Top Learning Apps For Adults

Top Learning Apps For Adults – Education is in the top 3 app categories in Google Play and the App Store, alongside games and business categories. People choose mobile education apps because they help in acquiring skills and knowledge efficiently. It’s the perfect time to develop a learning app and enter the market, and here’s why:

The field for developing educational programs is quite broad as people seek to acquire various knowledge and skills. We prepared a guide to help you create your own educational app.

Top Learning Apps For Adults

All educational apps can be categorized by user, learning purpose, and type of content. We prefer to divide educational apps into these three categories because understanding them helps to develop and promote programs for further education.

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Educational goals, target audience, and content type determine your program logic, approach to content presentation, and positioning of your product. Before starting educational app development, you should categorize your app idea. Your application can have several categories.

For example, Coursera targets graduate students and adults to provide knowledge acquired in the form of online courses. To understand how it works for businesses, let’s take a look at the top 3 learning apps and how they build their business models.

According to SensorTower, the most downloaded learning apps for 2020 are Google Classroom, YouTube Kids and Duolingo. All three apps have different target audiences, methods of content delivery, and learning objectives. It will help us understand their success from different perspectives and make the best of their examples.

Google Classroom is a learning management platform that allows teachers and students to share files, create assignments, and teach and learn remotely. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, Google Classroom received 50 million downloads for Android and became the number one educational app.

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The program became so popular because of its simplicity and availability. Google Classroom is free for all schools and is part of G Suite for Education.

Although Google Classroom is not a commercial venture, it is worth studying as an example of a successful application that solves real user problems. The app simplifies file sharing and allows teachers to create assignments, assess student performance, and foster collaboration. The program is stable, has a user-friendly interface and is not overloaded with features.

YouTube Kids is a video content platform that offers kid-friendly content and allows for parental control. Targeted at children, it makes it easy to find engaging and educational videos for young users. For parents, the app helps block inappropriate content.

According to Apptopia and Braze, YouTube Kids is the most used educational platform for 2020, meaning users spend more time on it than other apps. YouTube Kids’ business model is part of YouTube’s global business model.

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YouTube Kids is a great example of targeting a specific audience using the resources that already exist. Even if you are a startup, you can learn from YouTube and think of additional opportunities for future mobile app development.

Duolingo is a learning app with gamification features for anyone who wants to improve their language skills. The app is engaging and simple due to game features like scores, rewards, progress tracking, etc. It allows training language skills such as listening, writing, reading and speaking in 38 languages. By 2020, Duolingo had 42 million users and was valued at $1.5 billion.

Duolingo’s business model is the most interesting because the program is commercial. The company uses the latest trends in the development of mobile learning applications such as gamification, builds marketing campaigns on different channels and develops proactive partnerships.

Now that we understand how successful learning programs grow the business, let’s take a look at the mechanics of learning programs.

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To create an educational app that is effective and valuable to users, it needs to include some basic features that provide a seamless user experience. Below is a list of the main functions of learning programs.

Registration is a necessary method of collecting and processing user data. Since you are building a learning application, you need to store and display user progress. Apart from that, you may want to create a database and use it to promote your services and send notifications and other important information to your users.

The user profile allows for customization of learning paths and other personal settings that students may wish to control. For businesses, it’s the simplest way to understand who your user is, their needs and preferences for better targeting. You can ask for feedback to improve your service and build lasting relationships with your customers.

The main stream and the menu are the features that concern user interface and content accessibility. Enhance your program with an intuitive interface to retain students and influence their behavior. If the app is easy to navigate and has powerful recommendation algorithms, users will appreciate your concern.

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One of the most important features of your app is its content and layout. It is best to offer users short courses that have common content and are well structured. Take your time and create study plans. Ask professional teachers to help you create quality content.

How do you get paid for your services? The payment function provides a marketing relationship between you and your customer. Allow users to pay for services by credit card, e-wallet or mobile phone.

Notifications help users track their progress, not give up and keep learning. With notifications, you increase user engagement and keep them updated with new features, learning opportunities, and promotions and discounts.

If you want to create an educational application where teachers manage student progress, assign assignments, and hold group meetings, you should implement a dashboard. This tool facilitates user management by displaying all necessary student information and provides quick access to this information.

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For applications that allow creating courses, such as Kahoot!, users will need content management functionality. With word processing tools, users can upload and delete content, add modules to existing courses, create content from scratch, and more.

Gamification is an e-Learning strategy that significantly benefits companies. It uses a game system to make learning fun and addictive and increase user interaction with the app. Gamification improves the learning process and increases knowledge retention. Users find role-based learning to be motivating and effective. Video game features include leveling, quizzes and puzzles, progress bars, awards, badges, leaderboards, etc.

These are common features that every learning app should have. Let’s see what advanced functionality you can add to attract more users and build a successful learning app.

The number of educational apps is increasing and entrepreneurs are trying to follow the trend in order to stand out from the competition and win the hearts of the users. According to Global Market Insights, the size of the mobile learning market reached $20 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13% between 2020 and 2026.

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Keep the following guidelines in mind when you decide to start developing educational apps for Android and iOS.

People prefer to learn with video as it is simple to follow and it often provides visual examples. Google reports that 86% of YouTube users use videos to learn new things. In addition to creating video lectures and teaching materials, many teachers hold online classes to interact with students face-to-face, and large companies hold webinars for their employees.

The epidemic has forced educational institutions to switch to online learning, and now all students listen to video lectures every day. Video content opens up possibilities for other online learning streams such as micro-learning and personalized learning.

The ability to customize the virtual learning environment is attractive to users. By choosing a course based on interests and needs, people will be more motivated to attend courses, which means more business interaction with the program. An advanced learning experience where the user can customize their experience makes education fun, engaging and convenient.

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Artificial intelligence tracks and analyzes user behavior to create personalized learning. AI can increase engagement, improve assessment tools, provide smart scheduling and content creation, and more.

Duolingo uses artificial intelligence to develop adaptive tests, which offer questions based on previous answers, challenge users with more complex tasks or make them work on their weak points. To memorize words, Duolingo uses artificial intelligence to track error patterns and determine when users forget certain words to personalize their learning paths.

AR and VR are at the heart of immersive learning applications. Virtual reality allows teachers to experiment without risking the lives and health of students and gain experience. This tool is great for recreating hard to reach or unsafe environments.

For example, Ocean Rift is an interactive learning app that shows users a water safari park. It can be used in biology lessons to explore the underwater world. Advanced VR applications are used in medical education to respond to real-life scenarios such as examining and treating patients without the risk of harming a real person.

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Microlearning is a tool to simplify learning and help users develop discipline. It involves breaking study material into small chunks that take about 10 minutes to complete. Research shows that millennials and Gen Z prefer microlearning over other forms of training.

Social learning is another educational strategy that people prefer. Making learning social means allowing users to communicate, share their experiences and achievements with other learners. Comments, discussions and forums are elements of social learning. Social learning can be a great tool for companies to increase brand awareness, promote

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