Top Ten Android Apps Games

Top Ten Android Apps Games – 2021 was another huge year for mobile gaming. Here are the best Android games released last year.

Mobile games have grown exponentially over the past few years. Around two billion people play mobile games, which generate more revenue than console or PC games. As such, we’ve seen a huge number of game launches in 2021. While most were free-to-play, we also saw some great premium titles launch. We’ve also seen many established mobile versions like League of Legends and Rocket League.

Top Ten Android Apps Games

After sifting through the full range of titles, we think we have a good idea of ​​what the best Android games of 2021 were. Here is our list. If you’d like to see them, we’ve included the tributes at the bottom of the article.

Top 5 Best Android Games Under 100mb; Non Chinese Games (apps): 21 August 2021

Baba Is You is a puzzle game where players can change the rules of the game while playing. Each level has blocks that represent the rules of the game. You can push the blocks to change the gameplay. It’s a game with a unique premise, great execution, great interest and depth.

The graphics are old-school pixel art, but honestly, it works better. It looks a bit funny on oddly shaped devices like the Galaxy Fold 3, but otherwise it’s a must-have for puzzle enthusiasts.

Deemo — Reborn is a remake of one of Rayark’s great rhythm adventure games. Players will navigate through the game world and discover the levels of the rhythm game. The music is great and the mechanics are solid. The Reborn version adds an additional story, new mechanics, and additional music, so fans of the old game still have something new to enjoy.

There are more than 60 songs in the game. If you want, you can buy more through in-app purchases. Fortunately, the in-app purchases are for additional DLC, so that’s no fun.

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Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee is a tower defense game. It was released on PC in 2014 and an Android port came out in 2021. Players take on the role of convicted criminals sent to a new world for slave labor. They must protect themselves from the Endless. After building your team, you equip them, build defenses, and play games.

There’s a lot to do and a lot of mechanics to learn. The controls can be a little cramped, but otherwise it’s a very positive experience and a great port.

Garena Free Fire Max was one of Google’s best games of the year, and we agree. It is also one of the most popular new games of 2021. It is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite and PUBG. It begins with 50 players parachuting onto a deserted island and fighting until only one is left.

It plays similarly to 2017, so fans of one should be able to slide into the other. Major changes from the previous game include better graphics, improved animations, and more. Of course, this means that it uses more resources and requires a higher quality phone to play.

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Heroes of San Francisco is a text game set in the distant future of San Francisco. In this world, monsters and dragons are real and need to be dealt with. According to the developer, the game is a little short, about 90 minutes. Still, it’s incredibly enjoyable and incredibly polished for its genre.

You can fight by hitting individual units, and every action you take has potential consequences. It’s a really unique game and well worth playing if you don’t mind reading.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends. It’s a 5v5 MOBA designed specifically for mobile. The game includes a list of champions, the ability to play with friends, and multiple game modes to play. It has in-app purchases, but you can’t buy your way to victory. Games usually last 15-20 minutes.

Most of the complaints are about bad teammates, which happens in any co-op game. With all of Vainglory’s drama over the last few years, the best MOBA title on mobile will lose out to League of Legends: Wild Rift at this point.

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Lost in Blue was released worldwide on mobile this year. It’s a sandbox MMO where players try to survive after a crash landing on a deserted island. Over time, you improve your character, find resources, and befriend other players to help each other. The game features crafting, building mechanics, various biomes to explore, and more. Even the environment can be hostile with things like volcanoes.

As you progress later in the game, you will have to search for more resources. However, this is nothing experienced mobile gamers have seen before.

Connect Princess! Re: Dive is a gacha-style mobile RPG from Crunchyroll Games. It was released worldwide in 2021. It is a game based on the anime of the same name. In terms of gameplay, it’s not that different from most gachas. You acquire characters, build your team and use them to advance the game.

There are a lot of gacha tropes like long grinds to boost the main characters, but nothing too serious. The amount of attraction can be a little less compared to the leaders of the genre. However, it is one of the best this year and many people love gacha.

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Pokemon Unite is another MOBA released this year. It’s a 5v5 MOBA where instead of champions you use Pokemon. Each Pokemon can be customized with a skin, so players can decorate their own skin however they like. In addition, Pokemon can perform Unite moves to deal extra damage or gain an advantage.

Other features include a quick chat feature, cross-platform gameplay on Nintendo Switch (and iOS), and proper tutorials. It’s online and matches can be unbalanced at times, but that’s the extent of the problem. Wild Rift was a bit better, but it’s still a good MOBA.

PUBG: New State was one of the most anticipated games of 2021. It takes place decades after the events of the first game. That said, it’s mostly the same. You and 99 other players take to the battlefield and eliminate him until only one is left. What’s new in this game includes several new combat mechanics (like dodging), new maps, better graphics, and other goodies.

It’s definitely an iterative improvement over the previous PUBG mobile game, but it still needs a polish or two. We expect it to gradually become more popular and improve over time.

Best Android Apps Of 2016 And 2017 • Nigeria’s Premier Digital Branding Partner

To be honest, I didn’t expect a 2D version of Rocket League to work well, and I didn’t expect it to work well on mobile either. I was wrong. Rocket League Sideswipe had a relatively big launch and people seemed to really like it. It uses the same basic game mechanics as regular Rocket League. You drive around, hit your opponents and use your car to score goals.

It features 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, online competitive matches, and seasonal items for players to collect. Instead of a regular soccer goal, there’s a hoop mode where you put the ball into a giant basket. It feels like a regular Rocket League because it’s fun and chaotic.

RuneScape is officially released in 2021 after spending some time in beta. This is the full version of RuneScape, and you can play with your existing account if you want. The game has been around for years, so most MMORPG fans know what they’re doing. You have many missions and stories to play, one of the most complex economies in the game, and a lot to do.

It’s free to play, but you can pay for extra missions, skills, and more. It’s a lot better than the beta, but we expect the improvements to continue as the game hits stable.

Most Popular Android Apps And Games In 2016 According To Google

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is a mobile port of the 2003 PlayStation 2 game. This is an adventure platform game where you play as Spongebob, Sandy and Patrick to save Bikini Bottom from any well. Along with the original story and gameplay elements, this version of the game features improved visuals, full control support, Google Play Games support, and more.

We also appreciate that it doesn’t have any microtransactions to spoil the fun. We didn’t find any issues with the game, especially after the developer fixed the Android 12 compatibility issue. This is one of the best premium adventure games in recent years.

The original Titan Quest was one of the best games of 2016. The remaster will now return the title to our list in 2021. This is an animated port of the 2006 RPG. The Legendary Edition includes all of the game’s DLC and technical updates. Players take on the role of fighting monsters from various legends. The DLC adds Atlantis, Greek mythology, and the Celts.

The mobile controls work very well

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