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Vmware Backup Best Practice

Vmware Backup Best Practice – Security is the name of the game in the business world these days. But, unfortunately, this trend is not happening simply because of the increased frequency of cyber-attacks (although that contributes) and the possibility of hardware failure.

If you have a storage array of VMs (Virtual Machines) and it fails, all of the VMs will fail as a result. When this happens, there is a chance that you will lose some of your data, especially if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of malware or another attack at that time.

Vmware Backup Best Practice

Vmware Backup Best Practice

This can lead to huge financial losses and service interruptions, causing your customers to doubt your brand. Because of this, you should have a solution ready in case any of your VMs fail. You should be able to put it back as quickly as possible. Being able to restore individual files and objects is also a nice bonus. Today, we are looking at the best tools for VMware backups.

Cohesity Secondary Data Management For Vmware Vsan (58934)

We base our criteria on what everyone should be looking for in a backup tool. There are many ways to edge tools over others, such as running faster, creating smaller backups, or requiring fewer resources to run.

When you create a backup for a large VM deployment, it is inevitable that you will lose some time and resources on it. One of the most important things to remember is that the secret to optimizing these backups is to clearly define what you need to back up and get rid of orphaned and zombie virtual machines. While this may seem like too much time to waste, it will pay dividends in the long run.

Basically, a VMware backup tool exists to get your VM environment up and running again as soon as possible, as well as protect the data. However, the tools we’re looking at today can do more than that, make your backups simpler and help you manage them.

We have ranked the above tools based on their efficiency and quality of features. Some that we hold in high esteem are:

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The SolarWinds company is one of the largest providers of network and system monitoring and management tools. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is not just a backup tool; rather, it is an all-in-one VM manager.

The VMAN will provide you with peak VMware monitoring and management, designed to help with any VM performance issues you may be facing. In addition, it will centralize and consolidate your hypervisor health and performance metrics, helping its efficiency. This makes the VMAN a great tool for dealing with Virtualization Sprawl, whether your resources are on-premises or not.

The only disadvantages that could be attributed to the VMAN are that it can have too many features for beginner users despite its user-friendly UI and that it may be too expensive for some people .

Vmware Backup Best Practice

Pricing: It has two pricing models; subscription and perpetual license. It starts at eight sockets for $2995, but you can get a quote to find out the best pricing method for you.

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Acronis Cyber ​​​​Protect promises a lot on the tin, but in our test, it didn’t deliver the exceptional “2x speed” compared to its closest competitors. That said, it is a straightforward installation, and its centralized management software is accessible via the web.

This tool performs granular recovery, and its Instant Restore and VMflashback features simplify the restore process a bit. The tool also provides remote, bare metal, and automatic recovery.

Although Acronis Backup & Recovery is a great tool, it doesn’t seem to carve out a niche for itself. However, its combined speed and simplicity should not be underestimated.

Veeam is one of the most focused and robust VMware backup software out there. Veeam gives you a single platform to handle data protection, hybrid cloud management and backups.

Veeam Best Practises

This tool is both backup and recovery software that allows you to create and store photos, run apps, have continuous data protection, and perform VMware backups.

Using this tool, you can perform application-aware image-based backups and transfer them to the cloud or choose to store them on-premises. Then, when you want to restore a backup, you don’t have to restore the whole thing, and you can restore the files and application items you need.

That said, Veeam can be quite intimidating for newer users, and its pricing requires you to contact the company for a quote.

Vmware Backup Best Practice

NAKIVO is quite similar to Veeam in that it is a Backup & Replication suite made to quickly and reliably create vSphere backups and complete recovery as quickly as possible. The tool provides live VMware backups, backing up your VMs and all their app data. Additionally, it offers automatic VM protection with its VMware backup policies. One of the tool’s greatest strengths is the speed with which it can recover VMs, or any individual files or real apps.

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The tool is aimed at enterprises, so if you are a small or medium-sized business, you may be better off looking for another tool that suits your needs.

The tool hits a very similar niche to Veeam, and it’s up to your individual needs which of the two is best.

Iperius Backup is made for VMware ESXi and Hyper-V VMs. It has incremental backups and the ability to restore ESXi, vCenter, and ESXi Free.

The tool prefers to create hot backups, which will help if your VMware is ever attacked, as you can bounce back very quickly. It can even create hot backups of Hyper-V from different machines.

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Its incremental replication features help you keep only the files you need. The tool is also compatible with the cSphere ESXi Cluster. As you can tell, it’s a pretty specialized tool; however, it does its job well.

Iperius Backup will allow you to backup your VMware to the Cloud, NAS, LTO Tape, or disk. You can also replicate from one host to another or from datastore to datastore.

Vembu is one of the simplest backup software for VMware out there. It also covers physical servers and Hyper-V; it is easily scalable but works best in a small to medium business environment.

Vmware Backup Best Practice

It offers almost continuous data protection, ensuring that your data is not stolen by malicious agents. In an added effort to make backups even easier, Vembu offers an agentless host level or vCenter level restore.

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All backups are automatically verified when created. When it comes to restoring individual files, Vembu can do it almost instantly.

The Altaro VM Backup comes from the award-winning developer Altaro. They are known for creating extremely easy-to-use backup tools made for small and medium-sized businesses. They focus on MS Hyper-V, VMware, Office 365, and physical server backups.

While this one doesn’t seem like much to say, it’s great if you just want a tool that gets the job done and prefer to avoid technical details.

The Veritas NetBackup tool was known as Symantec NetBackup before 2016. It’s a great solution if you’re looking for a tool that helps you manage your VMware and host machines in one intuitive package.

Arcserve® Backup For Windows Agent For Virtual Machines

Many system administrators face the issue of thinking of virtual environments as fundamentally different from physical environments. However, while there are differences, they are more similar than different.

By adopting this philosophy, you can easily conclude that VMware should be supported and restored like the physical devices in your system – using a traditional, agent-based approach. Veritas Netbackup

This tool is a great way to take a more traditional approach to backups. That being said, the tool is sometimes a bit dated compared to tools that have strayed from the norm a bit more.

Vmware Backup Best Practice

VMware backup tools come in many different shapes and sizes. Some give you a full suite of monitoring, backup and restoration tools like our number 1 pick, while others like Vembu prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

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The most important thing to figure out when choosing a VMware backup tool is quite simple – your needs. No matter how good a tool is, if it is not focused on what you need, you should choose to use one. We believe this list has at least one tool for anyone.

Did we miss your favorite VMware backup tool? What do you think about a more modern approach to backups? Let us know in the comments below!No reproduction of the content or parts of this manual is permitted except with the express written permission of September AG. In compiling and designing user documentation, SEP AG uses great care and strives to provide accurate and correct information. However, SEP AG cannot issue a guarantee regarding the content of this manual.

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