Reduced Support Costs With less hardware to maintain and automatic updates included in all of our standard cloud computing services, clients can expect to spend less on support costs. Prevention really is the best – and most cost-effective – medicine.

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This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies. By using our website, you consent to the placement and use of cookies and similar technologies on your device. View our privacy policyOK Before deciding to migrate to the cloud, it’s important to understand the key differences between managed and unmanaged cloud hosting. Let’s dig deeper!

When cloud computing was first conceived in the early 1960s, no one could have imagined that it would become one of the most widespread technological solutions and a real success. In every field, it is an outstanding piece from various manufacturers around the world.

However, before deciding to migrate to the cloud, it is important to choose the right type of service that suits all your requirements. So it’s time to see the main difference between managed vs unmanaged hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

A managed service will allow you to focus more on your business processes. While an unmanaged service will require you to spend a lot of energy and time resources successfully on your technical needs.

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Before making a final decision, we will try to find out the main features and main contrasts between them.

Control level is one of the main features of cloud host which differs if we talk about managed and unmanaged. Thus, decluttering can be compared to buying an empty apartment when you later have to add all the furnishings and extras yourself. Such service is restricted to providing default structure only. The customer has to load the apps on the cloud themselves.

At the same time, managed servers are similar to well-furnished flats. The seller considers all the needs and requirements of the buyer and supplies the premises according to them. In this case, the customer is using customized solutions. They describe all the business requirements, and the provider chooses the best option.

Working with backups is one area where we can also see significant differences. When using unmanaged cloud servers, the client will decide for himself how often and how complex the data backup should be.

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This may yield more benefits, but there are still pitfalls. When the user controls this process manually it can be potentially inefficient. What if the software breaks or gets hacked and no recent data is saved? To prevent all these mishaps, a lot of efforts and resources of the company must be used, which will definitely have a stressful effect on its regular operations.

In contrast, in managed cloud hosting or managed cloud servers, most of the responsibility for meeting critical backup requirements rests entirely with your provider. They proceed with proper checks to ensure a safe and unstoppable process. So you can devote much more resources to key operational processes that will increase the resulting indicators.

If an organization hires an outside service, the first consideration appears to be how cost-efficient it will be.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

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