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Web Host Promo Codes – Most web hosting providers are based in a single country. For example, Hostgator International is based in the US, and so is Bluehost. However, Exabytes has data centers in 3 different countries, namely:

I myself have personally recommended hosting in Singapore because of the excellent facilities and high speeds. So the presence of not one, but

Web Host Promo Codes

That means you’re covered no matter where your audience is. If you get the majority of customers in the western world, the US data center in Denver is perfect for you. If your customers are predominantly in Asia, Singapore or Malaysia data centers should be your choice.

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The “Starter Plan” is of particular interest because you can get hosting for just 42 cents a month! Here is a screenshot:

First, it is not a “time-based” plan. For example, GoDaddy also has cheap web hosting for $1/m, but that plan is only available for a 12-month billing cycle and is non-renewable. Which means that when the 12 months are up, you pay the full price. This actually turns out to be quite expensive!

Second, Exabyte’s starter plan comes with free SSL! This is another thing that the basic GoDaddy hosting plan does not provide. The combination of free SSL and no time limit on the hosting billing cycle makes Exabytes the cheapest hosting provider I’ve seen so far with no “gotchas”.

Basic plan and not suitable for a medium sized site. But Exabytes is very mindful of the limitations. Here they are:

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As you can see from the 1GB of storage, this is only suitable for a small website, and it only has 3GB of storage. Still, there are many, many sites on the web that require nothing more than this. And for these sites, the Exabytes starter plan is perfect without any hidden costs or fees.

Backing up your website regularly is important. Unfortunately, almost all web hosts require you to pay extra for the service. For example, “CodeGuard” is a popular service used by web hosts such as Hostgator and Bluehost. I even wrote an article about free CodeGuard alternatives.

Daily backups for their Economy and Ultimate web hosting plans. They keep these backups for 14 days, and customers can restore their websites and data with just a few clicks. Normally, this type of service costs money. For example, SiteGround charges $30 for a single reset on its starter plan. The only other host I know of with a similar free offer is A2 Hosting.

All Exabytes plans come with free SSL. In April 2017, they started offering it with their entire hosting package. Considering that big hosts like Hostgator didn’t have free SSL until late 2018, this is a particularly impressive sign of forward thinking!

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Exabytes offers full-featured SSDs with all of its hosting plans. The utility of SSDs is debatable, but its full value comes when you’re running an e-commerce store with lots of dynamic pages that rely on heavy database read/write operations.

Many web hosts like Hostgator still don’t have SSD hosting, which makes services like Exabytes that much more attractive in comparison.

In addition to the starter plan, Exabytes offers a free domain with all its hosting packages. This means that the Economy and Ultimate plans become even more attractive.

So far the cheapest plan with a free domain, SSL and SSDs was Bluehost with its special offer of $2.95/m. However, this offer is only valid for the first billing cycle and for a minimum of 3 years. After that, you start paying the full price for hosting.

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But with Exabytes, the low price of $1.99/m renews every 36 months, which brings me to my next point.

One of the most exciting features of Exabytes is that their low prices seem to extend to renewals, and not just the first billing cycle. For example, here is the checkout section of their financial plan:

As you can see, the renewal price is the same as the checkout price, meaning you won’t be stuck with a bill bump when the cycle ends. Compare this to Hostgator, whose initial discount ends when you need to renew your hosting plan:

Renewal discounts but so far Exabytes is the only one I’ve seen with genuine renewal coupons for all their plans.

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Exabytes has one of the longest money-back guarantees in the hosting industry. Hostgator is 45 days. SiteGround is 30 days. DreamHost closes with 97 days.

But Exabytes is the record holder so far with a 100-day money-back guarantee. It is unique in the hosting industry!

Exabytes Singapore data center also supports Windows hosting, which is not so common these days. Most servers only run Linux. These plans are aimed at businesses:

Additionally, each of the Windows hosting plans comes with free Whois privacy protection and Plesk. Along with that, users also get a free license for the Enterprise calls MSSQL database. Unfortunately, the size is limited to only 1 GB.

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Cheap web hosting with no expiration date and no catches. A comprehensive and free backup solution, SSD drives and data centers in 3 countries. If you need Asia-based hosting, or Windows hosting in Asia, Exabytes is the right choice for you. And if you’re simply looking for the cheapest possible web hosting for a simple website, they’ve got you covered too!

I have been writing web hosting and WordPress tutorials since 2008. I also create Linux server administration tutorials and have lots of experience with web hosting products. Contact me by email! If you’re looking for Hostinger promo codes to save on your domain registration or hosting services, we’ve got you covered. Find the latest coupon codes to save on your web hosting plans with up to 15% off and more. This page will help you get the best Hostinger deals. Everything curated and collected here.

Got your awesome web design ready? Now it’s time for you to host it on a secure platform. What better than Hostinger which provides attractive offers on Black Friday 2022. The hosting packages have up to 90% discount. You can choose between 3 packages which include:

The price is less than Rs 119/month for unlimited websites and even less for single website hosting. Don’t let these crazy discounts slip away! You don’t need to upload your website files directly. Secure your savings by purchasing a package, as Hostinger says prices as low as these won’t come again for at least another year. The sale is on right now, so head over and enjoy the Black Friday hosting deals from Hostinger.

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The hosting provider was founded in 2004 as a portal to create websites without things like PHP, ads, MySQL, cPanel interfering with your creativity. They’ve only grown in size and daring since then, with nearly 29 million customers currently. Their global reach is expanding across more than 178 countries with an average of nearly 15,000 new customer registrations daily. The brand is dedicated to an ideal customer experience promising almost 99.9% uptime with their servers.

The web hosting provider makes it very easy for customers to pay for their services online. The following are the payment methods accepted on the website:

There are more things than one that you should watch out for before buying web hosting. The best time to buy a domain and sign up for web hosting is during the annual Black Friday sale. But you can certainly subscribe to web hosting deals to get the best deals and offers on web hosting services throughout the year.

Web hosting services do not require offline delivery of any products, and therefore there is no shipping policy followed by Hostinger. You can check their website and order the domain name of your choice. The website offers top-notch customer support services to handle all types of queries.

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The brand allows cancellations and processes refunds to provide an ideal customer experience. There is a 30-day refund period. The customer must cancel the order first to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. However, products purchased with cryptocurrencies, promotions, tokens and digital assets are not eligible for refunds.

If you want to get a refund for the purchased products and plans, some criteria are mentioned above. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions before placing an order to get an idea of ​​which products may be eligible for a refund.

Are you ready to take your business online? Check out GoDaddy. Here you will find packages such as Domain Name + Hosting Services at bargain prices. Get up to 60% off with Godaddy Coupons and get started with the most powerful platform that also provides great support. You can also try BigRock, which provides top-notch assistance throughout the setup of your website, and even after it.

Hostinger and Google Cloud Platform join forces for ‘Cloud Global’ – In what is a win-win partnership for both parties, Hostinger and Google Cloud Platform have joined forces to create a superior hosting plan, ‘Cloud Global’. Cloud Global aims to eliminate obstacles such as server stability, website speed and data storage. Hostinger’s users will benefit from this partnership by getting faster speed and better SEO results. Some of

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