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Vmware Cloud Provider

Vmware Cloud Provider – 73% of businesses now use two or more public clouds. While multicloud accelerates digital transformation, it also brings complexity and risk.

68% of developers who need to modernize their applications want to expand their use of modern application frameworks, APIs and services.

Vmware Cloud Provider

Vmware Cloud Provider

Giving developers the flexibility to use any app framework and tooling for a secure, consistent and rapid path to production on any cloud.

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Deliver security and networking as embedded, distributed services to users, apps, devices and workloads across any cloud.

Empower employees to be productive from anywhere with secure, frictionless access to enterprise apps from any device.

Run enterprise apps and platform services at scale across public and telecom clouds, data centers, and edge environments.

Modernize your apps faster with a multi-cloud Kubernetes platform that enables you to build and run all your apps consistently across clouds.

Migrate Data To The Cloud With A Vmware Cloud Provider Free Trial

Build, run, secure, and manage all your apps across clouds with our application modernization solutions and guidance.

Learn how architects, platform teams, and innovators use the latest technologies to take code from idea to reality.

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Vmware Cloud Provider

Embrace Platform Ops Platform Development Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Tanzu Mission Control Aria Applications for Applications

Building A Developer Ready Cloud To Offer Serverless Web Application Capabilities With The Vmware Cloud Provider Platform

Connect and Protect Modern Apps Carbon Black Container Container Networking NSX NSX Advanced Load Balancer Tanzu Service Mesh with Antrea Network Security

Emergence as Cloud Native CSP Telco Cloud Automation Telco Cloud Infrastructure Telco Cloud Platform Telco Cloud Platform – Public Cloud Telco Cloud Platform – RAN Telco Cloud Service Assurance RIC

Accelerate your cloud transformation with enterprise infrastructure, multi-cloud operations, and a modern app platform across the edge and any cloud.

Run enterprise apps at scale with consistent cloud infrastructure across public clouds, data centers, and edge environments.

New Vmware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program Provides An Easy On Ramp To The Cloud

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Operate in the Cloud Accelerate Disaster Recovery Network Automation Adopt Sovereign Clouds Enable Cloud Adoption Scale Capacity on Demand

Vmware Cloud Provider

Cloud Aria Administration CloudHealth CloudHealth Secure State Skyline Aria Operations for Applications vRealize Automation vRealize Cloud Universal vRealize Log Insight vRealize Network Insight vRealize Operations vRealize Suite

Vmware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager 1.2 Is Generally Available

Secure Cloud Workloads Carbon Black Container Carbon Black Workloads CloudHealth Secure State NSX Advanced Load Balancer NSX Distributed Firewall NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Multicloud Edge Edge Computing Stack Edge Enable Network Intelligence Empower Remote Work WAN Optimization and Protection SD-WAN Secure Access Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Telecom Edge Cloud Web Security

Empower employees to be productive from anywhere with secure, frictionless access to enterprise apps from any device.

Empower Your Frontline Workers Workspace ONE Workspace ONE Launcher Workspace ONE for Rugged Devices Workspace ONE UEM Workspace ONE Workspace ONE for IoT Endpoints

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Platform Services Workspace ONE Access Workspace ONE Assist Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon Workspace ONE Freestyle Orchestrator Workspace ONE Intelligence SaaS App Management

Better protect your apps and data in any environment with connected security that delivers complete visibility and frictionless operations.

SOC Modernization Carbon Black Cloud Carbon Black Endpoint Carbon Black MDR NSX Distributed IDS/IPS NSX Network Detection and Response NSX Sandbox Security Professional Services

Vmware Cloud Provider

Secure Multi-Cloud Workloads Carbon Black App Control Carbon Black Container Carbon Black Workloads CloudHealth Secure State NSX Advanced Load Balancer NSX Distributed Firewall NSX Distributed IDS/IPS NSX Gateway Firewall Ransomware Protection

Welcome To Our Vcommunity Slack Workspace

App and Network Access Edge Enhancement Network Intelligence Remote Work Enhancement WAN Optimization and Securing SD-WAN Secure Access Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Cloud Web Security

Together with our partners, we are building a new multi-cloud ecosystem that will become essential for our customers.

With thousands of partners around the world, we are well-positioned to help you grow your business, drive innovation and transform your customer experience.

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Introducing Vmware Cloud: Multi Cloud Services For Any App In Any Cloud

Customers want flexibility and control when choosing cloud services for their enterprise workloads. And with Cloud Verified services, you can be the right partner to offer. By adding the Cloud Verified badge to your cloud services offerings, you let your customers and prospects know that your underlying cloud technologies and services are based on cloud infrastructure such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX.

And cloud providers are accelerating digital business transformation by enabling consistent operations and infrastructure across clouds and devices. Combined with vSphere, vCloud Director brings cloud computing to existing data centers by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and presenting them to users as catalog-based services.

Many of the limitations described in this white paper regarding secure access control, isolation, and operational efficiency can be addressed using vCloud Director. For example, as emphasized earlier, sharing host resources across tenants poses many challenges not only in terms of resource management and service guarantees, but also in terms of secure tenant isolation. These are the challenges that vCloud Director for Service Providers is designed to solve. In addition, vCloud Director provides end consumers with simple self-service and consumption of advanced network services (provided by NSX) through the vCloud Director UI and APIs.

Vmware Cloud Provider

VCloud Director provides secure isolation. This is because administrators can group users into organizations, such as business units, departments, or subsidiaries, which can represent arbitrary policy groups. Each group has isolated virtual resources, his independent LDAP authentication, specific policy controls, and a unique catalog.

Vmware Cloud Foundation

These features enable multi-tenant environments where multiple organizations share the same infrastructure. Visibility and resource control are limited to each organization’s virtual data center (VDC).

With vCloud Director, tenant management and control is provided through a self-service portal with direct access to individual tenant catalogs and virtual data centers. Tenants consume resources as catalog-based services through web portals and programmatic interfaces.

By standardizing processes, promoting automation, and delivering IT as a Service through vCloud Director, you can significantly reduce the hands-on maintenance required of a shared vCenter Server model, while adding additional value beyond virtualization. savings can be realized. Additionally, standardized service delivery simplifies IT management tasks such as troubleshooting, patching, and change management. Policy-based workflows eliminate administrative maintenance and automate provisioning. This allows authorized users to deploy preconfigured services when needed.

VCloud Director has many advantages over the shared vCenter Server model described in this white paper. However, there is no right or wrong way to provide end consumers with the services and resources they need to carry out their daily tasks. In fact, one of the key differentiators of VMware cloud providers is helping many companies build their business on that trust by focusing on the services their customers want to access. , to help manage the customer lifecycle. In this blog series, we will explore the different features and usage details provided by VMware Cloud Provider Hub. Providers can use this detailed customer-level usage, attach appropriate tariffs using their own billing system, and generate customer invoices for cloud services consumed.

Vmware Sd Wan By Velocloud Now Available To Cloud Provider Partners Through Partner Connect Program

VMware Cloud Provider Hub is a single portal for cloud providers to manage and deliver her VMware Cloud services offered to their customers. VMware Cloud Services comprise a broad set of services that enable you to create, manage and monitor public, private and hybrid cloud resources. .

Provider must be her VMware Cloud Provider partner and must have a valid commit agreement through an aggregator prior to onboarding to VMware Cloud Provider Hub. This commitment contract is created in the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) business portal.

If you are new to VMware Cloud Provider Hub or know how to onboard to VMware Cloud Provider Hub, please refer to our previously published article here.

Vmware Cloud Provider

Usage with VMware Cloud Provider Hub is available under the Billing & Subscription tab in both the Provider and Tenant consoles when logged in to console.cloud.vmware.com.

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The different options for viewing previous usage in VMware Cloud Provider Hub are explained with screenshots of Cloud Provider Hub and mapped to the numbered list below.

Roles with permission to view usage Provider users with the following roles can view usage in the provider organization as well as the tenant organization

A detailed usage report for Cloud Provider Hub can be downloaded as a csv file. It contains detailed hourly usage across all organizations for all SKUs consumed across all services. A sample report is shown below.

In this blog, we have touched on the different usage features that VMware Cloud Provider Hub offers his Providers and their end customers.

New Unified Partner Platform: Vmware Cloud Partner Navigator

Part 2: Hourly Detailed Usage Report Details – Learn more about hourly detailed reports

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