Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023 – It is easy to feel that the pandemic has stolen time and disrupted life plans, so the stolen time is figuring out how to do things more efficiently. Whether you need a tech hack, a podcast, an app, or just want to save a few minutes, we help you feel more in control. We need this.

There is a bit of magic in audio books. Play the title, close your eyes and this digital format can take you on a journey anywhere in the world, impart vast knowledge, make you laugh out loud and leave you emotional. And thanks to a range of easy-to-use apps, you can listen to audiobooks wherever you take your smartphone and a pair of headphones. Whether you want to listen to an audiobook on the way to work, at the gym, while doing homework or in bed at night, we have an app to help you do it.

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

Audible can be credited with popularizing digital audiobooks. This platform changed the market from cassettes and DVDs to simple downloads that can be stored on your MP3 player or smartphone. Currently, Audible, which is owned by Amazon, is the largest producer and seller of audiobooks in the United States.

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The Audible app, available for iOS and Android, is packed with features as you’d expect from a pioneer in these markets. The application offers a useful widget that allows quick and easy return to the last listen with easy access from the home screen. There is also the possibility of listening to titles offline by downloading instead of streaming. You can enjoy listening on different devices with “Whispersync” when you sign in with your Amazon account.

Although the Audible app is free to download, you’ll need a membership plan to hear its content. An Audible Plus membership costs $7.95 per month (opens in a new tab) and gives you access to podcasts, several meditation programs, and a selection of free titles. You can then choose to purchase additional content.

For a monthly fee of $14.95 (opens in a new tab), you can enjoy an Audible Premium Plus membership that gives you access to additional materials in the Audible Plus catalog and one title per month from bestsellers and new releases. Amazon Prime members currently get two free titles with their Audible Premium Plus trial.

Audible is available for download in the Apple App Store (opens in a new tab) and the Google Play Store (opens in a new tab).

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Audio books. has been around since 2012, is headquartered in Canada, and is run by “a group of book and technology geeks,” according to the website.

It costs the same as an Audible Premium Plus membership — $14.95 — but for the monthly fee, you get not one, but two audiobooks: one from’s entire 300,000-title library, and one from their “VIP.” The library changes every month.

Membership at gives you access to audio news, audio magazines, audio digests, and specially selected sleep and meditation apps. It is also a very strong player in the podcast market, offering its members unlimited access to more than 100 million podcast episodes.

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

You can browse thousands of available book titles, search and listen to podcasts in an instant.’s patent-pending synchronization technology means you can start a book on your smartphone, read it on your laptop, then read it at home on your tablet. We especially liked the bedtime reading app’s customizable sleep timer.

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NOOK was developed in late 2009 as an Android-based e-reader platform. Barnes & Noble still makes NOOK devices, but the brand has evolved to offer both software and content.

If you download the Nook app, you can instantly explore more than 75,000 free e-books and more than 10,000 free audiobooks. For premium content, you must sign up for the “B&N Audiobooks” paid service. This is a monthly subscription that costs $14.99 and you get one audiobook credit per month.

Once you’ve downloaded the audiobook of your choice, it syncs to your NOOK app and you can start listening through the in-app player. If you have a stand-alone NOOK device, the app and your e-reader stay in sync while you listen. The app is compatible with CarPlay, offers tagging capabilities, options to set a sleep timer, and can change the narration speed.

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Barnes & Noble NOOK is available for download in the Apple App Store (opens in a new tab) and the Google Play Store (opens in a new tab).

Google Play Books for iOS (opens in a new tab) and Google Play Books & Audiobooks for Android (opens in a new tab) are free apps that do not require a monthly commitment. Still, it’s a highly recommended app for anyone who only listens to audiobooks occasionally, such as while on vacation, or for anyone who isn’t sure if they’ll enjoy the audiobook experience and wants to try it out without signing up. Membership.

Without the need for a monthly subscription, you can choose to browse the available audiobooks and pay to download each title. For iOS apps, you must purchase titles from the Google Play Books web store and they will be synced to your mobile device.

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

The application is simple and makes it easy to view the titles you have downloaded. Audiobooks sync across all your devices, including in your car with CarPlay. Anyone using the Google Play Books iOS app can enjoy integration with Siri; You can use Siri shortcuts like “Hey Siri, play my audiobook.”

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One of the features we liked about the app is the ability to rewind or fast forward 30 seconds – useful if, for example, you missed a few words due to outside noise. There’s also a smart sleep timer function that you can set to one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or until the end of the current chapter.

Google Play Books are available for download in the Apple App Store (opens in a new tab) and the Google Play Store (opens in a new tab).

The Kobo Books platform is another platform that starts with hardware; The original Kobo eReader launched in 2010. Rakuten Kobo still makes e-reading tablets, but the app, available for iOS (opens in a new tab) and Android (opens in a new tab), lets you use it as a standalone software on own smartphone. already available.

Kobo Books is currently the cheapest of the major audiobook platforms, but despite the more affordable monthly fee, it offers over six million e-books and audiobooks. Kobo Books membership will cost $9.99 per month after the first 30-day free trial. You’ll receive a credit each month to use toward new audiobooks regardless of your $9.99 monthly fee above the listed price.

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When you browse the Kobo Books website, you can see titles by traditional category, but Kobo Books also offers some interesting curated collections such as “audiobooks that will change your life,” “audiobooks that come alive with sound,” and “audiobooks that will change your life. ” which is interesting”. For children.” Once you’ve purchased an audiobook through the site, it will sync with your phone.

The Kobo Books audio player has a clean and neat design. App features include the ability to adjust the listening speed, options to set a sleep timer, and a quick tap function to rewind or fast forward ten seconds.

Kob’s book is available for download in the Apple App Store (opens in a new tab) and the Google Play Store (opens in a new tab).

Top 17 Best Apps For Audio Books Free In 2023

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