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Top Iphone Apps And Games

Top Iphone Apps And Games – Got money to burn? Looking for an app that offers more features than others? We all know that most of the time paid apps offer more than free apps; they offer perks you can’t get unless you shell out for it. While most paid apps are reasonably priced, some are unbelievably expensive, but… do they offer merchandise? Do they deliver on the promise of expensive prices?

Only you can decide, but here, just for your perusal, are the ten most expensive apps available in the iOS App Store:

Top Iphone Apps And Games

Not the most expensive app on the store, but at $999.99, iVIP Black really lives up to its name. Sometimes referred to as “The Millionaire’s App”, iVIP Black has partnered with many famous personalities and offers its users many perks. You can get free room upgrades at hotels, direct access to concierge services, priority reservations at some of the trendiest and most popular restaurants, free amenities, and even invitations to the best parties.

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Plus, the app lets you easily book private jets, private yachts, and even private islands, because what multi-millionaire wouldn’t want to? If you have this app, well, you must be a multi-millionaire, right? You can download such apps from the Panda Helper app store.

Reyburn Piano Services Inc is one of the top companies in the field of piano tuning, especially digital tuning, and they have spent years developing this app. It’s only available in the iOS app store and is aimed at professional piano tuners who have the knowledge and equipment needed to do the job.

The app offers a user-friendly layout designed by professional piano technicians, with support via email or phone. At $1399, this support has to be the best. But that’s not all you’ll pay – the app also requires you to pay for upgrades, making it the most expensive app on the store.

If your wallet isn’t for CyberTuner, what about Verituner? At only $599.99, it’s definitely cheap but still overpriced. Like CyberTuner, it’s a digital tuning app for professionals, including features like pitch boost, tone tuning, adjustable stretch, AutoNote, and you’ll even have access to some of the best tempos of all time.

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If that’s what you want, go ahead and buy the app, or like any professional piano tuner, you can try your hand at it yourself.

The DDS GP app claims to be the best “chairside case presentation software” for dentists, but one expects dentists to be a little more professional than using an app to show us what our teeth look like.

Of course, if you think this is the best your dentist can do, then feel free to show them the app. They might seem excited at first—until you tell them it’s going to cost $399.99 to buy. Then, you may be looking for a new dentist.

Do you have trouble speaking with your own voice? Know anyone else? This app might be just what you are looking for. It is designed as an assistive technology app for people with ALS, autism and any other condition that can affect your natural language.

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It lets you speak using recorded messages or a built-in speech synthesizer, and Stephen Hawking might consider using it if he’s still around — if he doesn’t balk at the $299.99 price tag.

We all have some sort of widget on our phone or tablet, but can you honestly say you have the most expensive widget? Probably not, but if you want it, you can own this exclusive widget for just $284.99.

Be prepared for people to make fun of you, not just behind your back. After all, who else is going to spend nearly $300 on a widget? I know some of us would pay that much for the best iPhone case, but a widget? Really?

This is another very expensive widget, and, to be fair, it doesn’t do much. It’s like having a virtual jewelry store on your iPhone, but without everything that makes those jewels desirable and valuable. Developers know this and target their apps at those who want to have the most expensive apps because they can.

The 4 Best Iphone Apps And Games Of The Week

They also say the app does nothing – except show everyone that you’re just an amazing human being, a rich dude who can pay for an app that does nothing.

$299 per game. That has to be the most expensive game, except it’s not just one. This app comes bundled with several games including Beez, Bubbles, Wormz, Clown Bop, Boingg and Zooblz.

No matter how many games there are, it’s still an expensive way to pass the time, and it’s worth noting that the app was a lot less expensive when it first launched. So, someone got greedy, and here’s the result — an overpriced app full of games you probably wouldn’t even play.

Don’t confuse it with Cash App – app. Cash isn’t free, and it’s certainly not welcome. You also can’t really use it for P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions, or casual purchases. So what is it? In fact, it is a cash register system.

The 5 Best Iphone Apps And Games Of The Week (#26

You’ve seen something like it in any modern restaurant, and in theory, it’s a great idea. Unless you take into account that it costs $999.99 to purchase, which explains why it doesn’t have any App Store reviews.

Last but not least is the Surgical Atlas app. For just $119.99, you can save a ton of cash on your hospital visits. Why, you can even dissect yourself and put yourself back together like a professional in a hospital would do.

Seriously though, this is an app we don’t recommend anyone buy and definitely don’t try. Some things should only be reserved for professionals, people with years of training, not software!

Well, there you go — these are some of the most expensive apps in the app store right now. Do you want to try it? anyone there

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From the latest supercars, stunning yachts, mansions and exquisite watches, to high-end hotels and resorts from around the world and the latest tech and fashion trends. But how, how? How do you pick the best 50 games out of hundreds of thousands in the app store?

That’s a question you might be asking right now, but it’s a question we’re asking ourselves as well. How can we get around this with any form of scientific credulity?

In the end we didn’t think it was possible, and instead we’d approach it the same way Skynet would send back just one Terminator instead of a horde of them, or when we’re expected to believe that feeding pixies after midnight is ok What caused all the commotion, when in fact we were doomed from the start because it was always after midnight…we suspended our disbelief.

The 5 Best Apple Iphone Games You Should Play This Week

So while we don’t want you to believe that these are the absolute best 50 games on the App Store, every single one of them is pretty darn good. So, in no particular order, these are the 50 best iPhone games on the App Store.

Fantastic little arcade game featuring a bird with tiny wings. Birds use the hills to jump up, slide down, and generally walk around. Addictive and visually incredible – like a psychedelic watercolor painting, Tiny Wings is awesome.

Consistently gets 5-star reviews due to the large number of puzzles (well over 100) and the ability to create your own puzzle tracks to guide trains to color-coordinated stations. Sound easy? Don’t be fooled.

Canabalt has found a beautiful retro sweet spot between the Atari and the Game Boy. This fast-paced runner is filled with shades of gray and features a randomly generated cityscape.

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“The 8-bit Hockey Experience”. A 2v2 arcade-style game with a simple control scheme, multiplayer and matches that last less than two minutes. This is high-fidelity Pong on ice.

Part word game, part land grab, you’ll need to use your vocabulary and planning skills to occupy the board while preventing your human opponents from stealing your letters.

Realistic and beautiful graphics, immersive controls and a rewarding car upgrade system make this game one of, if not the best racing games on the app store.

Taking a cue from the console’s Rayman reboot, the titles featured him running and jumping around bizarre environments, like an overgrown jungle or a string of oversized sausages.

The Size Of Iphone’s Top Apps Has Increased By 1,000% In Four Years

An incredibly rich, grinding, challenging and most entertaining table tennis game. Follow the career mode from club competitions to international championships. Very tough, but very satisfying when you win the race.

The gorgeous design won an Apple Design Award in 2014, but this game is so much more than that

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