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Top 10 Apps Games – Last week it presented an overview of Q1 2019 global app revenue and downloads, which exceeded $19.5 billion and 28 billion. Today, we publish our comprehensive quarterly Store Intelligence Data Digest, which covers the top apps, publishers, categories and trends from the global mobile app ecosystem for the first three months of 2019. .

See the top 10 charts below and download our free Q1 2019 Data Digest for download estimates covering the top 20 apps and publishers for the quarter, along with key categories, publishers and trends the two shops.

Top 10 Apps Games

IAC / Match Group’s Tinder surpassed Netflix last quarter to become the world’s most watched mobile app in more than two years.

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Facebook continued to dominate the download charts with four of the top five apps installed overall, while social media phenomenon TikTok rose to number 3, reaching number one in Apple’s App Store. It had 188 million first-time installs for the quarter, up 70 percent year-over-year.

Game revenue was driven by titles from Asia, which accounted for eight of the top 10 grossing games during Q1. Tencent’s Honor of Kings continued to dominate the charts, while Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle battled it out at No. 6. Headline revenue grew 29 percent Y/Y to an estimated $213 million. Driven by the impressive growth in Latin America, Garena Free Fire entered the Google Play top chart at number 10, while the latest release from Supercell, Brawl Stars, reached number 7 on the platform.

In terms of downloads, hyper-casual titles continued to enjoy high popularity, but battle royale games put up an impressive fight, with Tencent’s PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire at No. 2 and No. 3, in general.

Tencent continued to lead in app revenue in the last quarter thanks to Honor of Kings, while IAC, owner of Match Group and Tinder, remained on the non-game chart.

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No. 1 in terms of overall app downloads, while TikTok owner ByteDance rose to No. 4, reaching No. 3 in non-gaming apps. Voodoo remained the gaming install leader, thanks to a steady cadence of hyper-casual releases throughout the quarter. January was an interesting month for mobile, with apps seeing a stir and games seeing the return of hyper-casual titles.

We ended 2020 with a great mix of games at the top, including new titles and classics, and started 2021 with the same variety but with slightly different apps.

Among us! has slowed its massive growth and cleared the way for other titles to take the crown in January. Hyper casual titles Project Makover and DOP 2: Delete One Part were the most downloaded games in January on the App Store and Google Play, with the latter the overall winner with nearly 28M downloads, in our estimation.

Call of Duty also made the list, on the App Store side, due to its release in China at the end of December. The title

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Overall, the top 10 most downloaded apps generated 233M downloads across the App Store and Google Play during the month. A slight decrease from December’s total of 240M.

One trend we’ve been watching closely is the rise of Among Us!, which is reminiscent of the golden days of titles like Angry Birds and others (although the gameplay is different).

The rise of Among Us! is not an intentional marketing campaign. It went viral in August and quickly grew, topping the charts in most countries for most of 2020. But… it’s been on the decline since peak, and it seems like an unexpected moment.

Where did InnerSloth go wrong? They rode the wave instead of controlling it, which is not necessarily a “mistake” but not a good thing either. The game didn’t change much, there wasn’t much effort to promote it beyond word of mouth, and ultimately it just wasn’t so mother-friendly (aka. popular with non-gamers) that it “stuck” on its own.

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, so I’m not blaming InnerSloth here, but I’d like to see them try to use what they’ve already collected to push it now and not let the established brand fade away.

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The job market is very strange these days. On the other hand, there are a lot of people on the go these days who work f…Another list of top 10 mobile game apps to ring in the new year! This cutthroat category always gives us interesting new ideas. This category is very competitive and those who can rise to the top often use unique ASO and creative strategies. Let’s take a look at the games that were able to hang as well as the games that recently fought for the top.

Among Us has been at the top of the list for a while, as has Project Makeover. The success of Makeover projects and how they achieved such heights are described in our article Project Makeover Analysis. It is very useful to see more.

Ratings Of The Top Mobile Games On The App Store And Google Play

The US category rankings, for example, show that Among Us held the top 10 mobile game status for almost twice as long as Project Makeover and both held the top spot for months. many now.

If we compare the table with the list of November 10, 2020 Top 10 Mobile Game Apps worldwide, we can also see that Roof Rails was able to keep a place in this list as well. However, another interesting and interesting rise to the star of the application that we can talk about is DOP2: Delete One Part.

Controversy is the name of the game this month. Both DOP and God! Their debut in 2021 has generated a lot of buzz. This article has a section that breaks down God’s ad strategy!: Ad Strategy: Apps and Publishers That Are Off to a Strong Start 2021. You can to see this article for a detailed analysis of what God! It’s done, how its ads work and what the buzz around it has done for the app. So, let’s focus on the campaign strategy of Delete One Part.

We can start by looking at the Ad Intelligence tool. This tool allows us to see the campaign parameters of DOP. The app currently ranks 521st overall in advertising. While that’s still big, it’s not as high as, say, Roof Rails in November. This indicates that perhaps the application relies on other aspects than the amount of creativity. Their creative nature may propel them to reach a larger audience organically.

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They advertise on 12 ad networks, favoring Facebook the most with 30% of their ads appearing on that platform. Since you can easily comment and share Facebook ads, that’s probably why this app has chosen this platform for most of its ads.

If we compare the number of Ad Publishers with other successful applications, this theory becomes stronger. Roof Rails has 10,000 points, while Toon Blast has around 11,000 advertisers… but DOP2? This application has a third of this with only 3335.

Moreover, they have a total of 285 creations, of which only 66 are active. Ads for the game are shown worldwide, but now they are all in English. However, the ads tend to focus mostly on the image so the overall placement of the ad may not be necessary.

So what are the ads in question? Basically, there’s a cartoon-style scene that says something offensive, and when you peel back a part of the picture, it reveals something silly underneath. However, for many of these creations, even when the subject matter appears to be humorous, the original message has already made an impact. The nature of the ad started a conversation among users around the age rating of the game. According to the opinion of the game, some found it wrong. This could be a strategy to gain users as parents and children may want to download the game to investigate for themselves. They may feel the need to try the app live to participate in the discussion around it.

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The app feedback section provides insight into how people feel about the app.

As we can see, even in this small sample, people downloaded the app to write negative reviews. Even if these ideas are bad, talking about their creation can be a strategy to get organic advertising.

This app also uses Apple Search Ads and they use a very interesting strategy in terms of performance.

This is surprising, but it also points to the fact that this application treats the controversy as a

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