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Vmware Cloud Service Provider

Vmware Cloud Service Provider – We are pleased to announce that VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is now available to managed service providers via VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. With VMware Cloud at Dell EMC, managed service providers (MSPs) can expand their service portfolio and offer robust on-premises and edge cloud solutions. Its users benefit from a fully managed cloud service running within a data center of their choice.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a fully managed hybrid cloud service that combines the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure. Offered as a service in data centers and edge locations, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and its hybrid cloud services enable you to deliver a simple, secure and scalable infrastructure to your customers.

Vmware Cloud Service Provider

Vmware Cloud Service Provider

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is jointly designed by VMware and Dell EMC. It’s built on Dell EMC’s industry-leading VxRail appliances, running VMware’s Cloud Foundation stack, which includes virtualized compute, networking, and storage.

Horizon Cloud Service

Although it runs in a customer or partner data center, it is offered as a cloud service – operated and monitored 24/7 by VMware’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team and is available as a monthly subscription, with no initial investment.

Running in any data center, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is ideal for situations where your customers don’t want to run workloads in a public cloud or hosted environment. Examples of target use cases include advanced VDI workloads, low-latency or high-bandwidth applications, environments with data sovereignty requirements, or edge computing use cases such as manufacturing, healthcare, or retail sale

VMware Partner Connect partners can now resell VMware Cloud to Dell EMC. The MSP partner owns the terms of service between them and the end customer. This MSP partner control makes VMware Cloud at Dell EMC the ideal starting point for hosted private cloud services. As an MSP partner, you can offer additional services such as migration, backup and disaster recovery services.

Like other VMware cloud services, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is accessed through the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. Partners selling the service can request environments through this portal and delegate access to end users if they wish.

Vcloud Director Multitenant Data Center Networking In Vsphere

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is delivered as a managed service, just like VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware’s SRE team monitors the environment 24 hours a day and keeps the environment up to date. VMware acts as a single point of contact for the partner.

Each environment contains a standby node, which can take over in case of a problem. In case of hardware defects, a technician arrives on site within 4 hours to replace the faulty components.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is available in two rack configurations and multiple instance types. During ordering, you can choose host configuration, provide IP address ranges, and define cluster configuration. VMware pre-configures the environment to your liking and installs the environment on-site, ensuring it is accessible to the VMware SRE team for management and monitoring.

Vmware Cloud Service Provider

More information about instance types can be found on the VMware Cloud at Dell EMC product page.

Vmware Cloud Services: Should You Take The Jump?

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC for Managed Service Providers is initially available only in the United States. Other geographic availability is planned.

VMware Partner Connect MSP partners can contact their aggregator and sign a commitment contract for VMware Cloud at Dell EMC. After signing a commitment contract, you can order VMware Cloud in Dell EMC environments through Cloud Partner Navigator.

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VMware Cloud Provider vCloud Usage Insight is now part of Cloud Partner Navigator! How to join as a new cloud provider? VMware vCloud Director empowers customers to build secure private clouds that dramatically increase data center efficiency and business agility. Together with vSphere, vCloud Director provides cloud computing for existing data centers by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and delivering them to users as catalog-based services.

Manage User Access To Metering And Billing In Vmware Cloud Partner Navigator

Many of the limitations discussed in this document regarding secure access control, isolation, and operational efficiency are addressed by using vCloud Director. For example, as highlighted above, sharing host resources between tenants presents a number of challenges from a secure tenant isolation perspective, as well as from the perspective of resource management and guaranteeing service These are the challenges that vCloud Director for Service Providers is designed to solve. In addition, vCloud Director provides end consumers with easy self-service and consumption of advanced network services (provided by NSX) through the vCloud Director API and user interface.

VCloud Director provides secure separation because administrators can group users into organizations that can represent any policy group, such as a business unit, division, or subsidiary. Each group has isolated virtual resources, independent LDAP authentication, specific policy controls, and unique catalogs.

These features enable a multi-tenant environment with multiple organizations sharing the same infrastructure. Visibility and control of resources are restricted to each virtual data center (VDC) in each organization.

Vmware Cloud Service Provider

When using vCloud Director, tenant management and control is provided through a self-service portal, which provides direct access to individual tenant catalogs and virtual data centers. Tenants consume catalog-based resources as a service through a web portal and programmatic interfaces.

Support Your Customers’ Move To The Cloud

By standardizing processes, increasing automation, and delivering IT as a service through vCloud Director, additional savings beyond virtualization can be achieved while significantly reducing the hands-on operational maintenance required of the model of shared vCenter Server. In addition, standardizing service offerings can simplify IT management tasks such as troubleshooting, patching, and change management. Administrative maintenance can be eliminated and provisioning can be automated using policy-based workflows that allow authorized users to deploy preconfigured services when they need them.

VCloud Director offers a number of advantages over the shared vCenter Server model discussed in this document. However, there is no right or wrong way to provide end consumers with the services and resources they need to go about their day-to-day lives. In fact, one of the main differentiators for VMware cloud providers is that many simply focus on the services their customers want to access and help them build their businesses based on that trusted relationship. As organizations embark on their multi-cloud journey, ensuring they are cloud-ready is a critical ingredient for success. Kit Colbert said it best in his recent blog post on whether multicloud is a strategy or an inevitable outcome. In any case, having a multi-cloud plan is a must!

As part of this cloud readiness, public cloud vendors have traditionally provided guidance in the form of an architectural framework. These frameworks focus primarily on cloud provider-specific deployment, best practices, and native cloud services. As more and more customers decide on a cloud strategy that meets their business goals, the need has arisen to provide prescriptive guidance and best practices to support multi-cloud deployments.

Based on VMware Cloud, which is a modern multi-cloud platform that provides unified infrastructure, management and operations to help customers build and deploy modern applications, from the data center to public clouds and edge environments. VMware is best positioned to provide this comprehensive guide, partnering with the various public cloud providers to support customers on their multicloud journey.

What Is A Local Cloud?

Today we’re pleased to introduce the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework (VMCWAF) with the release of this initial white paper that sets the foundation and overall direction for this new framework.

The VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework will introduce the following VMware pillars: plan, build, secure, modernize and operate. These pillars are the building blocks that will provide customers with technical guidance and a consistent approach to achieving their organization’s business goals and digital transformation initiatives.

The key goal of the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework is to help customers accelerate their infrastructure and application modernization efforts. This white paper will be expanded in the future to include resources such as:

Vmware Cloud Service Provider

As VMware continues to expand and build upon the well-designed VMware Cloud framework, feedback and collaboration from our customers, partners, and the broader ecosystem will help guide and influence the direction of this framework . If you are interested in providing feedback or participating as a design partner, please contact us by email at vmwcloudready@vmware.com Today we see incredible demand for digital services, from telemedicine to distance learning and contactless systems in retail and financial services. But the reality is that the pace of enterprise transformation is stalling as customers face applications in different environments and at different stages of modernization.

Introducing The Vmware Cloud Well Architected Framework

Most organizations are already using multiple clouds based on application type, cloud capabilities, and organizational preferences. Factors such as mergers and acquisitions, compliance, data sovereignty and licensing practices make this even more common.

“A multi-cloud environment, supported by VMware, enables our IT team to support the agile development of valuable new products and services for our insurance agents and customers.”

Regardless, the message is clear, the applications and services that power businesses today simply must evolve to meet the needs of the business in the future.

We see a cloud model that is increasingly distributed and diverse, with applications deployed across a variety of public clouds, within the data center and at the edge, but unified with centralized management and operations, centralized governance and security.

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“We aim to have a multi-distributed computing environment

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